Blue Barn Photography: Blog en-us (C) Blue Barn Photography 2009-2018 (Blue Barn Photography) Thu, 22 Feb 2018 16:16:00 GMT Thu, 22 Feb 2018 16:16:00 GMT The Harrison Wedding at Jones Chapel BBT-allielucas-3338BBT-allielucas-3338

I don't even know where to begin with this couple. Having graduated together from East Carolina to begin their careers in Raleigh, to raising their two sweet pups (Monkee & Beau) side by side, to a joyful season planning for their beautiful wedding day, Allie & Lucas have grown into the most amazing couple! We captured their engagement session in the fall & Allie described her excitement to marry the man of her dreams with these words, ""Whether we are in the valleys or on the mountaintops, our love for each other has remained constant. It has been amazing to reflect on how far we have grown as individuals and as a couple and we couldn't be more excited to see what the Lord has in store for our future!" We were confident the day we met them that their marriage would be a lasting legacy & we have been beaming with joy knowing we'd get to share their wedding images with you today! Their genuine smiles are absolutely radiant, enjoy!

BBT-allielucas-3001BBT-allielucas-3001 BBT-allielucas-3003BBT-allielucas-3003 BBT-allielucas-3006BBT-allielucas-3006 BBT-allielucas-3008BBT-allielucas-3008 BBT-allielucas-3028BBT-allielucas-3028 BBT-allielucas-3032BBT-allielucas-3032 BBT-allielucas-3033BBT-allielucas-3033 BBT-allielucas-3037BBT-allielucas-3037 BBT-allielucas-3039BBT-allielucas-3039 BBT-allielucas-3062BBT-allielucas-3062 BBT-allielucas-3077BBT-allielucas-3077 BBT-allielucas-3084BBT-allielucas-3084 BBT-allielucas-3086BBT-allielucas-3086 BBT-allielucas-3088BBT-allielucas-3088 BBT-allielucas-3093BBT-allielucas-3093 BBT-allielucas-3101BBT-allielucas-3101 BBT-allielucas-3122BBT-allielucas-3122 BBT-allielucas-3125BBT-allielucas-3125 BBT-allielucas-3078BBT-allielucas-3078 BBT-allielucas-3132BBT-allielucas-3132 BBT-allielucas-3139BBT-allielucas-3139 BBT-allielucas-3142BBT-allielucas-3142 BBT-allielucas-3145BBT-allielucas-3145 BBT-allielucas-3148BBT-allielucas-3148 BBT-allielucas-3188BBT-allielucas-3188 BBT-allielucas-3202BBT-allielucas-3202 BBT-allielucas-3232BBT-allielucas-3232 BBT-allielucas-3239BBT-allielucas-3239 BBT-allielucas-3262BBT-allielucas-3262 BBT-allielucas-3308BBT-allielucas-3308 BBT-allielucas-3316BBT-allielucas-3316 BBT-allielucas-3323BBT-allielucas-3323 BBT-allielucas-3326BBT-allielucas-3326 BBT-allielucas-3338BBT-allielucas-3338 BBT-allielucas-3340BBT-allielucas-3340 BBT-allielucas-3345BBT-allielucas-3345 BBT-allielucas-3356BBT-allielucas-3356 BBT-allielucas-3361BBT-allielucas-3361 BBT-allielucas-3370BBT-allielucas-3370 BBT-allielucas-3371BBT-allielucas-3371 BBT-allielucas-3373BBT-allielucas-3373 BBT-allielucas-3374BBT-allielucas-3374 BBT-allielucas-3379BBT-allielucas-3379 BBT-allielucas-3381BBT-allielucas-3381 BBT-allielucas-3384BBT-allielucas-3384 BBT-allielucas-3391BBT-allielucas-3391 BBT-allielucas-3387BBT-allielucas-3387 BBT-allielucas-3396BBT-allielucas-3396 BBT-allielucas-3402BBT-allielucas-3402 BBT-allielucas-3422BBT-allielucas-3422 BBT-allielucas-3437BBT-allielucas-3437 BBT-allielucas-3497BBT-allielucas-3497 BBT-allielucas-3460BBT-allielucas-3460 BBT-allielucas-3496BBT-allielucas-3496 BBT-allielucas-3476BBT-allielucas-3476 BBT-allielucas-3478BBT-allielucas-3478 BBT-allielucas-3487BBT-allielucas-3487 BBT-allielucas-3506BBT-allielucas-3506 BBT-allielucas-3507BBT-allielucas-3507 BBT-allielucas-3515BBT-allielucas-3515 BBT-allielucas-3568BBT-allielucas-3568 BBT-allielucas-3579BBT-allielucas-3579 BBT-allielucas-3583-2BBT-allielucas-3583-2 BBT-allielucas-3585BBT-allielucas-3585 BBT-allielucas-3582BBT-allielucas-3582 xo Taylorxo Taylor

Ceremony: Jones Chapel at Meredith College  // Transportation: Raleigh Trolly // Planning: Occasions Event Design // Make-up: Make-up by Ashley Mooney // Reception: Market Hall // Cake: Simply Cakes NC // Catering: Cook Shack

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Amanda & Aaron's Romantic Charleston Engagement bluebarn-amandaaaron-10bluebarn-amandaaaron-10

As a photographer, I love having a job that allows me to take my work literally anywhere. Heading south to Charleston this past spring was no exception as I was able to meet up with our sweet clients, Amanda & Aaron. Neither one of them had ever been to the charming city before, so I loved getting to show them around a few of my favorite avenues and vignettes as I captured their romance (and their adorable pup, Sawyer)! 

If you're as smitten with the vibrant colors, historic buildings & cobblestone streets as we are, be sure to hop over to our print shop to see a few Charleston images available for print. 

bluebarn-amandaaaron-7bluebarn-amandaaaron-7 bluebarn-amandaaaron-18bluebarn-amandaaaron-18 bluebarn-amandaaaron-21bluebarn-amandaaaron-21 bluebarn-amandaaaron-22bluebarn-amandaaaron-22

bluebarn-amandaaaron-5bluebarn-amandaaaron-5 bluebarn-amandaaaron-6bluebarn-amandaaaron-6 bluebarn-amandaaaron-24bluebarn-amandaaaron-24 bluebarn-amandaaaron-25bluebarn-amandaaaron-25 bluebarn-amandaaaron-26bluebarn-amandaaaron-26 bluebarn-amandaaaron-35bluebarn-amandaaaron-35 bluebarn-amandaaaron-37bluebarn-amandaaaron-37 bluebarn-amandaaaron-42bluebarn-amandaaaron-42 bluebarn-amandaaaron-51bluebarn-amandaaaron-51 bluebarn-amandaaaron-44bluebarn-amandaaaron-44 bluebarn-amandaaaron-55bluebarn-amandaaaron-55 Southern SummerSouthern Summer bluebarn-amandaaaron-49bluebarn-amandaaaron-49 bluebarn-amandaaaron-58bluebarn-amandaaaron-58 bluebarn-amandaaaron-70bluebarn-amandaaaron-70 bluebarn-amandaaaron-66bluebarn-amandaaaron-66 bluebarn-amandaaaron-80bluebarn-amandaaaron-80 bluebarn-amandaaaron-76bluebarn-amandaaaron-76 bluebarn-amandaaaron-89bluebarn-amandaaaron-89 bluebarn-amandaaaron-96bluebarn-amandaaaron-96 bluebarn-amandaaaron-102bluebarn-amandaaaron-102 bluebarn-amandaaaron-110bluebarn-amandaaaron-110 bluebarn-amandaaaron-112bluebarn-amandaaaron-112 bluebarn-amandaaaron-114bluebarn-amandaaaron-114 bluebarn-amandaaaron-105bluebarn-amandaaaron-105

xo Rachelxo Rachel

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Share the Love with a Spring Mini Session! bluebarn-mckinney-437bluebarn-mckinney-437

As wedding photographers it's so natural to think of our incredible couples this time of year as we celebrate the sweetness of Valentine's Day. And as fair as it is to commemerate each new devotion they've made to one another, we wanted to make sure we acknowledge other very special kinds of love this year as well! Through the past several months we've had the privilege of preserving moments for the simplest of love between faithful friends, the great & binding love of extended family & the unexplainably deep-rooted love between a mother & her beautiful children, all to which touched our hearts in such incredibly unique ways. In honor of every kind of love imaginable, we're hosting mini sessions early this year! We want to capture you with the ones (few or many) you share your heart with & offer you memories of this fleeting season that will last an entire lifetime. So, spread the word, gather your tribe & join us on March 3rd at The White Space

We reserved The White Space because it is beautifully bright! With a 12-foot windowed garage door, the space is flooding with natural light - our all time favorite! This adorable collection of images of Shannon & her cute twins (Rooney & Navy) are from a session captured here last year. Take a browse to get a feel & book your slot today! But hurry, there's just a few left... see you soon! :)

bluebarn-mckinney-378bluebarn-mckinney-378 bluebarn-mckinney-379bluebarn-mckinney-379 bluebarn-mckinney-392bluebarn-mckinney-392 bluebarn-mckinney-441bluebarn-mckinney-441 bluebarn-mckinney-437bluebarn-mckinney-437 bluebarn-mckinney-409bluebarn-mckinney-409 bluebarn-mckinney-410bluebarn-mckinney-410 bluebarn-mckinney-412bluebarn-mckinney-412 bluebarn-mckinney-415bluebarn-mckinney-415 bluebarn-mckinney-416bluebarn-mckinney-416 bluebarn-mckinney-417bluebarn-mckinney-417 bluebarn-mckinney-414bluebarn-mckinney-414 bluebarn-mckinney-423bluebarn-mckinney-423 bluebarn-mckinney-436bluebarn-mckinney-436 bluebarn-mckinney-475bluebarn-mckinney-475 bluebarn-mckinney-481bluebarn-mckinney-481 bluebarn-mckinney-484bluebarn-mckinney-484 bluebarn-mckinney-424bluebarn-mckinney-424

bluebarn-mckinney-335bluebarn-mckinney-335 bluebarn-mckinney-314bluebarn-mckinney-314 bluebarn-mckinney-313bluebarn-mckinney-313 bluebarn-mckinney-342bluebarn-mckinney-342 bluebarn-mckinney-451bluebarn-mckinney-451 bluebarn-mckinney-457bluebarn-mckinney-457 bluebarn-mckinney-307bluebarn-mckinney-307


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The Merrimon-Wynne 2018 Bridal Show MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-124MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-124
Last month we had the privilege of working the 2018 Bridal Show at Merrimon-Wynne for the very first time. We greeted old friends, new faces, incredible vendors & bride-to-be's as each filled the house with their talent & charm. It was so much fun getting an opportunity to connect with all the brides (as well as some grooms) as they peeked at the beautiful space each vendor had put their hands to. There were live models dancing about the venue in the most beautiful gowns, yummy treats that knocked our socks off, beautiful antique furniture & so much more! We collaborated with Meristem to capture brides with their dream florals & they designed the most breathtaking floral installation, bouquet & a few cute flower crowns for them to play with. But, by far the most fun we had was listening to the sweet stories between the couples... each were so unique! One couple was recently engaged on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland & another in Paris beneath the Eiffel Tower (heart-eyes), but each told their tale with such elation & joy. It was so confirming that these moments of excitement is exactly why we do what we do... preserving authentic moments to last a lifetime!

