Blue Barn Photography: Blog en-us (C) Blue Barn Photography 2009-2017 (Blue Barn Photography) Tue, 21 Mar 2017 17:12:00 GMT Tue, 21 Mar 2017 17:12:00 GMT Six Tips for Styling Your Family Photos Featuring The McKinneys bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-67bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-67

The biggest compliment I can receive as a photographer is when clients come back to have me capture milestone after milestone. If you don't recognize The McKinney's already, I highly recommend getting to know this amazing family starting from their Backyard Engagement SessionDurham WeddingSunset Maternity Session, and their adorable Newborn Session with their twin daughters, Rooney & Navy. 

This six month milestone session tops the cake as my favorite family photos I've ever photographed. Shannon is a stunning picture of fresh motherhood, and our morning together was so sweet and relaxed. 

Melissa DeLeon (fashion blogger at Mel In Chanel) did an amazing job styling the whole family for a seamless look. Below, Melissa was kind enough to share six amazing tips to pull your family's look together, too! 

bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-1bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-1 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-7bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-7 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-10bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-10 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-13bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-13 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-17bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-17

1. Find inspiration. Choose a color scheme, a pattern, a perfect setting, an image or a theme that will be the inspiration behind your photos. This will be your constant reminder of what you aspire your photos to look like. 

2. Know your subject and your setting. Although you may have reserved a gorgeous space or venue to act as the backdrop for your photos, you are the subject of the images! Knowing your exact setting for the photoshoot is key, so that you can plan outfits accordingly. You do not want to fade into the background! Dressing in a color or pattern that contrasts with the setting will allow people to see you in the photos. I highly recommend doing your homework and even visiting the venue or looking at photos of it online, if any. Keep in mind seasonal changes, and remember that trees and plants change throughout the year. If you’re wanting a fresh green background, you want to take photos in the spring - not the winter.



bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-25bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-25 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-27bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-27 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-29bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-29 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-32bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-32 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-35bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-35

3. Start with one item of clothing and build off of it. Find one piece that you love and that stems from your inspiration. Then, like a puzzle, work on finding pieces that fit around it. From that one item, it’s much easier to search for others that complement and look good together as a whole instead of working on several all at once. If it helps you, I recommend making a mood board.

4. Be cohesive. Choose an attire and a season and stick with it. You want to make sure everyone in the photo is dressed similarly, as if you are all attending the same event. Is the event black tie? Casual? Dressy? Is it summer or winter? Everyone in the photo should be dressed within that attire and within that season - whichever you choose. 

bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-37bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-37 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-42bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-42 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-43bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-43 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-46bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-46 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-52bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-52 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-66bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-66 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-67bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-67 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-68bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-68 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-76bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-76 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-82bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-82

5. Find a photographer who understands your vision and communicates well with you. Every photographer has his or her own style, and you need to make sure that their style and your style pair well together. Find one who is willing to listen and will offer up suggestions. The more they understand what you’re wanting, the more they can fulfill your wishes! After working with Rachel and Taylor on so many projects, I can tell you that they are the first photographers I call for all my photography needs. Both of these women have spurred on even more inspiration because of their communication and creativity. I’ve entrusted them with many projects and hope to work on many more. They’re the best of the best!

6. Wear something that you love and that suits your personal style. You need to look like yourself! This is my last and most important rule of thumb. Wearing something you wouldn’t typically wear will make you feel and look uncomfortable in the photos. If you don’t look like yourself, you won’t feel like yourself, and that will show in the photos. You want to be comfortable in what you’re wearing so that you exude confidence and look your very best.

bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-88bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-88 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-108bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-108 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-113bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-113 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-118bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-118 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-121bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-121 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-122bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-122 bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-128bluebarn-mckinney-sixmonth-128

As a bonus, were sharing the McKinney's style inspiration board below! Melissa and Shannon decided on the gorgeous Anthropologie dress as the base for the family's look, and pulled together pieces that would look cohesive, and relaxed with the natural outdoor setting. I'm a huge fan of all the timeless neutrals and blush tones that are soft and feminine, with just a touch of girly. 

