Lisa Kirk at Home

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Earlier this week we introduced you to our dear friend Lisa Kirk of Lisa Kirk Writing and the Something Pretty blog and gave you a tour of her beautiful office space! Today we're switching from work to home, where Lisa shares about family and motherhood.

Tell us about you and your family!

My name is Lisa Kirk and I’m a wife, mama, writer, and blogger in Raleigh, North Carolina...just about six miles down the road from the Blue Barn office! I moved to North Carolina a month after I graduated from college for my dream job as an editor at a wedding magazine. During the four years that I worked there, a lot happened outside of my 9-5 too--my husband, Dave, and I got engaged and then married, bought our first house, and had our sweet baby boy, Charles Kolbe, who is now 17 months old. Motherhood, in a nutshell, turned my world upside down. Entering into this new vocation with my whole heart in the way I felt God was specifically calling me away from my role as an editor and into a new season, both as a wife and mother, and as a writer. I am now grateful to spend my days with my sweet little boy, and to continue to love on brides and wedding creatives through my copywriting business, Lisa Kirk Writing, which I launched in October 2017. I also love keeping up my life and style blog, Something Pretty, which I’ve been writing for over seven years.

bluebarn-kirk-3bluebarn-kirk-3 bluebarn-kirk-5bluebarn-kirk-5 bluebarn-kirk-8bluebarn-kirk-8 bluebarn-kirk-12bluebarn-kirk-12 bluebarn-kirk-15bluebarn-kirk-15 bluebarn-kirk-16bluebarn-kirk-16 bluebarn-kirk-22bluebarn-kirk-22 bluebarn-kirk-45bluebarn-kirk-45 bluebarn-kirk-24bluebarn-kirk-24 bluebarn-kirk-26bluebarn-kirk-26 bluebarn-kirk-30bluebarn-kirk-30

What is one thing you have learned about balancing work and motherhood in the last few months that you can share?

Especially as a mama, I’ve realized that “balance” looks completely different to everyone. I truly believe that there is no one right way to balance motherhood and work—what works for me right now may be a terrible fit for someone else, and it may even change dramatically for me as our family grows and changes. If you and your family members feel loved, cared for, and fulfilled, at least the majority of the time, you’re doing it right.

bluebarn-kirk-33bluebarn-kirk-33 bluebarn-kirk-39bluebarn-kirk-39 bluebarn-kirk-40bluebarn-kirk-40 bluebarn-kirk-7bluebarn-kirk-7

Want to keep up with Lisa's day to day life? Check out her Instagram!

Flowers by Serendipity Designs

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Meet Lisa Kirk

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Meet Lisa: wife, mama, writer, blogger. Our sweet friend wears many hats so gracefully. We're sharing a short series in celebration of Lisa's recent launch of Lisa Kirk Writing. We asked her to share a bit more about her passion and how she balances motherhood and running a business. 

What kick-started your passion for writing?

I'm one of the lucky few--I have always known what I wanted to be when I grew up. I don't remember a time in my life when I didn't want to be a writer, but my passion for writing in the wedding industry specifically was sparked in college. I was tasked with fact-checking real wedding interviews at my first magazine internship and stayed on the phone with each bride for far longer than I needed to after confirming their wedding dates and details! It was then that I realized weddings were the perfect blend of the things I was most interested in: fashion, design, culture, and most of all, stories.

bluebarn-kirk-46bluebarn-kirk-46 bluebarn-kirk-48bluebarn-kirk-48 bluebarn-kirk-50bluebarn-kirk-50 bluebarn-kirk-53bluebarn-kirk-53 bluebarn-kirk-175bluebarn-kirk-175 bluebarn-kirk-55bluebarn-kirk-55

Who are your favorite types of clients to work with?

My heart of hearts is ultimately for brides--God has given me a special compassion for and understanding of the unique season brides are walking through, and most of all, I want them to feel celebrated, cared for, and encouraged. It's probably no surprise, then, that my favorite clients are those who feel the same way and who deliver much more than simply a service to their brides. I love teaming up with vendors who are passionate about serving couples and encouraging their marriages throughout their experience together. I cherish the opportunity to pair their work with the perfect words to tell their clients' love stories in a beautiful and thoughtful way. 

bluebarn-kirk-59bluebarn-kirk-59 bluebarn-kirk-61bluebarn-kirk-61 bluebarn-kirk-62bluebarn-kirk-62 bluebarn-kirk-64bluebarn-kirk-64 bluebarn-kirk-159bluebarn-kirk-159 bluebarn-kirk-67bluebarn-kirk-67 bluebarn-kirk-179bluebarn-kirk-179 bluebarn-kirk-181bluebarn-kirk-181 bluebarn-kirk-161bluebarn-kirk-161 bluebarn-kirk-68bluebarn-kirk-68 bluebarn-kirk-66bluebarn-kirk-66 bluebarn-kirk-80bluebarn-kirk-80

How do you balance life with a baby and running your own business?