We were ecstatic to see the line-up of vendors for this event in the main house & had such a blast working with each & every one including Merrimon-WynneSally Oakley WeddingsGreenhouse Picker SistersPerfection by PatriciaMason Dixon DesignsTwo RoostersCatering WorksThomas Blake FilmsAshley CakesCoastal Knot - Shout out to everyone who made this vision come to life. We're so excited to share the images, enjoy!
MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-1MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-1 2W3A90582W3A9058 2W3A90592W3A9059 2W3A90612W3A9061 2W3A90692W3A9069 2W3A90632W3A9063 2W3A90662W3A9066 2W3A90652W3A9065 2W3A90682W3A9068 2W3A90712W3A9071 2W3A90812W3A9081 2W3A90822W3A9082 2W3A90832W3A9083 2W3A90842W3A9084 2W3A90852W3A9085 2W3A91022W3A9102 2W3A91032W3A9103 2W3A90912W3A9091 2W3A90922W3A9092 2W3A90932W3A9093 2W3A90942W3A9094 2W3A90952W3A9095 2W3A90982W3A9098 2W3A90992W3A9099 2W3A91002W3A9100 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-30MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-30 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-31MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-31 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-54MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-54 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-57MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-57 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-33MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-33 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-34MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-34 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-35MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-35 2W3A92882W3A9288 2W3A91042W3A9104 2W3A91052W3A9105 2W3A91082W3A9108 2W3A91092W3A9109 2W3A91112W3A9111 2W3A91122W3A9112 2W3A91132W3A9113 2W3A91142W3A9114 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-47MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-47 2W3A91242W3A9124 2W3A91172W3A9117 2W3A91182W3A9118 2W3A91192W3A9119 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-58MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-58 2W3A91412W3A9141 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-60MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-60 2W3A91442W3A9144 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-62MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-62 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-63MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-63 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-64MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-64 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-65MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-65 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-66MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-66 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-67MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-67 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-68MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-68 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-69MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-69 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-70MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-70 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-72MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-72 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-73MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-73 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-74MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-74 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-75MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-75 2W3A91272W3A9127 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-78MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-78 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-79MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-79 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-80MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-80 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-82MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-82 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-87MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-87 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-88MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-88 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-89MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-89 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-90MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-90 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-91MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-91 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-95MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-95 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-96MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-96 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-100MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-100 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-101MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-101 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-102MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-102 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-104MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-104 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-106MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-106 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-108MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-108 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-109MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-109 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-110MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-110 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-111MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-111 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-113MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-113 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-118MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-118 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-122MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-122 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-123MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-123 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-124MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-124 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-136MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-136 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-126MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-126 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-133MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-133 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-137MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-137 MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-138MW-2018-Bridal-Showcase-138 xo-r+txo-r+t

Sally Oakley Weddings
Greenhouse Picker Sisters
Perfection by Patricia
Mason Dixon Designs
Two Roosters
Catering Works
Thomas Blake Films
Ashley Cakes
Coastal Knot

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The Whitlock Wedding at The Carolina Inn BBT-annajeff-3001BBT-annajeff-3001

During her time in residency (literally while on call at the hospital) Anna called me to discuss her desire for photography in capturing the day she'd always dreamed of. I knew from that call it was inevitable that we would become friends through the process. She was laid-back, absolutely sweet & filled with love for others. We had to pause conversation more than once as she was called to assist patients that needed her & I knew her faithful dedication would flourish in her marriage to come. 

Due to their busy schedules & a lot of travel plans throughout the year, we planned to meet up at the beach to capture their engagement session. They welcomed us with open arms to their beach house in NC & the four of us (with their sweet pups) spent two days exploring the beautiful land around the ocean. Though we had a blast documenting their love through the weekend, there's no comparison to the fun we had at their wedding the following summer! 

This couple had one of the most lively celebrations with the largest bridal party we've ever seen, a full Church as they exchanged their vows, a bluegrass band to begin the reception & a party we'll never forget at The Carolina Inn! Each element was so unique to who they were & it made the day shine with every detail. We're so excited to finally be sharing their images today & hope you enjoy every one. Congratulations to the Whitlocks & may it always be this merry! 

BBT-annajeff-3002BBT-annajeff-3002 BBT-annajeff-3004BBT-annajeff-3004 BBT-annajeff-3007BBT-annajeff-3007 BBT-annajeff-3083BBT-annajeff-3083 BBT-annajeff-3015BBT-annajeff-3015 BBT-annajeff-3024BBT-annajeff-3024 BBT-annajeff-3041BBT-annajeff-3041 BBT-annajeff-3055BBT-annajeff-3055 BBT-annajeff-3060BBT-annajeff-3060 BBT-annajeff-3062BBT-annajeff-3062 BBT-annajeff-3073BBT-annajeff-3073 BBT-annajeff-3129BBT-annajeff-3129 BBT-annajeff-3088BBT-annajeff-3088 BBT-annajeff-3092BBT-annajeff-3092 BBT-annajeff-3093BBT-annajeff-3093 BBT-annajeff-3096BBT-annajeff-3096 BBT-annajeff-3107BBT-annajeff-3107 BBT-annajeff-3110BBT-annajeff-3110 BBT-annajeff-3114BBT-annajeff-3114 BBT-annajeff-3123BBT-annajeff-3123 BBT-annajeff-3136BBT-annajeff-3136 BBT-annajeff-3139BBT-annajeff-3139 BBT-annajeff-3140BBT-annajeff-3140 BBT-annajeff-3150BBT-annajeff-3150 BBT-annajeff-3183BBT-annajeff-3183 BBT-annajeff-3199BBT-annajeff-3199 BBT-annajeff-3216BBT-annajeff-3216 BBT-annajeff-3224BBT-annajeff-3224 BBT-annajeff-3227BBT-annajeff-3227 BBT-annajeff-3230BBT-annajeff-3230 BBT-annajeff-3233BBT-annajeff-3233 BBT-annajeff-3236BBT-annajeff-3236 BBT-annajeff-3242BBT-annajeff-3242 BBT-annajeff-3297BBT-annajeff-3297 BBT-annajeff-3300BBT-annajeff-3300 BBT-annajeff-3310BBT-annajeff-3310 BBT-annajeff-3340BBT-annajeff-3340 BBT-annajeff-3353BBT-annajeff-3353 BBT-annajeff-3367BBT-annajeff-3367 BBT-annajeff-3366BBT-annajeff-3366 BBT-annajeff-3406BBT-annajeff-3406 BBT-annajeff-3403BBT-annajeff-3403 BBT-annajeff-3409BBT-annajeff-3409 BBT-annajeff-3418BBT-annajeff-3418 BBT-annajeff-3420BBT-annajeff-3420 BBT-annajeff-3430BBT-annajeff-3430 BBT-annajeff-3437BBT-annajeff-3437 BBT-annajeff-3440BBT-annajeff-3440 BBT-annajeff-3442BBT-annajeff-3442 BBT-annajeff-3449BBT-annajeff-3449 BBT-annajeff-3457BBT-annajeff-3457 BBT-annajeff-3435BBT-annajeff-3435 BBT-annajeff-3462BBT-annajeff-3462 BBT-annajeff-3465BBT-annajeff-3465 BBT-annajeff-3475BBT-annajeff-3475 BBT-annajeff-3480BBT-annajeff-3480 BBT-annajeff-3492BBT-annajeff-3492 BBT-annajeff-3499BBT-annajeff-3499 BBT-annajeff-3503BBT-annajeff-3503 BBT-annajeff-3514BBT-annajeff-3514 BBT-annajeff-3527BBT-annajeff-3527 BBT-annajeff-3543BBT-annajeff-3543 BBT-annajeff-3559BBT-annajeff-3559 BBT-annajeff-3569BBT-annajeff-3569 BBT-annajeff-3633BBT-annajeff-3633 BBT-annajeff-3685BBT-annajeff-3685 BBT-annajeff-3710BBT-annajeff-3710 BBT-annajeff-3741BBT-annajeff-3741 BBT-annajeff-3762-2BBT-annajeff-3762-2 BBT-annajeff-3774-2BBT-annajeff-3774-2 xo Taylorxo Taylor

Planning, design, styling Stephanie Shaul Events
Venue + catering Carolina Inn
Videographer Dogwood Media
Florist Stephanie Shaul Events
Band 10 Spot Band
Bluegrass band Counterclockwise String Band
Rentals CE Rental
Hair + makeup Teighla Norris
Cake Simply Cakes
Invitations, signage, calligraphy Haylily
Bridal gown La Belle Mariee Brida