And PSST! We've partnered with Melissa to offer her styling service within several of our packages! Contact us for more information. 

mckinney six month outfit boardmckinney six month outfit board

xo Rachelxo Rachel

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The Smith's bluebarn-smith-30bluebarn-smith-30

In June of 2012, I showed up to a wedding as the second shooter, not knowing anything about the bride and groom. After spending a short amount of time with Hannah and her bridesmaids before the ceremony, I distinctly remember thinking, "I want to be friends with her." Fast forward a few years and several dozen coffee (Jubala) dates later, Hannah is one of my dearest friends. Our friendship has challenged and refined me, and we've shared so many amazing memories together since - birthdays, coffee dates, Moscow mules, road trips, business ventures, and more photo shoots. This shoot in particular is by far my favorite time photographing Hannah and Sean (you may recognize them from our styled shoot featured on Love & Lavender). It was extremely cold that Sunday afternoon, so we kept the session short and sweet. But, a couple rolls of film were all I needed because let's be real, Hannah and Sean are gorgeous. More importantly, they love each other and know how to have fun and make the most of any situation. It is such an honor that I have been present for their wedding, and now this exciting milestone in their marriage! Seth and I cannot wait to share in even more adventures and make more memories as the years go on and families grow! :)  

bluebarn-smith-10bluebarn-smith-10 bluebarn-smith-8-Editbluebarn-smith-8-Edit bluebarn-smith-2bluebarn-smith-2 bluebarn-smith-4bluebarn-smith-4 bluebarn-smith-6bluebarn-smith-6 bluebarn-smith-7bluebarn-smith-7 bluebarn-smith-9bluebarn-smith-9 bluebarn-smith-11bluebarn-smith-11 bluebarn-smith-12bluebarn-smith-12 bluebarn-smith-13bluebarn-smith-13 bluebarn-smith-16bluebarn-smith-16

bluebarn-smith-28bluebarn-smith-28 bluebarn-smith-25bluebarn-smith-25 bluebarn-smith-19bluebarn-smith-19 bluebarn-smith-26bluebarn-smith-26 bluebarn-smith-33bluebarn-smith-33 bluebarn-smith-32bluebarn-smith-32 bluebarn-smith-30bluebarn-smith-30 bluebarn-smith-31bluebarn-smith-31 bluebarn-smith-35bluebarn-smith-35 bluebarn-smith-36bluebarn-smith-36 bluebarn-smith-39bluebarn-smith-39 bluebarn-smith-37bluebarn-smith-37   xo Rachelxo Rachel

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Love Is Sweet bluebarn-dessertscapes-22bluebarn-dessertscapes-22

Whether you're throwing a get together for your favorite galentines, planning to treat yo'self, or wanting to stay in for a cozy night with your love this Valentine's Day, this gorgeous table scape is sure to offer some savory inspiration for celebrating the sweetest day of the year!  

bluebarn-dessertscapes-4bluebarn-dessertscapes-4 bluebarn-dessertscapes-7bluebarn-dessertscapes-7 bluebarn-dessertscapes-8bluebarn-dessertscapes-8 bluebarn-dessertscapes-49bluebarn-dessertscapes-49 bluebarn-dessertscapes-17bluebarn-dessertscapes-17 bluebarn-dessertscapes-44bluebarn-dessertscapes-44 bluebarn-dessertscapes-14bluebarn-dessertscapes-14 bluebarn-dessertscapes-12bluebarn-dessertscapes-12 bluebarn-dessertscapes-24bluebarn-dessertscapes-24 bluebarn-dessertscapes-30bluebarn-dessertscapes-30 bluebarn-dessertscapes-29bluebarn-dessertscapes-29

Photography: Rachel Linder
Venue: The Glass Box
Styling: Brittany Maiava
Dessert: Sugar Euphoria

xo Rachelxo Rachel

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Christina & Quentin's Charming Southern Wedding BBT-christinaquentin-3268BBT-christinaquentin-3268

This lovely couple's story began at a local Raleigh restaurant where Christina, a sweet & gorgeous Virginia native, first became smitten with Quentin's strong accent & shy demeanor. It was her very first weekend after moving to North Carolina & soon after she knew he was the man she would marry. We hope you find inspiration through the beautiful images of their wedding day as Christina shares a few words about how she fell head over heels! Enjoy!