Child care! Even the small bit of it that we have. When I was trying to work before hiring our babysitter, I constantly felt like I was counting down the minutes until I could get back on the computer and get more done, which is not at all how I wanted to parent. I still work on my blog or emails during certain naptimes (see below), but when it comes to client work and tasks I really need to focus on, I leave those to the time when I know I’ll be uninterrupted. Knowing I have a few hours of dedicated work time coming up every week makes all the difference to me. I also recently implemented some ideas I read in an amazing book called A Mother's Rule of Life, one of which was to choose specific days of the week to work during Charlie's naptimes. This has been so good for my heart because I now don't feel guilty about actually resting during his Friday naps--I worked hard during them on Tuesday and Thursday, after all!

bluebarn-kirk-156bluebarn-kirk-156 bluebarn-kirk-154bluebarn-kirk-154 bluebarn-kirk-93bluebarn-kirk-93 bluebarn-kirk-84bluebarn-kirk-84 bluebarn-kirk-90bluebarn-kirk-90 bluebarn-kirk-188bluebarn-kirk-188 bluebarn-kirk-101bluebarn-kirk-101 bluebarn-kirk-109bluebarn-kirk-109

How many hours do you work per week?

About 5-6, so not many right now! I have three hours of childcare per week that I try to use only for client work, and then I dedicate two of Charlie's naptimes (between 1-1.5 hours each) per week to emails, the LKW blog, and my newsletter. I’m sure I’ll work a lot more in future seasons of life, but right now, I am very content with keeping my client list small and intentional so that I can spend all the time I want/need to with my boys.

bluebarn-kirk-116bluebarn-kirk-116 bluebarn-kirk-186bluebarn-kirk-186 bluebarn-kirk-120bluebarn-kirk-120 bluebarn-kirk-170bluebarn-kirk-170 bluebarn-kirk-123bluebarn-kirk-123 bluebarn-kirk-128bluebarn-kirk-128

Read more about Lisa later this week on the Blue Barn Blog!

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Sydney & Jacob's Rustic Lakeside Wedding

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All the rain this past week has us thinking of our sweet couple, Mr. & Mrs. Lail. You wouldn’t know it from their portraits but it down-poured for nearly the entire duration of Sydney & Jacob’s wedding last fall. The rain couldn't stop these lovebirds from having a wonderful day, though! They recreated their 300+ outdoor ceremony in a rustic barn nearby & said their vows under shelter cozied up with all their guests. Sydney made her grand entrance with “Forever Like That” by Ben Rector & greeted her groom with these lyrics: “Well I'll be your rainy day lover, whenever the sunny days end & whatever the weather, we have each other & that's how the story will end.” Could it have been more perfect?