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Olivia's Chicago Home Tour bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-2bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-2
Originally from Raleigh, Olivia knew she didn't want to stay put forever & decided to move to Chicago after she graduated. While the journey was not nearly as easy as she expected it to be, four years and eight addresses later, she finally feels like she has a space she can call home. We are so excited to be sharing a tour of her beautiful place in the city! Keep scrolling to view images of all 900 square feet of this cozy abode's unique character & to hear more from Olivia on why she adores every inch. We're kicking it off with her living room featuring two of our favorite Blue Barn Prints. We love how "Water's Edge" (on the right) welcomes a bit of home from afar. Enjoy!
bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-1bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-1 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-3bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-3 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-4bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-4 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-17bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-17 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-6bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-6 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-5bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-5 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-7bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-7 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-8bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-8
Olivia: "While I wasn’t looking for an apartment with a dining room, I was lucky to find one within my budget since I was apartment hunting during winter when it’s harder to find renters. I was excited about the extra unexpected space, but since I’m not throwing frequent dinner parties at this stage of life, I decided to make the dining room into more of a hands-on studio and library to better suit my lifestyle. It easily converts into an entertaining space when I’m having friends over and I love the multi-functionality of what it’s become (the table doubles as a desk and the reading nook doubles as a guest bed). I actually end up spending most of my down time in that room whether reading in the nook, attempting to keep new plants alive and pursuing creative endeavors -- currently photography, calligraphy and learning Italian. The spot by the window is probably my favorite spot in the whole apartment. I love putting on a record in the summer and opening the windows for a cool breeze and in the winter it’s the coziest spot to drink tea and read." bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-9bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-9 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-10bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-10 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-11bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-11 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-12bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-12 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-14bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-14 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-15bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-15 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-16bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-16 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-19bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-19 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-20bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-20 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-21bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-21 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-23bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-23 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-24bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-24 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-25bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-25 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-26bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-26 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-27bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-27 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-28bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-28 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-29bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-29 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-30bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-30 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-31bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-31 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-32bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-32 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-34bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-34 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-18bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-18 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-35bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-35 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-39bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-39 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-38bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-38 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-44bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-44 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-45bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-45 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-49bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-49 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-50bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-50 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-51bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-51 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-52bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-52 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-53bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-53 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-54bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-54 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-55bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-55 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-57bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-57 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-59bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-59 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-60bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-60
"Most of the bigger pieces like the couches and the large bookcase are newer, but my favorite parts of my apartment are the re-purposed items. The dresser in my bedroom was actually my mother’s when she was in her 20s. It’s shocking how well it’s kept up for 40+ years and it still blends well with my taste. Being so far from home and family, having those little reminders are much more meaningful than I ever anticipated they would be. The little turtle by the front door was in the yard of my childhood home, the records were my father’s, the photographs above the couch were taken by my hometown photographer friend Rachel Linder, and many of the other details are souvenirs from my travels. Home decor is the one of the few types of souvenir I can bring myself to buy when I’m traveling." bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-67bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-67 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-68bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-68 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-69bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-69 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-70bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-70 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-63bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-63 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-72bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-72 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-73bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-73 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-75bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-75 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-76bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-76 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-79bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-79 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-78bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-78 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-80bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-80 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-82bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-82 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-83bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-83
"When I decided to move to Chicago after graduation it was mostly just because I could. I knew I wasn’t ready to move back home yet like most of my friends were doing because I was afraid if I did, I’d never leave. I really wanted to work in a creative field within the travel industry and there just weren’t opportunities like that where I was in N.C. Plus, the idea of living in a big city sounded like an adventure. So two weeks after graduation with two suitcases and an internship, I moved to Chicago. Now I am so glad I did."
bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-84bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-84 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-85bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-85 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-86bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-86 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-87bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-87 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-90bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-90 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-91bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-91 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-93bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-93 xo Rachelxo Rachel

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Rebecca & Matthew's Wedding at The Mahler bbtt-beccamatt-2096bbtt-beccamatt-2096

Rebecca & Matthew are one of the most down to earth couples we've had the pleasure of working alongside of. When we first met with Rebecca to discuss her hopes & dreams for their wedding day, she began by telling us how Matthew proposed. In between her sweet giggles she exclaimed that he used flowers to cover every inch of her apartment. He didn't need a big crowd or an extravagant location - just the two of them in a familiar place to commit their love! We captured their romantic engagement session months before their big day & I just knew they were made for each other. Their wedding was even more precious & absolutely beautiful at The Mahler Fine Art Gallery downtown, but the beauty couldn't distract either of them from the love they were there to promise. I'm totally guilty of crying at this ceremony as the minister intimately described the use of both of their hands throughout their marriage- yes, hands! He read aloud how their hands would reach for the others in times of comfort, wipe away tears in times of grief & one day hold their children. It was the sweetest thing! We're seriously so blessed to be able to capture such incredible moments like these. Enjoy! 

bbtt-beccamatt-2005bbtt-beccamatt-2005 bbtt-beccamatt-2066bbtt-beccamatt-2066 bbtt-beccamatt-2064bbtt-beccamatt-2064 bbtt-beccamatt-2071bbtt-beccamatt-2071 bbtt-beccamatt-2072bbtt-beccamatt-2072 bbtt-beccamatt-2074bbtt-beccamatt-2074 bbtt-beccamatt-2078bbtt-beccamatt-2078 bbtt-beccamatt-2079bbtt-beccamatt-2079 bbtt-beccamatt-2080bbtt-beccamatt-2080 bbtt-beccamatt-2083bbtt-beccamatt-2083 bbtt-beccamatt-2088bbtt-beccamatt-2088 bbtt-beccamatt-2090bbtt-beccamatt-2090 bbtt-beccamatt-2093bbtt-beccamatt-2093 bbtt-beccamatt-2096bbtt-beccamatt-2096 bbtt-beccamatt-2099bbtt-beccamatt-2099 bbtt-beccamatt-2131bbtt-beccamatt-2131 bbtt-beccamatt-2135bbtt-beccamatt-2135 bbtt-beccamatt-2138bbtt-beccamatt-2138 bbtt-beccamatt-2141bbtt-beccamatt-2141 bbtt-beccamatt-2152bbtt-beccamatt-2152 bbtt-beccamatt-2158bbtt-beccamatt-2158 bbtt-beccamatt-2166bbtt-beccamatt-2166 bbtt-beccamatt-2168bbtt-beccamatt-2168 bbtt-beccamatt-2183bbtt-beccamatt-2183 bbtt-beccamatt-2193bbtt-beccamatt-2193 bbtt-beccamatt-2195bbtt-beccamatt-2195 bbtt-beccamatt-2202bbtt-beccamatt-2202 bbtt-beccamatt-2210bbtt-beccamatt-2210 bbtt-beccamatt-2216bbtt-beccamatt-2216 bbtt-beccamatt-2217bbtt-beccamatt-2217 bbtt-beccamatt-2218bbtt-beccamatt-2218 bbtt-beccamatt-2238bbtt-beccamatt-2238 bbtt-beccamatt-2258bbtt-beccamatt-2258 bbtt-beccamatt-2266bbtt-beccamatt-2266 bbtt-beccamatt-2337bbtt-beccamatt-2337 bbtt-beccamatt-2342bbtt-beccamatt-2342 bbtt-beccamatt-2365bbtt-beccamatt-2365 bbtt-beccamatt-2371bbtt-beccamatt-2371 bbtt-beccamatt-2380bbtt-beccamatt-2380 bbtt-beccamatt-2383bbtt-beccamatt-2383 bbtt-beccamatt-2386bbtt-beccamatt-2386 bbtt-beccamatt-2400bbtt-beccamatt-2400 bbtt-beccamatt-2403bbtt-beccamatt-2403 bbtt-beccamatt-2404bbtt-beccamatt-2404 bbtt-beccamatt-2413bbtt-beccamatt-2413 bbtt-beccamatt-2417bbtt-beccamatt-2417 bbtt-beccamatt-2424bbtt-beccamatt-2424 bbtt-beccamatt-2433bbtt-beccamatt-2433 bbtt-beccamatt-2475bbtt-beccamatt-2475 xo Taylorxo Taylor

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Victoria & Edward's Winter Engagement in Raleigh BBT-victoriaedward-1018BBT-victoriaedward-1018

This chilly weather has us reminiscing on Victoria & Edward's winter engagement. All the shivers from the sharp January breeze had these two even more cuddly then usual & we loved it! There's something about the fresh start to a new year & snow on the way that makes all our hearts happy. Victoria & Edward are newly weds now, (don't worry they're wedding is soon to come) but we just had to share a little magic with you from their snuggly session last year. Enjoy!

BBT-victoriaedward-1015BBT-victoriaedward-1015 BBT-victoriaedward-1021BBT-victoriaedward-1021 BBT-victoriaedward-1022BBT-victoriaedward-1022 BBT-victoriaedward-1033BBT-victoriaedward-1033 BBT-victoriaedward-1035BBT-victoriaedward-1035 BBT-victoriaedward-1036BBT-victoriaedward-1036 BBT-victoriaedward-1040BBT-victoriaedward-1040 BBT-victoriaedward-1041BBT-victoriaedward-1041 BBT-victoriaedward-1046BBT-victoriaedward-1046 BBT-victoriaedward-1051BBT-victoriaedward-1051 BBT-victoriaedward-1052BBT-victoriaedward-1052 BBT-victoriaedward-1067BBT-victoriaedward-1067 BBT-victoriaedward-1073BBT-victoriaedward-1073 BBT-victoriaedward-1062BBT-victoriaedward-1062 BBT-victoriaedward-1074BBT-victoriaedward-1074 BBT-victoriaedward-1075BBT-victoriaedward-1075 BBT-victoriaedward-1076BBT-victoriaedward-1076 BBT-victoriaedward-1079BBT-victoriaedward-1079 BBT-victoriaedward-1078BBT-victoriaedward-1078 BBT-victoriaedward-1081BBT-victoriaedward-1081 xo Taylorxo Taylor

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Katie & Nick's Rose Garden Engagement BBT-katieandnick-1059BBT-katieandnick-1059
As we begin to wrap up with all our incredible couples of 2017, our hearts rest in awe from each & every wedding we've had the honor in capturing. The past 12 months have been filled with beauty, joy & so much love! 