BBT-christinaquentin-3008BBT-christinaquentin-3008 BBT-christinaquentin-3009BBT-christinaquentin-3009 BBT-christinaquentin-3013BBT-christinaquentin-3013 BBT-christinaquentin-3015BBT-christinaquentin-3015 BBT-christinaquentin-3016BBT-christinaquentin-3016 BBT-christinaquentin-3022BBT-christinaquentin-3022 BBT-christinaquentin-3026BBT-christinaquentin-3026 BBT-christinaquentin-3028BBT-christinaquentin-3028 BBT-christinaquentin-3030BBT-christinaquentin-3030 BBT-christinaquentin-3033BBT-christinaquentin-3033 BBT-christinaquentin-3041BBT-christinaquentin-3041 BBT-christinaquentin-3058BBT-christinaquentin-3058 BBT-christinaquentin-3063BBT-christinaquentin-3063 BBT-christinaquentin-3064BBT-christinaquentin-3064

"After the night Quentin & I met, we spent every minute together. Everything just felt so easy and real & always had such a great time together with constant laughter and impromptu trips. We couldn't stand to be apart. Our love was the easiest and most wonderful thing to happen to me & I knew I had to have him in my life forever."

BBT-christinaquentin-3079BBT-christinaquentin-3079 BBT-christinaquentin-3082BBT-christinaquentin-3082 BBT-christinaquentin-3083BBT-christinaquentin-3083 BBT-christinaquentin-3086BBT-christinaquentin-3086 BBT-christinaquentin-3084BBT-christinaquentin-3084 BBT-christinaquentin-3109BBT-christinaquentin-3109 BBT-christinaquentin-3111BBT-christinaquentin-3111 BBT-christinaquentin-3117BBT-christinaquentin-3117 BBT-christinaquentin-3122BBT-christinaquentin-3122 BBT-christinaquentin-3125BBT-christinaquentin-3125

"Our whole entire wedding day was so wonderful. It's difficult to pick out a specific moment to call my "favorite" but the most magical part was during our ceremony, when I couldn't stop smiling & giggling because I was so incredibly happy to be marrying the man of my dreams."

BBT-christinaquentin-3130BBT-christinaquentin-3130 BBT-christinaquentin-3133BBT-christinaquentin-3133 BBT-christinaquentin-3137BBT-christinaquentin-3137 BBT-christinaquentin-3141BBT-christinaquentin-3141 BBT-christinaquentin-3142BBT-christinaquentin-3142 BBT-christinaquentin-3144BBT-christinaquentin-3144 BBT-christinaquentin-3174BBT-christinaquentin-3174 BBT-christinaquentin-3178BBT-christinaquentin-3178 BBT-christinaquentin-3183BBT-christinaquentin-3183 BBT-christinaquentin-3184BBT-christinaquentin-3184 BBT-christinaquentin-3188BBT-christinaquentin-3188 BBT-christinaquentin-3191BBT-christinaquentin-3191 BBT-christinaquentin-3216BBT-christinaquentin-3216 BBT-christinaquentin-3222BBT-christinaquentin-3222 BBT-christinaquentin-3224BBT-christinaquentin-3224 BBT-christinaquentin-3260BBT-christinaquentin-3260 BBT-christinaquentin-3263BBT-christinaquentin-3263 BBT-christinaquentin-3269BBT-christinaquentin-3269 BBT-christinaquentin-3274BBT-christinaquentin-3274

"Not much has changed since we got married, aside from the fact that my heart is completely & utterly full. We have had a great time watching our wedding video and looking through pictures taken of our day over & over again. It is so great to be able to re-live our day as much as we want to especially knowing that we wouldn't change a single thing."

BBT-christinaquentin-3277BBT-christinaquentin-3277 BBT-christinaquentin-3281BBT-christinaquentin-3281 BBT-christinaquentin-3282BBT-christinaquentin-3282 BBT-christinaquentin-3291BBT-christinaquentin-3291 BBT-christinaquentin-3294BBT-christinaquentin-3294 BBT-christinaquentin-3312BBT-christinaquentin-3312 BBT-christinaquentin-3322BBT-christinaquentin-3322 BBT-christinaquentin-3324BBT-christinaquentin-3324 BBT-christinaquentin-3326BBT-christinaquentin-3326 BBT-christinaquentin-3344BBT-christinaquentin-3344 BBT-christinaquentin-3355BBT-christinaquentin-3355 BBT-christinaquentin-3358BBT-christinaquentin-3358 BBT-christinaquentin-3417BBT-christinaquentin-3417 BBT-christinaquentin-3419BBT-christinaquentin-3419 BBT-christinaquentin-3258BBT-christinaquentin-3258 xo Taylorxo Taylor

Venue: Magnolia Manor Plantation
Hair + Make-up: LULA hair + make-up

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Lucas & Allie's Sweet Carolina Engagement BBT-allielucas-1036BBT-allielucas-1036

Though it was winter & the air was quite crisp, these two still managed to completely melt my heart during their beautiful engagement session in Raleigh last November. Not only is Lucas & Allie's love filled with passion for one another, but also for The Lord in which they've committed to center their relationship upon & it surely shines bright through each of their smiles. We hope you enjoy images from this sweet North Carolina engagement, as well as some personal words from Allie herself as she shares the beginning of their beautiful love story!