BBT-sydneyjacob-3001BBT-sydneyjacob-3001 BBT-sydneyjacob-3002BBT-sydneyjacob-3002 BBT-sydneyjacob-3003BBT-sydneyjacob-3003 BBT-sydneyjacob-3006BBT-sydneyjacob-3006 BBT-sydneyjacob-3008BBT-sydneyjacob-3008 BBT-sydneyjacob-3009BBT-sydneyjacob-3009 BBT-sydneyjacob-3010BBT-sydneyjacob-3010 BBT-sydneyjacob-3046BBT-sydneyjacob-3046 BBT-sydneyjacob-3050BBT-sydneyjacob-3050 BBT-sydneyjacob-3053BBT-sydneyjacob-3053 BBT-sydneyjacob-3054BBT-sydneyjacob-3054 BBT-sydneyjacob-3056-2BBT-sydneyjacob-3056-2 BBT-sydneyjacob-3061BBT-sydneyjacob-3061 BBT-sydneyjacob-3063BBT-sydneyjacob-3063 BBT-sydneyjacob-3066BBT-sydneyjacob-3066 BBT-sydneyjacob-3100BBT-sydneyjacob-3100 BBT-sydneyjacob-3110BBT-sydneyjacob-3110 BBT-sydneyjacob-3022BBT-sydneyjacob-3022 BBT-sydneyjacob-3026BBT-sydneyjacob-3026 BBT-sydneyjacob-3028BBT-sydneyjacob-3028 BBT-sydneyjacob-3036BBT-sydneyjacob-3036 BBT-sydneyjacob-3139BBT-sydneyjacob-3139 BBT-sydneyjacob-3140BBT-sydneyjacob-3140 BBT-sydneyjacob-3142BBT-sydneyjacob-3142 BBT-sydneyjacob-3143BBT-sydneyjacob-3143 BBT-sydneyjacob-3145BBT-sydneyjacob-3145 BBT-sydneyjacob-3147BBT-sydneyjacob-3147 BBT-sydneyjacob-3151BBT-sydneyjacob-3151 BBT-sydneyjacob-3185BBT-sydneyjacob-3185 BBT-sydneyjacob-3189BBT-sydneyjacob-3189 BBT-sydneyjacob-3190BBT-sydneyjacob-3190 BBT-sydneyjacob-3195BBT-sydneyjacob-3195 BBT-sydneyjacob-3204BBT-sydneyjacob-3204 BBT-sydneyjacob-3225BBT-sydneyjacob-3225 BBT-sydneyjacob-3228BBT-sydneyjacob-3228 BBT-sydneyjacob-3250BBT-sydneyjacob-3250 BBT-sydneyjacob-3254BBT-sydneyjacob-3254 BBT-sydneyjacob-3259BBT-sydneyjacob-3259 BBT-sydneyjacob-3264BBT-sydneyjacob-3264 BBT-sydneyjacob-3269BBT-sydneyjacob-3269 BBT-sydneyjacob-3271BBT-sydneyjacob-3271 BBT-sydneyjacob-3281BBT-sydneyjacob-3281 BBT-sydneyjacob-3282BBT-sydneyjacob-3282 BBT-sydneyjacob-3322BBT-sydneyjacob-3322 BBT-sydneyjacob-3325BBT-sydneyjacob-3325 BBT-sydneyjacob-3335BBT-sydneyjacob-3335 BBT-sydneyjacob-3349BBT-sydneyjacob-3349 BBT-sydneyjacob-3358BBT-sydneyjacob-3358 BBT-sydneyjacob-3360BBT-sydneyjacob-3360 BBT-sydneyjacob-3362BBT-sydneyjacob-3362 BBT-sydneyjacob-3365BBT-sydneyjacob-3365 BBT-sydneyjacob-3372BBT-sydneyjacob-3372 BBT-sydneyjacob-3378BBT-sydneyjacob-3378 BBT-sydneyjacob-3382BBT-sydneyjacob-3382 BBT-sydneyjacob-3384BBT-sydneyjacob-3384 BBT-sydneyjacob-3385BBT-sydneyjacob-3385 BBT-sydneyjacob-3388BBT-sydneyjacob-3388 BBT-sydneyjacob-3389BBT-sydneyjacob-3389 BBT-sydneyjacob-3393BBT-sydneyjacob-3393 BBT-sydneyjacob-3400BBT-sydneyjacob-3400 BBT-sydneyjacob-3405BBT-sydneyjacob-3405 BBT-sydneyjacob-3407BBT-sydneyjacob-3407 BBT-sydneyjacob-3411BBT-sydneyjacob-3411 BBT-sydneyjacob-3412BBT-sydneyjacob-3412 BBT-sydneyjacob-3439BBT-sydneyjacob-3439 BBT-sydneyjacob-3447BBT-sydneyjacob-3447 BBT-sydneyjacob-3504-2BBT-sydneyjacob-3504-2 BBT-sydneyjacob-3509BBT-sydneyjacob-3509 BBT-sydneyjacob-3512BBT-sydneyjacob-3512 BBT-sydneyjacob-3530BBT-sydneyjacob-3530 BBT-sydneyjacob-3565-2BBT-sydneyjacob-3565-2 BBT-sydneyjacob-3567BBT-sydneyjacob-3567 BBT-sydneyjacob-3568BBT-sydneyjacob-3568 BBT-sydneyjacob-3570BBT-sydneyjacob-3570 BBT-sydneyjacob-3603BBT-sydneyjacob-3603 BBT-sydneyjacob-3609-2BBT-sydneyjacob-3609-2 BBT-sydneyjacob-3613BBT-sydneyjacob-3613 BBT-sydneyjacob-3619-2BBT-sydneyjacob-3619-2

Can't get enough of this sweet couple? Check out Sydney's bridal portraits, which we shared on the blog last week!