Katie & Nick are some of the firsts to be tying the knot in 2018 & we're bursting at the seems to use all we've just learned to preserve their many special moments to come. These two (& their cute little pup) ventured through Raleigh's gorgeous rose garden in celebration of their engagement & we're sharing it all here with you today. Enjoy & make sure to keep watch for their wedding at St. Mary Magdalene next spring!
BBT-katieandnick-1001BBT-katieandnick-1001 BBT-katieandnick-1002BBT-katieandnick-1002 BBT-katieandnick-1004BBT-katieandnick-1004 BBT-katieandnick-1007BBT-katieandnick-1007 BBT-katieandnick-1011BBT-katieandnick-1011 BBT-katieandnick-1013BBT-katieandnick-1013 BBT-katieandnick-1015BBT-katieandnick-1015 BBT-katieandnick-1016BBT-katieandnick-1016 BBT-katieandnick-1017BBT-katieandnick-1017 BBT-katieandnick-1018BBT-katieandnick-1018 BBT-katieandnick-1020BBT-katieandnick-1020 BBT-katieandnick-1021BBT-katieandnick-1021 BBT-katieandnick-1022BBT-katieandnick-1022 BBT-katieandnick-1026BBT-katieandnick-1026 BBT-katieandnick-1027BBT-katieandnick-1027 BBT-katieandnick-1028BBT-katieandnick-1028 BBT-katieandnick-1029BBT-katieandnick-1029 BBT-katieandnick-1031BBT-katieandnick-1031 BBT-katieandnick-1032BBT-katieandnick-1032 BBT-katieandnick-1034BBT-katieandnick-1034 BBT-katieandnick-1036BBT-katieandnick-1036 BBT-katieandnick-1040BBT-katieandnick-1040 BBT-katieandnick-1043BBT-katieandnick-1043 BBT-katieandnick-1045BBT-katieandnick-1045 BBT-katieandnick-1048BBT-katieandnick-1048 BBT-katieandnick-1050BBT-katieandnick-1050 BBT-katieandnick-1052BBT-katieandnick-1052 BBT-katieandnick-1055BBT-katieandnick-1055 BBT-katieandnick-1058BBT-katieandnick-1058 BBT-katieandnick-1060BBT-katieandnick-1060 BBT-katieandnick-1061BBT-katieandnick-1061 BBT-katieandnick-1062BBT-katieandnick-1062 BBT-katieandnick-1065BBT-katieandnick-1065 BBT-katieandnick-1067BBT-katieandnick-1067 BBT-katieandnick-1070BBT-katieandnick-1070 BBT-katieandnick-1072BBT-katieandnick-1072 BBT-katieandnick-1073BBT-katieandnick-1073 BBT-katieandnick-1074BBT-katieandnick-1074 BBT-katieandnick-1075BBT-katieandnick-1075 BBT-katieandnick-1078BBT-katieandnick-1078 BBT-katieandnick-1080BBT-katieandnick-1080 BBT-katieandnick-1082BBT-katieandnick-1082 BBT-katieandnick-1084BBT-katieandnick-1084 xo Taylorxo Taylor

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The Stockfish Wedding BBT-annakevin-3213BBT-annakevin-3213

You might recognize this stunning bride from a blog post last spring explaining The Why Behind Bridal Portraits, but today we're sharing their WEDDING! Anna & Kevin's beautiful invitation suite, table-top details & to-die-for cake by Sugar Euphoria were no doubt amazing, but not even those details could match the beauty of their love. These two have a long & happy marriage ahead of them & we can't wait to watch it grow. Enjoy! 

BBT-annakevin-3001BBT-annakevin-3001 BBT-annakevin-3007BBT-annakevin-3007 BBT-annakevin-3006BBT-annakevin-3006 BBT-annakevin-3017BBT-annakevin-3017 BBT-annakevin-3028BBT-annakevin-3028 BBT-annakevin-3030BBT-annakevin-3030 BBT-annakevin-3033BBT-annakevin-3033 BBT-annakevin-3034BBT-annakevin-3034 BBT-annakevin-3037BBT-annakevin-3037 BBT-annakevin-3038BBT-annakevin-3038 BBT-annakevin-3009BBT-annakevin-3009 BBT-annakevin-3048BBT-annakevin-3048 BBT-annakevin-3043BBT-annakevin-3043 BBT-annakevin-3042BBT-annakevin-3042 BBT-annakevin-3050BBT-annakevin-3050 BBT-annakevin-3051BBT-annakevin-3051 BBT-annakevin-3052BBT-annakevin-3052 BBT-annakevin-3053BBT-annakevin-3053 BBT-annakevin-3055BBT-annakevin-3055 BBT-annakevin-3057BBT-annakevin-3057 BBT-annakevin-3062BBT-annakevin-3062 BBT-annakevin-3073BBT-annakevin-3073 BBT-annakevin-3079BBT-annakevin-3079 BBT-annakevin-3080BBT-annakevin-3080 BBT-annakevin-3092BBT-annakevin-3092 BBT-annakevin-3093BBT-annakevin-3093 BBT-annakevin-3094BBT-annakevin-3094 BBT-annakevin-3105BBT-annakevin-3105 BBT-annakevin-3106BBT-annakevin-3106 BBT-annakevin-3110BBT-annakevin-3110 BBT-annakevin-3112BBT-annakevin-3112 BBT-annakevin-3114BBT-annakevin-3114 BBT-annakevin-3115BBT-annakevin-3115 BBT-annakevin-3116BBT-annakevin-3116 BBT-annakevin-3118BBT-annakevin-3118 BBT-annakevin-3120BBT-annakevin-3120 BBT-annakevin-3141BBT-annakevin-3141 BBT-annakevin-3144BBT-annakevin-3144 BBT-annakevin-3146BBT-annakevin-3146 BBT-annakevin-3155BBT-annakevin-3155 BBT-annakevin-3157BBT-annakevin-3157 BBT-annakevin-3189BBT-annakevin-3189 BBT-annakevin-3203BBT-annakevin-3203 BBT-annakevin-3204BBT-annakevin-3204 BBT-annakevin-3209BBT-annakevin-3209 BBT-annakevin-3210BBT-annakevin-3210 BBT-annakevin-3212BBT-annakevin-3212 BBT-annakevin-3214BBT-annakevin-3214 BBT-annakevin-3219BBT-annakevin-3219 BBT-annakevin-3223BBT-annakevin-3223 BBT-annakevin-3227BBT-annakevin-3227 BBT-annakevin-3225-2BBT-annakevin-3225-2 BBT-annakevin-3228BBT-annakevin-3228 BBT-annakevin-3233BBT-annakevin-3233 BBT-annakevin-3230BBT-annakevin-3230 BBT-annakevin-3235BBT-annakevin-3235 BBT-annakevin-3236BBT-annakevin-3236 BBT-annakevin-3244BBT-annakevin-3244 BBT-annakevin-3245BBT-annakevin-3245 BBT-annakevin-3248BBT-annakevin-3248 BBT-annakevin-3264BBT-annakevin-3264 BBT-annakevin-3279BBT-annakevin-3279 BBT-annakevin-3280BBT-annakevin-3280 BBT-annakevin-3283BBT-annakevin-3283 BBT-annakevin-3336BBT-annakevin-3336 BBT-annakevin-3337BBT-annakevin-3337 BBT-annakevin-3338-2BBT-annakevin-3338-2 BBT-annakevin-3339BBT-annakevin-3339 xo Taylorxo Taylor
Venue - Market Hall
Hair & Makeup - Salon Saia
Shoes - J.Crew
Florals - Bushel & Peck Designs
Dress: Traditions by Anna
Cake: Sugar Euphoria 

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Carrie & Tony's Engagement Session in Pinehurst, NC BBS_2190BBS_2190

Carrie & Tony told us that they were a little nervous about having their photos taken. I still do not understand why they were nervous, because they made it easy to capture their love for one another. These two had no problem cuddling each other and just being as close as possible. They were naturals. The more they kissed and hugged, we saw any nerves wash away. As time went on we got to know Carrie & Tony more and more, which was so sweet. Their easy going spirits made us feel like we had known them for a long time. To know this couple is an honor, and just a gift to us because of the way they love people. As their wedding day is approaching us fast, we are getting giddy to see them vow to one another. December 23, 2017 cannot come soon enough for them and us!

BBS_2193BBS_2193 BBS_2206BBS_2206 BBS_2201BBS_2201 BBS_2149BBS_2149 BBS_2162BBS_2162 BBS_2164BBS_2164 BBS_2155BBS_2155 BBS_2132BBS_2132 BBS_2135BBS_2135 BBS_2178BBS_2178 BBS_2183BBS_2183 BBS_2227BBS_2227 BBS_2232BBS_2232 BBS_2233BBS_2233 BBS_2237BBS_2237 BBS_2238BBS_2238 BBS_2259BBS_2259 BBS_2292BBS_2292 BBS_2283BBS_2283 BBS_2381BBS_2381 BBS_2382BBS_2382 BBS_2388BBS_2388 BBS_2413BBS_2413 BBS_2420BBS_2420 BBS_2426BBS_2426 BBS_2428BBS_2428 BBS_2409BBS_2409 BBS_2435BBS_2435 BBS_2441BBS_2441



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Lauren & Adam's Spring DIY Wedding Featured on The Knot BBT-laurenadam-3227BBT-laurenadam-3227

This spring, we had the honor of capturing Lauren & Adam's beautiful wedding at The Stockroom & we're so excited to announce it's feature on The Knot! With each decision of this DIY wedding, our bride Lauren had one goal in mind - to make their day as relaxing as possible. She went above & beyond reaching this goal with an intentional timeline & an incredible planner to keep things running nice & smooth! We had the best time collaborating with each vendor on this special day & feel absolutely blessed to work among such creatives on the regular. We're sharing several images of their wedding here but, we encourage you to take a peek at this sweet feature to hear more on how Lauren's vision unfolded on the best day of her life! Enjoy!

