Meet Our Summer Intern: Michaela Hudson

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Seasons seem to come and go quickly these days. It seems like just yesterday I was interviewing Michaela for our summer internship, and now here we are spending our last day with her in the office before she heads back to Greenville. I love Michaela's sweet personality, her steady drive, and the way she pursues every task with grace, confidence and tenacity. It's been such a fun season having her with us behind the scenes, and before she leaves, Michaela is sharing a few bits about herself and what her internship looked like this summer! 




Hi everyone! My name's Michaela Hudson and it has been a joy to be Blue Barn's intern this summer. I am a senior at East Carolina University working toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Cinematic Arts and Media Production. I have a passion for photography and it has been awesome to be surrounded by people who do as well. During my internship I worked on blog posts, Instagram posts, and even helped install Blue Barn's first gallery wall. Another fun thing that happened this summer is my sister Kayla Brewer, opened her own store in downtown Raleigh called Voda Boutique. Here you can find the Blue Barn gallery wall that I mentioned and Blue Barn prints for sale, which you can also shop here. During this internship I have learned so much about photography and branding that I know will help me in the future. I'm so sad to be leaving but so thankful to have been a part of the Blue Barn team these past few months! 


1. Where are you from? Tell us about your hometown.

I had the privilege of growing up in a cute little one stoplight town called Star, NC. Living in such a tight-knit community has taught me the importance of family and friendship and I will be forever grateful for that.


2. Why do you love photography?

My favorite part about photography is being able to capture moments that people can cherish forever and hoping that one day when they look at a picture I have taken that it might take them back to a special time in their life.


3. What is one fear you would like to conquer or one thing you would like to learn?

For as long as I can remember I've had a huge fear of heights. So, this summer I decided to face that fear and rode in an airplane for the first time. Although I was terrified the trip to Florida was worth it!


4. Favorite free time hobby?

During my free time you can find me taking pictures. I have my camera everywhere I go. I just love capturing moments in time that I will be able to look back on in the future.


5. What is something you're looking forward to right now?

I am looking forward to Voda Boutique's grand opening party happening this Saturday, August 12th from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm! You can see more about this event on Voda's Instagram


6. What inspires you creatively?

My inspiration comes from the world itself. There's beauty within everything that God has created and when I'm not trying to capture it on my camera, I like to sit back and enjoy everything around me.

bbtt-michaela-10bbtt-michaela-10 bbtt-michaela-13bbtt-michaela-13

The Blue Barn Belles

Photography: Tatum | | Film Processing: Photovision | Styling: Voda Boutique


The Smith's Part II

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I am beyond thankful that I met Hannah & Sean five years ago while second shooting their wedding. You may recognize them from their maternity announcement blog or from our styled shoot featured on Love & Lavender. It has been an honor to document these milestones in their marriage. Without their friendship I wouldn't be the person I am today. Hannah is one of my dearest friends and is the type of friend that I have prayed for my whole life. She is devoted to the Lord and Sean, she is passionate and creative, and she has a desire to serve, love and support others around her. These are only a few attributes that will make her an amazing mother! For this maternity session we road-tripped to the coast and wandered through the billowing trees of Fort Fisher to celebrate the life of baby Kate. Enjoy!

bluebarn-smith-102bluebarn-smith-102 bluebarn-smith-103bluebarn-smith-103 bluebarn-smith-105bluebarn-smith-105 bluebarn-smith-108bluebarn-smith-108 bluebarn-smith-110bluebarn-smith-110 bluebarn-smith-116bluebarn-smith-116 bluebarn-smith-115bluebarn-smith-115 bluebarn-smith-188bluebarn-smith-188 bluebarn-smith-125bluebarn-smith-125 bluebarn-smith-126bluebarn-smith-126 bluebarn-smith-124bluebarn-smith-124 bluebarn-smith-129bluebarn-smith-129 bluebarn-smith-138bluebarn-smith-138 bluebarn-smith-144bluebarn-smith-144 bluebarn-smith-148bluebarn-smith-148 bluebarn-smith-154bluebarn-smith-154 bluebarn-smith-164bluebarn-smith-164 bluebarn-smith-169bluebarn-smith-169 bluebarn-smith-170bluebarn-smith-170 bluebarn-smith-178bluebarn-smith-178 bluebarn-smith-187bluebarn-smith-187 xo Rachelxo Rachel

Mike & View In Chapel Hill

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What a joy it was to celebrate Mike & View's love with them! They are both down to earth people and the kind of couple who kind of "go with the flow." Mike & View have actually been married a few years and have been waiting to have a ceremony. Both of their families are from Thailand and the couple is excited to have them travel to the United States to celebrate their wedding all together. Mike & View are the owners of a sushi restaurant called Spicy 9, located on Franklin Street near Chapel Hill. Through out their session, they showed us around Franklin Street and even hosted us at their restaurant, which was AMAZING by the way! We can't wait to see what their future together holds. Until then, enjoy!