"From the day Lucas started pursuing me, he was always very intentional in his thoughts and actions. As soon as Lucas dropped me off after our first date, I knew I was in trouble because I could already see myself falling hard & soon after I became certain this was the man God intended me to spend the rest of my life with. Lucas is the most hard working, loyal, trustworthy, caring, and funniest man I know. He loves me and shows me grace when I least deserve it; just like Jesus does."

BBT-allielucas-1014BBT-allielucas-1014 BBT-allielucas-1015BBT-allielucas-1015 BBT-allielucas-1016BBT-allielucas-1016 BBT-allielucas-1017BBT-allielucas-1017 BBT-allielucas-1021BBT-allielucas-1021   

"I had no intentions of getting a dog until I saw this adorable black puppy, I now call Monkee. She's been my shadow since my sophomore year of undergrad so when Lucas started coming around, my little girl was very protective over me and unsure about him; however, before I knew it, the two of them became inseparable. After Lucas and I had been dating a few months, Lucas thought it was a good idea to get Monkee a brother. We found Beau in Goldsboro as the chunkiest and laziest puppy of his litter and we knew he would be the perfect addition to our little family. Admittedly ever since, we have fully embraced the title of "crazy dog people" & share an unbreakable bond between the four of us."

BBT-allielucas-1002BBT-allielucas-1002 BBT-allielucas-1005BBT-allielucas-1005 BBT-allielucas-1003BBT-allielucas-1003 BBT-allielucas-1008BBT-allielucas-1008 BBT-allielucas-1009BBT-allielucas-1009 BBT-allielucas-1010BBT-allielucas-1010
BBT-allielucas-1033BBT-allielucas-1033 BBT-allielucas-1035BBT-allielucas-1035 BBT-allielucas-1036BBT-allielucas-1036 BBT-allielucas-1037BBT-allielucas-1037 BBT-allielucas-1038BBT-allielucas-1038 BBT-allielucas-1039BBT-allielucas-1039

"Lucas and I have been through many life changes together: graduating from East Carolina in both our undergrad and graduate programs, moving to Raleigh, beginning our careers, raising our pups, planning our future lives together and I can truthfully say that each day with Lucas is a blessing. Whether we are in the valleys or on the mountaintops, our love for each other has remained constant. It has been amazing to reflect on how far we have grown as individuals and as a couple and we couldn't be more excited to see what the Lord has in store for our future!"

BBT-allielucas-1040BBT-allielucas-1040 BBT-allielucas-1041BBT-allielucas-1041 BBT-allielucas-1044BBT-allielucas-1044 BBT-allielucas-1046BBT-allielucas-1046 BBT-allielucas-1047BBT-allielucas-1047 BBT-allielucas-1048BBT-allielucas-1048 BBT-allielucas-1052BBT-allielucas-1052 BBT-allielucas-1055BBT-allielucas-1055 BBT-allielucas-1056BBT-allielucas-1056 BBT-allielucas-1057BBT-allielucas-1057 BBT-allielucas-1058BBT-allielucas-1058 BBT-allielucas-1061BBT-allielucas-1061 BBT-allielucas-1062BBT-allielucas-1062 BBT-allielucas-1063BBT-allielucas-1063 BBT-allielucas-1068BBT-allielucas-1068

Aren't they the cutest?! We can't wait to see Lucas & Allie become one this coming summer. Stay tuned to view their wedding images at the gorgeous Jones Chapel! 