BBT-laurenadam-3001BBT-laurenadam-3001 BBT-laurenadam-3003BBT-laurenadam-3003 BBT-laurenadam-3004BBT-laurenadam-3004 BBT-laurenadam-3008BBT-laurenadam-3008 BBT-laurenadam-3005BBT-laurenadam-3005 BBT-laurenadam-3006BBT-laurenadam-3006 BBT-laurenadam-3009BBT-laurenadam-3009 BBT-laurenadam-3012BBT-laurenadam-3012 BBT-laurenadam-3014BBT-laurenadam-3014 BBT-laurenadam-3018BBT-laurenadam-3018 BBT-laurenadam-3021BBT-laurenadam-3021 BBT-laurenadam-3023BBT-laurenadam-3023 BBT-laurenadam-3027BBT-laurenadam-3027 BBT-laurenadam-3032BBT-laurenadam-3032 BBT-laurenadam-3035BBT-laurenadam-3035 BBT-laurenadam-3037BBT-laurenadam-3037 BBT-laurenadam-3041BBT-laurenadam-3041 BBT-laurenadam-3043BBT-laurenadam-3043 BBT-laurenadam-3045BBT-laurenadam-3045 BBT-laurenadam-3046BBT-laurenadam-3046 BBT-laurenadam-3053BBT-laurenadam-3053 BBT-laurenadam-3054BBT-laurenadam-3054 BBT-laurenadam-3051BBT-laurenadam-3051 BBT-laurenadam-3057BBT-laurenadam-3057 BBT-laurenadam-3067BBT-laurenadam-3067 BBT-laurenadam-3069BBT-laurenadam-3069 BBT-laurenadam-3080BBT-laurenadam-3080 BBT-laurenadam-3095BBT-laurenadam-3095 BBT-laurenadam-3096BBT-laurenadam-3096 BBT-laurenadam-3097BBT-laurenadam-3097 BBT-laurenadam-3100BBT-laurenadam-3100 BBT-laurenadam-3135BBT-laurenadam-3135 BBT-laurenadam-3136BBT-laurenadam-3136 BBT-laurenadam-3138BBT-laurenadam-3138 BBT-laurenadam-3160BBT-laurenadam-3160 BBT-laurenadam-3162BBT-laurenadam-3162 BBT-laurenadam-3164BBT-laurenadam-3164 BBT-laurenadam-3165BBT-laurenadam-3165 BBT-laurenadam-3167BBT-laurenadam-3167 BBT-laurenadam-3169BBT-laurenadam-3169 BBT-laurenadam-3199BBT-laurenadam-3199 BBT-laurenadam-3205BBT-laurenadam-3205 BBT-laurenadam-3208BBT-laurenadam-3208 BBT-laurenadam-3214BBT-laurenadam-3214 BBT-laurenadam-3213BBT-laurenadam-3213 BBT-laurenadam-3215BBT-laurenadam-3215 BBT-laurenadam-3217BBT-laurenadam-3217 BBT-laurenadam-3218BBT-laurenadam-3218 BBT-laurenadam-3227BBT-laurenadam-3227 BBT-laurenadam-3220BBT-laurenadam-3220 BBT-laurenadam-3241BBT-laurenadam-3241 BBT-laurenadam-3247BBT-laurenadam-3247 BBT-laurenadam-3246BBT-laurenadam-3246 BBT-laurenadam-3248BBT-laurenadam-3248 BBT-laurenadam-3250BBT-laurenadam-3250 BBT-laurenadam-3252BBT-laurenadam-3252 BBT-laurenadam-3265BBT-laurenadam-3265 BBT-laurenadam-3254BBT-laurenadam-3254 BBT-laurenadam-3286BBT-laurenadam-3286 BBT-laurenadam-3287BBT-laurenadam-3287 BBT-laurenadam-3327BBT-laurenadam-3327 BBT-laurenadam-3328BBT-laurenadam-3328 BBT-laurenadam-3329BBT-laurenadam-3329 BBT-laurenadam-3330BBT-laurenadam-3330 BBT-laurenadam-3332BBT-laurenadam-3332 BBT-laurenadam-3342BBT-laurenadam-3342 xo Taylorxo Taylor


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Nick & Jenny's Country Club Wedding bbtt-milo-1450bbtt-milo-1450

Rain is something we look forward to during the middle of the summer, or when we want to lay around to just take it easy. When it comes to our wedding day, rain is the one thing we do not want to happen. For Jenny and Nick they had planned on being outside around sunset, but the weather had another plan for them. Dark grey & blue clouds rolled in hours before their "I do's." To my surprise, the sweet couple accepted that the rain was coming with smiles on their face and moved their ceremony indoors. They were sad, but there was nothing that could stop them from becoming one. Jenny & Nick stayed focused on how much they loved each other which helped them almost forget the rain. The friends that made up their wedding party kept up the positive energy, and encouraged the couple all day long through the hiccups. To have people surrounding you that will lift you up and encourage you no matter what, is not something that comes around all the time. 

The newlywed couple committed their life together, and shortly after, the rain was swept away. The rest of the night Jenny & Nick shared laughs and some of the best dance moves I have seen :)! We are so joyful for the both of you, and cannot wait to see where the lord takes you as a couple.

bbtt-milo-1005bbtt-milo-1005 bbtt-milo-1004bbtt-milo-1004 bbtt-milo-1007bbtt-milo-1007 bbtt-milo-1000bbtt-milo-1000 bbtt-milo-1014bbtt-milo-1014 bbtt-milo-1018bbtt-milo-1018 bbtt-milo-1025bbtt-milo-1025 bbtt-milo-1021bbtt-milo-1021 bbtt-milo-1032bbtt-milo-1032 bbtt-milo-1033bbtt-milo-1033 bbtt-milo-1036bbtt-milo-1036 bbtt-milo-1041bbtt-milo-1041 bbtt-milo-1050bbtt-milo-1050 bbtt-milo-1109bbtt-milo-1109 bbtt-milo-1108bbtt-milo-1108 bbtt-milo-1112bbtt-milo-1112 bbtt-milo-1116bbtt-milo-1116 bbtt-milo-1118bbtt-milo-1118 bbtt-milo-1123bbtt-milo-1123 bbtt-milo-1132bbtt-milo-1132 bbtt-milo-1133bbtt-milo-1133 bbtt-milo-1150bbtt-milo-1150 bbtt-milo-1137bbtt-milo-1137 bbtt-milo-1147bbtt-milo-1147 bbtt-milo-1404bbtt-milo-1404 bbtt-milo-1405bbtt-milo-1405 bbtt-milo-1433bbtt-milo-1433 bbtt-milo-1052bbtt-milo-1052 bbtt-milo-1051bbtt-milo-1051 bbtt-milo-1053bbtt-milo-1053 bbtt-milo-1055bbtt-milo-1055 bbtt-milo-1058bbtt-milo-1058 bbtt-milo-1060bbtt-milo-1060 bbtt-milo-1064bbtt-milo-1064 bbtt-milo-1062bbtt-milo-1062 bbtt-milo-1067bbtt-milo-1067 bbtt-milo-1077bbtt-milo-1077 bbtt-milo-1083bbtt-milo-1083 bbtt-milo-1084bbtt-milo-1084 bbtt-milo-1160bbtt-milo-1160 bbtt-milo-1163bbtt-milo-1163 bbtt-milo-1169bbtt-milo-1169 bbtt-milo-1173bbtt-milo-1173 bbtt-milo-1172bbtt-milo-1172 bbtt-milo-1185bbtt-milo-1185 bbtt-milo-1186bbtt-milo-1186 bbtt-milo-1188bbtt-milo-1188 bbtt-milo-1191bbtt-milo-1191 bbtt-milo-1189bbtt-milo-1189 bbtt-milo-1215bbtt-milo-1215 bbtt-milo-1223bbtt-milo-1223 bbtt-milo-1225bbtt-milo-1225 bbtt-milo-1228bbtt-milo-1228 bbtt-milo-1237bbtt-milo-1237 bbtt-milo-1243bbtt-milo-1243 bbtt-milo-1242bbtt-milo-1242 bbtt-milo-1257bbtt-milo-1257 bbtt-milo-1317bbtt-milo-1317 bbtt-milo-1314bbtt-milo-1314 bbtt-milo-1312bbtt-milo-1312 bbtt-milo-1311bbtt-milo-1311 bbtt-milo-1321bbtt-milo-1321 bbtt-milo-1326bbtt-milo-1326 bbtt-milo-1325bbtt-milo-1325 bbtt-milo-1327bbtt-milo-1327 bbtt-milo-1336bbtt-milo-1336 bbtt-milo-1339bbtt-milo-1339 bbtt-milo-1344bbtt-milo-1344 bbtt-milo-1333bbtt-milo-1333 bbtt-milo-1353bbtt-milo-1353 bbtt-milo-1354bbtt-milo-1354 bbtt-milo-1360bbtt-milo-1360 bbtt-milo-1366bbtt-milo-1366 bbtt-milo-1368bbtt-milo-1368 bbtt-milo-1370bbtt-milo-1370 bbtt-milo-1379bbtt-milo-1379 bbtt-milo-1375bbtt-milo-1375 bbtt-milo-1436bbtt-milo-1436 bbtt-milo-1437bbtt-milo-1437 bbtt-milo-1438bbtt-milo-1438 bbtt-milo-1441bbtt-milo-1441 bbtt-milo-1443bbtt-milo-1443 bbtt-milo-1447bbtt-milo-1447 bbtt-milo-1449bbtt-milo-1449 bbtt-milo-1456bbtt-milo-1456 bbtt-milo-1459bbtt-milo-1459 bbtt-milo-1460bbtt-milo-1460 bbtt-milo-1476bbtt-milo-1476 bbtt-milo-1496bbtt-milo-1496 bbtt-milo-1498bbtt-milo-1498 bbtt-milo-1500bbtt-milo-1500 bbtt-milo-1504bbtt-milo-1504 bbtt-milo-1503bbtt-milo-1503 bbtt-milo-1514bbtt-milo-1514 bbtt-milo-1518bbtt-milo-1518 bbtt-milo-1524bbtt-milo-1524 bbtt-milo-1547bbtt-milo-1547 bbtt-milo-1545bbtt-milo-1545 bbtt-milo-1553bbtt-milo-1553 bbtt-milo-1554bbtt-milo-1554 bbtt-milo-1556bbtt-milo-1556 bbtt-milo-1560bbtt-milo-1560 bbtt-milo-1561bbtt-milo-1561 bbtt-milo-1564bbtt-milo-1564

Vendors// Venue: Brier Creek Country Club// Florist: FLORA// Cake: Ashley cakes// DJ: all events Dj// Bridesmaids dresses: Jenny Yoo// Wedding dress: Watters from Blush Bridal//




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Laura & Nissan's Engagement Session
 While planning for this sweet engagement session, Laura (our beautiful bride to be) strongly suggested that I meet her & her fiance at a location unique & special to them. So, after discussing their love for sweet treats in the city, she decided Boulted Bread was the place. As I pulled up that day, I snuck up on them sitting outside on the patio with their coffees in hand turned completely into one another at the table. They were smiling so big before I even touched the camera & I knew their love was genuine & pure. 