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Voda x Vita Vite

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There's nothing I love more than working with other local businesses in Raleigh, especially alongside fellow boss babes like Kayla, owner of Voda BoutiqueVita Vite in downtown Raleigh's unique building and beautiful art gallery provided the perfect setting to showcase some of Voda's new spring looks, modeled by the talented Mary Layson. We were so lucky to have her model while she was visiting from China! Outfits from Voda feature brands like For Love & Lemons, Knot Sisters, Matisse Footwear, Saltwater Luxe, Unpublished, & Dolce Vita Shoes. You can shop these complete looks at Voda Boutique or through their Instagram and all brides get 20% off, too! :) 

bluebarn-voda-308bluebarn-voda-308 bluebarn-voda-312bluebarn-voda-312 bluebarn-voda-315bluebarn-voda-315 bluebarn-voda-316bluebarn-voda-316 bluebarn-voda-325bluebarn-voda-325 bluebarn-voda-330bluebarn-voda-330 bluebarn-voda-335bluebarn-voda-335 bluebarn-voda-338bluebarn-voda-338 bluebarn-voda-357bluebarn-voda-357 bluebarn-voda-366bluebarn-voda-366 bluebarn-voda-374bluebarn-voda-374 bluebarn-voda-376bluebarn-voda-376 bluebarn-voda-378bluebarn-voda-378 bluebarn-voda-382bluebarn-voda-382 bluebarn-voda-383bluebarn-voda-383 bluebarn-voda-389bluebarn-voda-389 bluebarn-voda-402bluebarn-voda-402 bluebarn-voda-405bluebarn-voda-405 bluebarn-voda-419bluebarn-voda-419 bluebarn-voda-430bluebarn-voda-430 bluebarn-voda-435bluebarn-voda-435 bluebarn-voda-443bluebarn-voda-443 bluebarn-voda-449bluebarn-voda-449 bluebarn-voda-460bluebarn-voda-460 bluebarn-voda-470bluebarn-voda-470 bluebarn-voda-479bluebarn-voda-479 bluebarn-voda-495bluebarn-voda-495 bluebarn-voda-505bluebarn-voda-505 bluebarn-voda-516bluebarn-voda-516 bluebarn-voda-524bluebarn-voda-524 xo Rachelxo Rachel



Sydney's Bridal Session at the J. C. Raulston Arboretum

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Sydney day-to-day is beautiful without a doubt, however Sydney as a bride is absolutely breathtaking! During the planning stages before her & Jacob's big day, she expressed her desire for a unique bridal session outdoors & it certainly was at The J.C. Ralston Arboretum. One of our favorite things about J.C. is it's variety of environmental settings, where there is a broad open feild just 3 feet away from a flourishing cacti jungle! We climbed over rocks, danced on the soft green grass & each new domain Sydney stepped into put a stunning twist to her mood. I loved capturing her in front of the big fanned palms as her gorgeous dress in the dry terrain made her pop with beauty, but really each image was so inspiring to capture. Enjoy!
BBT-sydneybridal-2018BBT-sydneybridal-2018 BBT-sydneybridal-2031BBT-sydneybridal-2031 BBT-sydneybridal-2032BBT-sydneybridal-2032 BBT-sydneybridal-2036BBT-sydneybridal-2036 BBT-sydneybridal-2041BBT-sydneybridal-2041 BBT-sydneybridal-2038BBT-sydneybridal-2038 BBT-sydneybridal-2049BBT-sydneybridal-2049 BBT-sydneybridal-2053BBT-sydneybridal-2053
BBT-sydneybridal-2079BBT-sydneybridal-2079 BBT-sydneybridal-2072BBT-sydneybridal-2072 BBT-sydneybridal-2075BBT-sydneybridal-2075 BBT-sydneybridal-2081BBT-sydneybridal-2081 BBT-sydneybridal-2083BBT-sydneybridal-2083 BBT-sydneybridal-2087BBT-sydneybridal-2087 BBT-sydneybridal-2091BBT-sydneybridal-2091 xo Taylorxo Taylor

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