BBT-allielucas-1071BBT-allielucas-1071 BBT-allielucas-1072BBT-allielucas-1072 BBT-allielucas-1073BBT-allielucas-1073 BBT-allielucas-1074BBT-allielucas-1074 BBT-allielucas-1075BBT-allielucas-1075 BBT-allielucas-1077BBT-allielucas-1077 BBT-allielucas-1080BBT-allielucas-1080 xo Taylorxo Taylor

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Southern California Engagement: Part 2 in Fine Art Film bluebarn-kellogg-1093bluebarn-kellogg-1093

This month has been a time to repurpose my priorities and boldly approach my dreams of the future. But like every January, I've loved reviewing the year past and its failures, triumphs, heartaches and joys. In 2016, I set a goal to learn the medium of fine art film. Apart from learning what it is to be a mother, learning the ins and outs of film photography has brought me so much joy over the last several months. I am so grateful for the sweet friends who have been open books and encouraged me in this endeavor and now, it is with great excitement to announce that I will be incorporating film into all of my future photographic work.

Fine art film possesses a unique and unmatchable quality compared to other mediums. It truly is an art form that has stood the test of decades and fading trends and invites me, as the storyteller, to slow down, capture moments with more intentionality and with a greater finesse. Because of this, the work that I’ve captured in fine art film has become not only my favorite work, but what I believe to be my best and most artistic and authentic work yet. 

This shoot that I’m sharing with you today is the second part of the first session I photographed in film last year (you don't want to miss the beautiful story in Part 1). This is my favorite engagement session of the year in part because of the medium I used, but also because I had the privilege of traveling to Southern California to capture this exciting season for my cousin Russell, and his beloved fiancé, Lizzie. 

Although neither one of us ever had the opportunity to meet our grandfather, Russell and I know of his legacy through photographs and the stories past down with them. As I was capturing a frame of Russell by himself on the beautiful coast of Del Mar, I caught the resemblance of our grandfather in his appearance and was struck with the realization that our shared heritage is what brought us together on the beach that day. To celebrate the beginnings of Russell & Lizzie's new legacy that their children and our children and grandchildren will look at one day to understand their own heritage was truly an honor and a reminder of why I love photographing engagements and weddings so much. 

If Russell and Liz weren’t family, I would choose them as friends in a heartbeat. They’ve got a zest for life, and a love for each other that is so full of fun and joy. Our visit with them was nothing short of amazing, and Seth and I can't wait to head back to California this summer for their wedding!

bluebarn-kellogg-1094bluebarn-kellogg-1094 bluebarn-kellogg-1096bluebarn-kellogg-1096 bluebarn-kellogg-1098bluebarn-kellogg-1098 bluebarn-kellogg-1101bluebarn-kellogg-1101 bluebarn-kellogg-1102bluebarn-kellogg-1102 bluebarn-kellogg-1144bluebarn-kellogg-1144 bluebarn-kellogg-1108bluebarn-kellogg-1108 bluebarn-kellogg-1112bluebarn-kellogg-1112 bluebarn-kellogg-1117bluebarn-kellogg-1117 bluebarn-kellogg-1119bluebarn-kellogg-1119 bluebarn-kellogg-1123bluebarn-kellogg-1123 bluebarn-kellogg-1125bluebarn-kellogg-1125 bluebarn-kellogg-1149bluebarn-kellogg-1149 bluebarn-kellogg-1141bluebarn-kellogg-1141 bluebarn-kellogg-1158bluebarn-kellogg-1158 bluebarn-kellogg-1152bluebarn-kellogg-1152 bluebarn-kellogg-1159bluebarn-kellogg-1159 bluebarn-kellogg-1162bluebarn-kellogg-1162 bluebarn-kellogg-1165bluebarn-kellogg-1165 bluebarn-kellogg-1166bluebarn-kellogg-1166 bluebarn-kellogg-1167bluebarn-kellogg-1167 bluebarn-kellogg-1170bluebarn-kellogg-1170 bluebarn-kellogg-1173bluebarn-kellogg-1173 bluebarn-kellogg-1177bluebarn-kellogg-1177 bluebarn-kellogg-1181bluebarn-kellogg-1181 bluebarn-kellogg-1185bluebarn-kellogg-1185 bluebarn-kellogg-1182bluebarn-kellogg-1182 bluebarn-kellogg-1184bluebarn-kellogg-1184

Scans: Photovision | Lizzie's Dress: BHLDN

xo Rachelxo Rachel

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Stephanie's Stunning Bridals BBT-stephanie-2024BBT-stephanie-2024

Anyone who's seen Stephanie knows how absolutely beautiful she is, but all who've had the opportunity to get to know her, as I did photographing her bridal session, have seen that beauty protrude even more from within. As I documented this sweet bride-to-be wearing her white lace for the first time, we had so much fun chatting about her upcoming wedding. We spent the afternoon frolicking between the nooks & crannies of the wedding venue as I captured little blushes & giggles amidst our conversation. We discussed timeline details, tablescapes & tying together the loose ends of all she had planned, but nothing made her light up more than the mention of Blake's name. She was gushing with anticipation to marry her beau & these images are the proof.