We cannot wait to capture these two promise their lives to one another (not once, but TWICE) at their multicultural celebrations next spring. Stay tuned for images of their wedding(s) to come as we share in double the fun! Enjoy!
BBT-LauraandNissan-1004BBT-LauraandNissan-1004 BBT-LauraandNissan-1006BBT-LauraandNissan-1006 BBT-LauraandNissan-1008BBT-LauraandNissan-1008 BBT-LauraandNissan-1010BBT-LauraandNissan-1010 BBT-LauraandNissan-1013BBT-LauraandNissan-1013 BBT-LauraandNissan-1011BBT-LauraandNissan-1011 BBT-LauraandNissan-1025BBT-LauraandNissan-1025 BBT-LauraandNissan-1023BBT-LauraandNissan-1023 BBT-LauraandNissan-1020BBT-LauraandNissan-1020 BBT-LauraandNissan-1018BBT-LauraandNissan-1018 BBT-LauraandNissan-1026BBT-LauraandNissan-1026 BBT-LauraandNissan-1028BBT-LauraandNissan-1028 BBT-LauraandNissan-1030BBT-LauraandNissan-1030 BBT-LauraandNissan-1032BBT-LauraandNissan-1032 BBT-LauraandNissan-1033BBT-LauraandNissan-1033 BBT-LauraandNissan-1034BBT-LauraandNissan-1034 BBT-LauraandNissan-1079BBT-LauraandNissan-1079 BBT-LauraandNissan-1060BBT-LauraandNissan-1060 BBT-LauraandNissan-1069BBT-LauraandNissan-1069 BBT-LauraandNissan-1071BBT-LauraandNissan-1071 BBT-LauraandNissan-1058BBT-LauraandNissan-1058 BBT-LauraandNissan-1073BBT-LauraandNissan-1073 xo Taylorxo Taylor

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Ben & Jennifer's Intimate Lake Side Wedding bbtt-kirts-1186bbtt-kirts-1186

What a sweet reminder of love being intimate & a choice we make daily.

Jennifer and Ben got married lake side, where the waves made a beautiful melody throughout their wedding. It was filled with their best friends and closest loved ones to enjoy the soon to be Mr & Mrs. The couple was able to be fully present with every quest and celebrate their love with everyone who matters to them.  The close knit group that made up their wedding allowed Jennifer and Ben to soak in every memory. Jennifer and Ben's wedding was simply all about their love for one another. Love can be something we think is easy, but being married I know that I have to choose my husband daily and choose love. Love takes sacrifice, and is something that has to be worked on every moment. Love and the commitment it holds is a choice we have to decide on everyday. I am so honored that I got to witness Ben and Jennifer choose to enter into a covenant of marriage together. To fight for one another forever. Being married is one of the sweetest gift that the Lord allows us to have, it teaches us and strengthens us. It pushes us, and at the end of each day we understand what it means to fully love someone in the deepest way. 

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Rush!

bbtt-kirts-1000bbtt-kirts-1000 bbtt-kirts-1002bbtt-kirts-1002 bbtt-kirts-1031bbtt-kirts-1031 bbtt-kirts-1029bbtt-kirts-1029 bbtt-kirts-1034bbtt-kirts-1034 bbtt-kirts-1036bbtt-kirts-1036 bbtt-kirts-1004bbtt-kirts-1004 bbtt-kirts-1005bbtt-kirts-1005 bbtt-kirts-1010bbtt-kirts-1010 bbtt-kirts-1014bbtt-kirts-1014 bbtt-kirts-1020bbtt-kirts-1020 bbtt-kirts-1021bbtt-kirts-1021 bbtt-kirts-1024bbtt-kirts-1024 bbtt-kirts-1039bbtt-kirts-1039 bbtt-kirts-1041bbtt-kirts-1041 bbtt-kirts-1040bbtt-kirts-1040 bbtt-kirts-1047bbtt-kirts-1047 bbtt-kirts-1057bbtt-kirts-1057 bbtt-kirts-1053bbtt-kirts-1053 bbtt-kirts-1055bbtt-kirts-1055 bbtt-kirts-1059bbtt-kirts-1059 bbtt-kirts-1064bbtt-kirts-1064 bbtt-kirts-1065bbtt-kirts-1065 bbtt-kirts-1067bbtt-kirts-1067 bbtt-kirts-1069bbtt-kirts-1069 bbtt-kirts-1072bbtt-kirts-1072 bbtt-kirts-1075bbtt-kirts-1075 bbtt-kirts-1076bbtt-kirts-1076 bbtt-kirts-1078bbtt-kirts-1078 bbtt-kirts-1082bbtt-kirts-1082 bbtt-kirts-1083bbtt-kirts-1083 bbtt-kirts-1093bbtt-kirts-1093 bbtt-kirts-1108bbtt-kirts-1108 bbtt-kirtsf-1001bbtt-kirtsf-1001 bbtt-kirts-1111bbtt-kirts-1111 bbtt-kirts-1110bbtt-kirts-1110 bbtt-kirts-1137bbtt-kirts-1137 bbtt-kirts-1142bbtt-kirts-1142 bbtt-kirts-1143bbtt-kirts-1143 bbtt-kirts-1156bbtt-kirts-1156 bbtt-kirts-1157bbtt-kirts-1157 bbtt-kirts-1159bbtt-kirts-1159 bbtt-kirts-1166bbtt-kirts-1166 bbtt-kirts-1165bbtt-kirts-1165 bbtt-kirts-1170bbtt-kirts-1170 bbtt-kirts-1173bbtt-kirts-1173 bbtt-kirts-1171bbtt-kirts-1171 bbtt-kirts-1182bbtt-kirts-1182 bbtt-kirts-1175bbtt-kirts-1175 bbtt-kirts-1177bbtt-kirts-1177 bbtt-kirts-1107bbtt-kirts-1107 bbtt-kirtsf-1004bbtt-kirtsf-1004 bbtt-kirtsf-1002bbtt-kirtsf-1002 bbtt-kirts-1131bbtt-kirts-1131 bbtt-kirts-1098bbtt-kirts-1098 bbtt-kirts-1119bbtt-kirts-1119 bbtt-kirtsf-1007bbtt-kirtsf-1007 bbtt-kirts-1123bbtt-kirts-1123 bbtt-kirts-1103bbtt-kirts-1103 bbtt-kirts-1129bbtt-kirts-1129 bbtt-kirtsf-1012bbtt-kirtsf-1012 bbtt-kirtsf-1013bbtt-kirtsf-1013 bbtt-kirts-1236bbtt-kirts-1236 bbtt-kirts-1132bbtt-kirts-1132 bbtt-kirts-1237bbtt-kirts-1237 bbtt-kirts-1239bbtt-kirts-1239 bbtt-kirtsf-1006bbtt-kirtsf-1006 bbtt-kirtsf-1005bbtt-kirtsf-1005 bbtt-kirtsf-1014bbtt-kirtsf-1014 bbtt-kirtsf-1015bbtt-kirtsf-1015 bbtt-kirtsf-1016bbtt-kirtsf-1016 bbtt-kirts-1225bbtt-kirts-1225 bbtt-kirtsf-1008bbtt-kirtsf-1008 bbtt-kirts-1222bbtt-kirts-1222 bbtt-kirts-1242bbtt-kirts-1242 bbtt-kirts-1250bbtt-kirts-1250

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Anna & Jeff's Classic Chapel Hill Wedding BBT-annajeff-3312BBT-annajeff-3312
Classic: the perfect word for The Whitlock Wedding. From their "I do's" at the University United Methodist Church to beginning their reception with a full bluegrass string band on the lawn of the Carolina Inn, this couple had class threaded into every detail of their wedding day. But Anna & Jeff aren't just classy, they're full of compassionate love for others! We had so much fun capturing their celebration this summer & couldn't be more excited to share a few of our favorite memories from their special day. Thank you so Stephanie Shaul Events for your team's hard work in making this day beautiful, memorable & cherished forever. Enjoy!
BBT-annajeff-3001BBT-annajeff-3001 BBT-annajeff-3003BBT-annajeff-3003 BBT-annajeff-3006BBT-annajeff-3006 BBT-annajeff-3008BBT-annajeff-3008 BBT-annajeff-3085BBT-annajeff-3085 BBT-annajeff-3088BBT-annajeff-3088 BBT-annajeff-3089BBT-annajeff-3089 BBT-annajeff-3091BBT-annajeff-3091 BBT-annajeff-3098BBT-annajeff-3098 BBT-annajeff-3108BBT-annajeff-3108 BBT-annajeff-3118BBT-annajeff-3118 BBT-annajeff-3119BBT-annajeff-3119 BBT-annajeff-3124BBT-annajeff-3124 BBT-annajeff-3126BBT-annajeff-3126 BBT-annajeff-3141BBT-annajeff-3141 BBT-annajeff-3149BBT-annajeff-3149 BBT-annajeff-3183BBT-annajeff-3183 BBT-annajeff-3186BBT-annajeff-3186 BBT-annajeff-3192BBT-annajeff-3192 BBT-annajeff-3189BBT-annajeff-3189 BBT-annajeff-3235BBT-annajeff-3235 BBT-annajeff-3232BBT-annajeff-3232 BBT-annajeff-3238BBT-annajeff-3238 BBT-annajeff-3244BBT-annajeff-3244 BBT-annajeff-3291BBT-annajeff-3291 BBT-annajeff-3293BBT-annajeff-3293 BBT-annajeff-3296BBT-annajeff-3296 BBT-annajeff-3297BBT-annajeff-3297 BBT-annajeff-3300BBT-annajeff-3300 BBT-annajeff-3301BBT-annajeff-3301 BBT-annajeff-3303BBT-annajeff-3303 BBT-annajeff-3312BBT-annajeff-3312 BBT-annajeff-3319BBT-annajeff-3319 BBT-annajeff-3326BBT-annajeff-3326 BBT-annajeff-3349BBT-annajeff-3349 BBT-annajeff-3367BBT-annajeff-3367 BBT-annajeff-3408BBT-annajeff-3408 BBT-annajeff-3426BBT-annajeff-3426 BBT-annajeff-3437BBT-annajeff-3437 BBT-annajeff-3441BBT-annajeff-3441 BBT-annajeff-3443BBT-annajeff-3443 BBT-annajeff-3444BBT-annajeff-3444 BBT-annajeff-3448BBT-annajeff-3448 BBT-annajeff-3475BBT-annajeff-3475 BBT-annajeff-3480BBT-annajeff-3480 BBT-annajeff-3482BBT-annajeff-3482 BBT-annajeff-3484BBT-annajeff-3484 BBT-annajeff-3486BBT-annajeff-3486 BBT-annajeff-3516BBT-annajeff-3516 BBT-annajeff-3503BBT-annajeff-3503 BBT-annajeff-3525BBT-annajeff-3525 BBT-annajeff-3566BBT-annajeff-3566 BBT-annajeff-3567BBT-annajeff-3567 BBT-annajeff-3568BBT-annajeff-3568 BBT-annajeff-3572BBT-annajeff-3572 BBT-annajeff-3573BBT-annajeff-3573 BBT-annajeff-3625BBT-annajeff-3625 BBT-annajeff-3493BBT-annajeff-3493 BBT-annajeff-3629BBT-annajeff-3629 BBT-annajeff-3633BBT-annajeff-3633 BBT-annajeff-3762-2BBT-annajeff-3762-2 BBT-annajeff-3767BBT-annajeff-3767 BBT-annajeff-3774-2BBT-annajeff-3774-2 xo Taylorxo Taylor