bbtt-mikeview-2004bbtt-mikeview-2004 bbtt-mikeview-2005bbtt-mikeview-2005 bbtt-mikeview-2009bbtt-mikeview-2009 bbtt-mikeview-2010bbtt-mikeview-2010 bbtt-mikeview-2014bbtt-mikeview-2014 bbtt-mikeview-2017bbtt-mikeview-2017 bbtt-mikeview-2022bbtt-mikeview-2022 bbtt-mikeview-2027bbtt-mikeview-2027 bbtt-mikeview-2036bbtt-mikeview-2036 bbtt-mikeview-2037bbtt-mikeview-2037 bbtt-mikeview-2043bbtt-mikeview-2043 bbtt-mikeview-2044bbtt-mikeview-2044 bbtt-mikeview-2046bbtt-mikeview-2046 bbtt-mikeview-2058bbtt-mikeview-2058 bbtt-mikeview-2064bbtt-mikeview-2064 bbtt-mikeview-2071bbtt-mikeview-2071 bbtt-mikeview-2065bbtt-mikeview-2065 bbtt-mikeview-2069bbtt-mikeview-2069 bbtt-mikeview-2072bbtt-mikeview-2072 bbtt-mikeview-2073bbtt-mikeview-2073 bbtt-mikeview-2075bbtt-mikeview-2075 bbtt-mikeview-2077bbtt-mikeview-2077

XO Tatum

Tina & Ashwin's Vibrant Durham Wedding

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Meet Tina & Ashwin! They both are very outgoing, free-spirited, and kind people. They first met during their college years and after dating a while, their work took them to Dubai. Tina & Ashwin found it important to travel back to the states to celebrate their ceremony with their families. They chose Duke Gardens and The Cookery. It was such a joy to be a part of their beautiful and vibrant day. From the strong colors to the evident passion between them, it was definitely a memorable ceremony. We hope you find inspiration through their beautiful wedding day. Enjoy!

BBT-tinaashwin-3008BBT-tinaashwin-3008 BBT-tinaashwin-3005BBT-tinaashwin-3005


BBT-tinaashwin-3014BBT-tinaashwin-3014 BBT-tinaashwin-3015BBT-tinaashwin-3015




BBT-tinaashwin-3062BBT-tinaashwin-3062 BBT-tinaashwin-3063BBT-tinaashwin-3063


BBT-tinaashwin-3020BBT-tinaashwin-3020 BBT-tinaashwin-3024BBT-tinaashwin-3024


BBT-tinaashwin-3031BBT-tinaashwin-3031 BBT-tinaashwin-3036BBT-tinaashwin-3036



BBT-tinaashwin-3066BBT-tinaashwin-3066 BBT-tinaashwin-3079BBT-tinaashwin-3079 BBT-tinaashwin-3085BBT-tinaashwin-3085

BBT-tinaashwin-3096BBT-tinaashwin-3096 BBT-tinaashwin-3098BBT-tinaashwin-3098 BBT-tinaashwin-3101BBT-tinaashwin-3101

BBT-tinaashwin-3114BBT-tinaashwin-3114 BBT-tinaashwin-3116BBT-tinaashwin-3116 BBT-tinaashwin-3126BBT-tinaashwin-3126

BBT-tinaashwin-3125BBT-tinaashwin-3125 BBT-tinaashwin-3129BBT-tinaashwin-3129 BBT-tinaashwin-3164BBT-tinaashwin-3164 BBT-tinaashwin-3174BBT-tinaashwin-3174



BBT-tinaashwin-3195BBT-tinaashwin-3195 BBT-tinaashwin-3202BBT-tinaashwin-3202 BBT-tinaashwin-3206BBT-tinaashwin-3206 BBT-tinaashwin-3221BBT-tinaashwin-3221





BBT-tinaashwin-3240BBT-tinaashwin-3240 BBT-tinaashwin-3251BBT-tinaashwin-3251

BBT-tinaashwin-3248BBT-tinaashwin-3248 BBT-tinaashwin-3249BBT-tinaashwin-3249




BBT-tinaashwin-3270BBT-tinaashwin-3270 BBT-tinaashwin-3274BBT-tinaashwin-3274



BBT-tinaashwin-3302BBT-tinaashwin-3302 BBT-tinaashwin-3325BBT-tinaashwin-3325

Ceremony: Sarah P. Duke Gardens // Reception: The Cookery 

xo Taylorxo Taylor

Caroline & Austin's Appalachian Engagement

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What a beautiful evening spent with this adventurous couple. Caroline and Austin were engaged in Boone on the edge of a mountain top at sunrise, so it was a joy to be able to travel here and photograph them in the place where it all began. Now, we're only a few days from them beginning the biggest adventure of all.


bluebarn-carolineaustin-1006bluebarn-carolineaustin-1006 bluebarn-carolineaustin-1007bluebarn-carolineaustin-1007 bluebarn-carolineaustin-1010bluebarn-carolineaustin-1010



bluebarn-carolineaustin-1017bluebarn-carolineaustin-1017 bluebarn-carolineaustin-1018bluebarn-carolineaustin-1018





bluebarn-carolineaustin-1053bluebarn-carolineaustin-1053 bluebarn-carolineaustin-1056bluebarn-carolineaustin-1056

bluebarn-carolineaustin-1068bluebarn-carolineaustin-1068 bluebarn-carolineaustin-1061bluebarn-carolineaustin-1061





bluebarn-carolineaustin-1090bluebarn-carolineaustin-1090 bluebarn-carolineaustin-1102bluebarn-carolineaustin-1102

Hair & Makeup: Amanda Crawford // Styling: Melissa DeLeon 

xo Rachelxo Rachel

TSOSOnlineLaunch-59Photo by Perry Vaile for The School of Styling

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