We hope you enjoy & stay tuned for their romantic nuptials coming soon!

BBT-stephanie-2001BBT-stephanie-2001 BBT-stephanie-2003BBT-stephanie-2003 BBT-stephanie-2006BBT-stephanie-2006 BBT-stephanie-2007BBT-stephanie-2007 BBT-stephanie-2008BBT-stephanie-2008 BBT-stephanie-2009BBT-stephanie-2009 BBT-stephanie-2012BBT-stephanie-2012

BBT-stephanie-2014BBT-stephanie-2014 BBT-stephanie-2015BBT-stephanie-2015 BBT-stephanie-2018BBT-stephanie-2018 BBT-stephanie-2022BBT-stephanie-2022 BBT-stephanie-2023BBT-stephanie-2023 BBT-stephanie-2024BBT-stephanie-2024 BBT-stephanie-2026BBT-stephanie-2026 BBT-stephanie-2027BBT-stephanie-2027 BBT-stephanie-2030BBT-stephanie-2030 BBT-stephanie-2031BBT-stephanie-2031 BBT-stephanie-2037BBT-stephanie-2037 BBT-stephanie-2038BBT-stephanie-2038 BBT-stephanie-2040BBT-stephanie-2040 BBT-stephanie-2044BBT-stephanie-2044 BBT-stephanie-2045BBT-stephanie-2045 BBT-stephanie-2046BBT-stephanie-2046 BBT-stephanie-2048BBT-stephanie-2048 BBT-stephanie-2049BBT-stephanie-2049 BBT-stephanie-2051BBT-stephanie-2051 BBT-stephanie-2053BBT-stephanie-2053 xo Taylorxo Taylor
Florals: Meristem Floral
Hair/Make-up: Lula Hair + Make-up
Venue: The Brandford


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Published: One Year Later in Dear Gray Magazine Issue II BBT_9244BBT_9244

You guys... my first Styled Shoot is in PRINT & I could not be more honored! 

Before I describe any detail behind the feature of this beautiful anniversary session, first I must gloat over each creative that made it happen. I remember e-mailing back & forth with Stephanie Scholl about the vision I had brewing inside my mind on a winter wonderland session & without hesitation, she excitedly hopped on board to style the entire thing & did a wonderful job curating each piece to tell a love story. We twirled around Bella Bridesmaids with their staff who so graciously helped us find a gown & Mena Garcia Dooley worked her magic with hair & make-up to make our model look like an absolute fairytale wearing it. During the planning process, we asked Rachel Linder with Milk & Honeycomb to script the vows of our couple with gold calligraphy & though her work is always stunning, this specific piece immediately stood out to us with soul & intentionality. I spent the morning curled up taking a gander of my own through Dear Gray Magazine Issue II & was so overwhelmed. As I sat their sipping my coffee, I quickly realized I didn't need it because of how energizing it was to see a group of inspiring friends come together on tangible pages to create one single vision. I am so inspired by them all. We hope you enjoy sharing in all our excitement by viewing the full session below & don't forget to pick up your copy online or in stores at Barnes & Noble today! 