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What is Going on in The Thomases life? BBR_0037BBR_0037

This season of life for us has been a whirlwind. We celebrated one year of marriage, bought our first home, we found out that we are having a baby, and Will passed all of his exams to become a financial advisor! Our summer was busy with photography and all the new job changes that came with Will's new position. The both of us worked together with Young Life a year ago, meaning we saw each other 24/7 and it was the best time for us. Will and I grew as a couple in that time, getting to know what makes each other tick and how to love one another in the deepest way, even in our flaws. We learned how to fight well. That may sound strange, but we learned that we had to lay ourself aside and not fight with emotions. We learned to first look at our self, instead of automatic pointing at the other person. It is hard laying down our pride and self, but when we do you can love the other person way better.

We have leaned on my parents in-law for support in all areas during our marriage. They are tucked away in Pinehurst, where Will and I have spent a lot of time. This is the place where we can bring our furry friends and ourself to just relax, to enjoy family time. We are so thankful for them. It has been tough not to have family in the same city though. Little did we know that the Lord was doing something grand in our lives with the people in it. They started as church members that we saw on Sundays, but quickly turned into our family. They love us without condition and serve us as if we were their own blood. What a true gift this family is to us.  They have supported us, and led us to the word when we are fixed on the things of this world. They are equipping us with the word, so we are reminded of truth and "agape", or unconditional love, from the father. 

Grateful. That is what we want to remember when life is starting to get busy and filled with unknowns. We want to remember the Lord in all of it, no matter what life looks like, we want to remember the Lord is good, faithful, and never failing. We want to sit in gratefulness. 

BBR_9965BBR_9965 BBR_9966BBR_9966 BBR_9967BBR_9967 BBR_9968BBR_9968 BBR_9975BBR_9975 BBR_9978BBR_9978 BBR_0004BBR_0004 BBR_0002BBR_0002 BBR_9980BBR_9980 BBR_9982BBR_9982 BBR_9997BBR_9997 BBR_0021BBR_0021

In this season we have found time to sneak away from the hectic everyday, to enjoy fall and everything that starts in it. Will and I love a good fire outside on chilly nights. We love fires because everyone has to stay close to the flame to stay warm, which allows us all to be intentional with one another. A fire is also good to roast s'mores. Who doesn't love a good s'more? If you know us, you know we want to be outside any chance we get and a warm fire is calling our names as temperatures drop.

Where I am from, everyone gets excited for fall because that means football time. Football season means I get to hear one of my favorite songs, "Rocky top, you'll always be home sweet home to me, good ol' rocky top, whoo." I grew up on Saturdays either going to Neyland stadium to cheer on the Vols or screaming at them from a TV. This love for Tennessee football obviously followed me into marriage, and has converted this Kentucky fan to cheer on Big Orange. With that being said, Will is more of a Kentucky basketball fan and so we compromised. So now we are Tennessee football fans, and Kentucky basketball fans. It works well for us. All that being said, we could go to any football game and have the best time cheering any team on. We are a family that loves sports.

BBR_9889BBR_9889 BBR_9900BBR_9900 BBR_9902BBR_9902 BBR_9891BBR_9891 BBR_9908BBR_9908 BBR_9913BBR_9913

If you really knew us, you would know we love animals of all kinds. As soon as Will and I got back from our honeymoon we adopted two kittens. Drew (black & white kitten) and Jonathan (grew & white kitten) are brothers from a litter that was found in a trash can. Before you laugh at their names, we did not give them those names their foster mom did. We obviously kept them, but you will never hear us call them by those names. We have come up with multiple nicknames for the babies like, drew buddy or handsome. Jonathan is known as finna or fin. If you are ever around us and our cats, we tend to talk in a strange baby voices to each other, and our animals. That is one of many strange things we do. We love it though.

Our biggest addition to our family came when we moved to Raleigh a few months ago. We adopted Copper, a very hyper and loyal Australian shepherd. Yes, the cats and Copper get along great. Copper tends to herd them around the yard, but they will let her know when she is to close to them. Most people think we are crazy for having so many animals. Our life would be dull without them because they bring surprises and laughter all the time. These furry friends of ours tend to cuddle in the bed with us and are first to greet us when we wake up. It gets a little tight in our king bed, but we look forward to it every night. As our family will grow with a little boy soon, we cannot wait to see how all of our babies interact.

BBR_0033BBR_0033 BBR_0043BBR_0043 BBR_0050BBR_0050 BBR_0056BBR_0056 BBR_0059BBR_0059 BBR_0065BBR_0065 BBR_0066BBR_0066 BBR_0072BBR_0072 BBR_0076BBR_0076 BBR_0086BBR_0086 BBR_0092BBR_0092 BBR_0103BBR_0103 BBR_0105BBR_0105 BBR_0110BBR_0110 BBR_0096BBR_0096 BBR_0097BBR_0097

The love of my life. My advocate. My best friend. My groom. I love you more than words could every say, and I strive daily to serve you, to respect you, to submit to you in all things. I am beyond grateful for your commitment to me, ultimately to our Lord. Will you are truly that best gift in my life and I cannot wait to see you become a father. You are the king of making me laugh, NO matter the situation or how I am feeling. You make me feel safe and protected when you are around. I feel so fully known and loved by you, which is so humbling. Will you are going to be the best father to Liam, not because you are perfect or the wisest man. You will be a great father because you see your great need daily for a Savior. You know God our Father is the one who can give you wisdom and strength to lead our family. Liam we cannot wait to meet you and we are praying for you. We love you more than you will ever know.

BBR_0031BBR_0031 BBR_0032BBR_0032 BBR_0026BBR_0026 BBR_0112BBR_0112 BBR_0113BBR_0113 BBR_0124BBR_0124



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Morgan Elizabeth Art: Studio Tour morganelizabethart-90morganelizabethart-90
Morgan & I met on the streets of New York City during one of the most transitional times in her life. I had just started dating Andrew (her uncle) when we booked a trip to watch her dance on stage for the last time at The Lincoln Center Peter J Sharp Theater. Before her performance, I remember walking together asking her about her life & getting a very unexpected answer. She told me her life was really hard & having just met hours before, I was shocked by her boldness. That part of Morgan hasn't changed at all. She has always been blunt, bold & completely real. Of course then I didn't believe her because she was a drop-dead gorgeous ballerina living in NYC. But, after both moving to Raleigh & becoming super close through the years... I got a front row seat to the struggle of a dancer's transition into the "real world". 

Flash forward 4 years... I have never seen Morgan as happy as she is when she's talking about her art. She says, she woke up one day & decided to try to paint just to see what would come out. After people swarmed her inbox trying to buy the goods from her new found hobby, she decided to start Morgan Elizabeth Art & has been painting ever since. From the beginning Morgan has poured her heart out into everything from that last dance in Manhattan to the surface of these blank canvases & I feel so honored to be a witness of it all. Start scrolling to see her studio tour & hear more of who she is in her own words below. We hope you get the opportunity in meeting Morgan through your ordering process, because you're gonna want everything you see that this girl has put her hands on. ;) Enjoy!
morganelizabethart-6morganelizabethart-6 morganelizabethart-7morganelizabethart-7 morganelizabethart-9morganelizabethart-9 morganelizabethart-11morganelizabethart-11 morganelizabethart-18morganelizabethart-18 morganelizabethart-33morganelizabethart-33 morganelizabethart-31morganelizabethart-31 morganelizabethart-35morganelizabethart-35 morganelizabethart-40morganelizabethart-40 morganelizabethart-44morganelizabethart-44 morganelizabethart-16morganelizabethart-16
M: "I'm not exactly sure where I see Morgan Elizabeth Art in five years, let alone the rest of this year. I'm still in the brainstorming start-up phase. Someday I would love to be in art shows, up in coffee shops & maybe have a few local shops stock my prints. I'd want to slowly transition out of my day job into making a living off of what I love to do most. Being an artist is too wonderfully tempting not to be brave & try!"
morganelizabethart-62morganelizabethart-62 morganelizabethart-73morganelizabethart-73 morganelizabethart-69morganelizabethart-69 morganelizabethart-76morganelizabethart-76 morganelizabethart-81morganelizabethart-81 morganelizabethart-58morganelizabethart-58
M: "I guess I've always loved the arts & music especially! I can throw on any genre depending on my mood, but I'd say it's usually 90's psychedelic post punk stuff. The dark & dreamy stuff really gets me moving."
morganelizabethart-87morganelizabethart-87 morganelizabethart-92morganelizabethart-92 morganelizabethart-95morganelizabethart-95 morganelizabethart-99morganelizabethart-99 morganelizabethart-101morganelizabethart-101 morganelizabethart-107morganelizabethart-107 morganelizabethart-112morganelizabethart-112 morganelizabethart-109morganelizabethart-109
M: "Although I don't have much time for the miscellaneous, I LOVE to read. I'm currently finishing up "Sharp Objects" by Gillian Flynn. I want to get more into cooking & learning to make cocktails. I also have two little doggos that don't seem like a hobby but take up most of my time. They are basically two little toddlers running around."
morganelizabethart-119morganelizabethart-119 morganelizabethart-121morganelizabethart-121 morganelizabethart-128morganelizabethart-128 morganelizabethart-131morganelizabethart-131 morganelizabethart-142-2morganelizabethart-142-2 morganelizabethart-139morganelizabethart-139 morganelizabethart-145morganelizabethart-145
Oh & for the record, Morgan was just married this past Sunday to her very best friend, Jordan Wells & their wedding was a dream. Stay tuned for more images of her & her dreamboat coming soon!

xo Taylorxo Taylor

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Ballgowns at The Bradford bbtt-ballgowns-3004bbtt-ballgowns-3004

Ballgowns at The Bradford was inspired by Lana Addison Bridal team. Lana Addison Bridal provided three of the most dreamy gowns that AnnaLaura got to model for us and spin around like a princess. The flowers she carried around were designed by Flower Cupboard as well as the beautiful head pieces. Greenhouse Picker Sisters provided those gorgeous chairs that we moved around the property. Putting these chairs in an empty space brought life and style in the simplest ways, plus they are just stunning when a bride sits in one. This styled bridal session reminded me how much I enjoy getting to photograph bridal portraits with the soon to be bride. It allows us to connect and get to know each other before the wedding day. Bridal portraits are a great way for us as photographers to slow down and take our time capturing the bride in all her beauty. Bridal portraits are most commonly done before the wedding day, but I know some brides that waited until after. Sometime brides decide not to do a bridal portrait and after the wedding they found themselves wanting to slip back into their gown. Who doesn't want to dance around in their wedding gown again? I know I sure do.

bbtt-ballgowns-3006bbtt-ballgowns-3006 bbtt-ballgowns-3005bbtt-ballgowns-3005 bbtt-ballgowns-3010bbtt-ballgowns-3010 bbtt-ballgowns-3014bbtt-ballgowns-3014 bbtt-ballgowns-3025bbtt-ballgowns-3025 bbtt-ballgowns-3028bbtt-ballgowns-3028 bbtt-ballgowns-3029bbtt-ballgowns-3029 bbtt-ballgowns-3032bbtt-ballgowns-3032 bbtt-ballgowns-3034bbtt-ballgowns-3034 bbtt-ballgowns-3051bbtt-ballgowns-3051 bbtt-ballgowns-3052bbtt-ballgowns-3052 bbtt-ballgowns-3055bbtt-ballgowns-3055 bbtt-ballgowns-3057bbtt-ballgowns-3057 bbtt-ballgowns-3068bbtt-ballgowns-3068 bbtt-ballgowns-3063bbtt-ballgowns-3063 bbtt-ballgowns-3071bbtt-ballgowns-3071 bbtt-ballgowns-3079bbtt-ballgowns-3079 bbtt-ballgowns-3102bbtt-ballgowns-3102 bbtt-ballgowns-3092bbtt-ballgowns-3092 bbtt-ballgowns-3084bbtt-ballgowns-3084 bbtt-ballgowns-3083bbtt-ballgowns-3083 bbtt-ballgowns-3105bbtt-ballgowns-3105 bbtt-ballgowns-3108bbtt-ballgowns-3108 bbtt-ballgowns-3095bbtt-ballgowns-3095 bbtt-ballgowns-3096bbtt-ballgowns-3096 bbtt-ballgowns-3159bbtt-ballgowns-3159 bbtt-ballgowns-3162bbtt-ballgowns-3162 bbtt-ballgowns-3160bbtt-ballgowns-3160 bbtt-ballgowns-3166bbtt-ballgowns-3166 bbtt-ballgowns-3167bbtt-ballgowns-3167 bbtt-ballgowns-3170bbtt-ballgowns-3170 bbtt-ballgowns-3175bbtt-ballgowns-3175 bbtt-ballgowns-3176bbtt-ballgowns-3176 bbtt-ballgowns-3179bbtt-ballgowns-3179 bbtt-ballgowns-3182bbtt-ballgowns-3182 bbtt-ballgowns-3188bbtt-ballgowns-3188 bbtt-ballgowns-3184bbtt-ballgowns-3184 bbtt-ballgowns-3183bbtt-ballgowns-3183 bbtt-ballgowns-3192bbtt-ballgowns-3192 bbtt-ballgowns-3195bbtt-ballgowns-3195 bbtt-ballgowns-3197bbtt-ballgowns-3197 bbtt-ballgowns-3202bbtt-ballgowns-3202 bbtt-ballgowns-3200bbtt-ballgowns-3200 bbtt-ballgowns-3199bbtt-ballgowns-3199 bbtt-ballgowns-3204bbtt-ballgowns-3204 bbtt-ballgowns-3210bbtt-ballgowns-3210 bbtt-ballgowns-3212bbtt-ballgowns-3212 bbtt-ballgowns-3215bbtt-ballgowns-3215 bbtt-ballgowns-3216bbtt-ballgowns-3216 bbtt-ballgowns-3218bbtt-ballgowns-3218 bbtt-ballgowns-3221bbtt-ballgowns-3221 bbtt-ballgowns-3225bbtt-ballgowns-3225





Venders Involved: Flower Cupboard// Bailey Leitch// Chassidy McCombs// AnnaLaura// Greenhouse Picker Sisters// The Bradford// Lana Addison Bridal

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Brooke & Matt's Wedding in the City BBT-brookematt-3277BBT-brookematt-3277
There is something so romantic about a wedding in the city. Amongst the hustle & bustle of Raleigh's loud & busy streets, this bride & her groom were calm & still. Locked in one another's gaze, Brooke & Matt stood hand in hand in the middle of Fayetteville Street as if they were the only two people who existed in the world. Their love grew into one that would last forever far before their wedding day, but it was so sweet hearing them promise each other their lives at The Stockroom this spring. If their marriage is anything like their wedding day, we're confident it will be filled with beauty, love & lots of laughter! Enjoy!
BBT-brookematt-3001BBT-brookematt-3001 BBT-brookematt-3006BBT-brookematt-3006 BBT-brookematt-3007BBT-brookematt-3007 BBT-brookematt-3010BBT-brookematt-3010 BBT-brookematt-3016BBT-brookematt-3016 BBT-brookematt-3012BBT-brookematt-3012 BBT-brookematt-3018BBT-brookematt-3018 BBT-brookematt-3021BBT-brookematt-3021 BBT-brookematt-3022BBT-brookematt-3022 BBT-brookematt-3028BBT-brookematt-3028 BBT-brookematt-3031BBT-brookematt-3031 BBT-brookematt-3033BBT-brookematt-3033 BBT-brookematt-3034BBT-brookematt-3034 BBT-brookematt-3035BBT-brookematt-3035 BBT-brookematt-3038BBT-brookematt-3038 BBT-brookematt-3041BBT-brookematt-3041 BBT-brookematt-3042BBT-brookematt-3042 BBT-brookematt-3048BBT-brookematt-3048 BBT-brookematt-3050BBT-brookematt-3050 BBT-brookematt-3053BBT-brookematt-3053 BBT-brookematt-3057BBT-brookematt-3057 BBT-brookematt-3059BBT-brookematt-3059 BBT-brookematt-3078BBT-brookematt-3078 BBT-brookematt-3081BBT-brookematt-3081 BBT-brookematt-3088BBT-brookematt-3088 BBT-brookematt-3090BBT-brookematt-3090 BBT-brookematt-3106BBT-brookematt-3106 BBT-brookematt-3107BBT-brookematt-3107 BBT-brookematt-3109BBT-brookematt-3109 BBT-brookematt-3112BBT-brookematt-3112 BBT-brookematt-3121BBT-brookematt-3121 BBT-brookematt-3129BBT-brookematt-3129 BBT-brookematt-3130BBT-brookematt-3130 BBT-brookematt-3131BBT-brookematt-3131 BBT-brookematt-3144BBT-brookematt-3144 BBT-brookematt-3190BBT-brookematt-3190 BBT-brookematt-3194BBT-brookematt-3194 BBT-brookematt-3199BBT-brookematt-3199 BBT-brookematt-3202BBT-brookematt-3202 BBT-brookematt-3231BBT-brookematt-3231 BBT-brookematt-3241BBT-brookematt-3241 BBT-brookematt-3246BBT-brookematt-3246 BBT-brookematt-3249BBT-brookematt-3249 BBT-brookematt-3250BBT-brookematt-3250 BBT-brookematt-3251BBT-brookematt-3251 BBT-brookematt-3253BBT-brookematt-3253 BBT-brookematt-3265BBT-brookematt-3265 BBT-brookematt-3268BBT-brookematt-3268 BBT-brookematt-3273BBT-brookematt-3273 BBT-brookematt-3277BBT-brookematt-3277 BBT-brookematt-3285BBT-brookematt-3285 BBT-brookematt-3287BBT-brookematt-3287 BBT-brookematt-3290BBT-brookematt-3290 BBT-brookematt-3295BBT-brookematt-3295 BBT-brookematt-3296BBT-brookematt-3296 BBT-brookematt-3340BBT-brookematt-3340 BBT-brookematt-3341BBT-brookematt-3341 BBT-brookematt-3345BBT-brookematt-3345 BBT-brookematt-3348BBT-brookematt-3348 BBT-brookematt-3349BBT-brookematt-3349 BBT-brookematt-3308BBT-brookematt-3308 BBT-brookematt-3351BBT-brookematt-3351 BBT-brookematt-3351BBT-brookematt-3351 BBT-brookematt-3360BBT-brookematt-3360 BBT-brookematt-3352BBT-brookematt-3352 BBT-brookematt-3363BBT-brookematt-3363 BBT-brookematt-3371BBT-brookematt-3371 BBT-brookematt-3365BBT-brookematt-3365 BBT-brookematt-3377BBT-brookematt-3377 BBT-brookematt-3380BBT-brookematt-3380 xo Taylorxo Taylor

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