BBT_9203BBT_9203 BBT_9255BBT_9255 BBT_9254BBT_9254 BBT_9263BBT_9263 BBT_9238BBT_9238 BBT_9273BBT_9273

My inspiration for this lifestyle shoot is both personal & intimate, as my husband & I just celebrated our wedding anniversary. I asked our dear friends to model for a winter shoot honoring their anniversary as well. Back when we captured this session we were both celebrating our first year of marriage & my desire behind this shoot was to capture a year's summary of authentic depth and beauty of a sacrificial love. This intimate anniversary session took place on a snowy morning in the couple's town as they enjoyed breakfast together and spent time reflecting on their first year of marriage while dreaming of their future. During the shoot, our models (Ally & Bobby) read their marriage vows for the second time aloud & beamed at each word. They shared vulnerably about their recent triumphs & defeat. Every embrace was like the first & each gaze like the last. The brilliance of marriage couldn't be rightfully expressed in a collection of words or images, but our hope was to represent at most a ration by capturing an incredible couple who I see genuinely living out their vows. 
BBT-oneyearlater-1BBT-oneyearlater-1 BBT-oneyearlater-4BBT-oneyearlater-4 BBT-oneyearlater-6BBT-oneyearlater-6 BBT-oneyearlater-8BBT-oneyearlater-8 BBT-oneyearlater-10BBT-oneyearlater-10 BBT-oneyearlater-11BBT-oneyearlater-11 BBT-oneyearlater-12BBT-oneyearlater-12 BBT-oneyearlater-13BBT-oneyearlater-13 BBT-oneyearlater-16BBT-oneyearlater-16 BBT-oneyearlater-17BBT-oneyearlater-17 BBT-oneyearlater-18BBT-oneyearlater-18 BBT-oneyearlater-19BBT-oneyearlater-19 BBT-oneyearlater-20BBT-oneyearlater-20 BBT-oneyearlater-23BBT-oneyearlater-23 BBT-oneyearlater-24BBT-oneyearlater-24 BBT-oneyearlater-25BBT-oneyearlater-25 BBT-oneyearlater-26BBT-oneyearlater-26 BBT-oneyearlater-27BBT-oneyearlater-27 BBT-oneyearlater-29BBT-oneyearlater-29 BBT-oneyearlater-32BBT-oneyearlater-32 BBT-oneyearlater-33BBT-oneyearlater-33 BBT-oneyearlater 33-2-8345BBT-oneyearlater 33-2-8345


Marriage has taught me many things, but the biggest is sacrifice. Before marriage, I never had to share everything with someone else. That kind of intimacy brings a serious self-awareness. There have been so many times where I shocked myself with my selfish thoughts and actions. Instead of wanting to, I have had to choose to put my husbands needs and wants before my own. But, it's this type of love that has brought us into a deeper closeness & I wouldn't have it any other way. Reading our wedding vows to eachother again immediately brought me back to that warm October day when we first spoke them aloud. These are now my favorites lines as they ring a new sound in my heart after this year:   

"I vow to love you sacrificially and put your needs and desires above my own. I promise to choose you everyday, no matter what the circumstances. I will choose to love and accept who heartedly the love you give to me."

BBT-oneyearlater-34BBT-oneyearlater-34 BBT-oneyearlater-36BBT-oneyearlater-36 BBT-oneyearlater-38BBT-oneyearlater-38 BBT-oneyearlater-39BBT-oneyearlater-39 BBT-oneyearlater-40BBT-oneyearlater-40 BBT-oneyearlater-42BBT-oneyearlater-42 BBT-oneyearlater-44BBT-oneyearlater-44 BBT-oneyearlater-45BBT-oneyearlater-45 BBT-oneyearlater-46BBT-oneyearlater-46 BBT-oneyearlater-47BBT-oneyearlater-47 BBT-oneyearlater-49BBT-oneyearlater-49 BBT-oneyearlater-50BBT-oneyearlater-50 BBT-oneyearlater-51BBT-oneyearlater-51 BBT-oneyearlater-57BBT-oneyearlater-57 BBT-oneyearlater-52BBT-oneyearlater-52 BBT-oneyearlater-54BBT-oneyearlater-54

xo Taylorxo Taylor

Design, and styling - Stephanie Scholl Events
Hair + makeup - Mena Garcia Dooley
Dress - Bella Bridesmaids
Vows - Milk & Honeycomb
Ring box - The Mrs. Box
Jewelry - Moon & Lola 
Models - Ally & Bobby Willix

]]> (Blue Barn Photography) Press Taylor Thu, 12 Jan 2017 17:00:00 GMT
Southern California Engagement: Part 1 bluebarn-kellogg-1018bluebarn-kellogg-1018

Photographing Lizzie & Russell’s engagement in Southern California this past summer was easily one of my favorite things to document in 2016. Not only are these two dear friends to Seth and I, Russell also happens to be the only cousin I have on my dad’s side of the family. We’ve grown close since high school, and his beautiful bride-to-be is just as amazing (if not more ;)) as he! 

Much like the day we spent together, I’ll be sharing their engagement photos in two parts. To begin the day, we ventured from Lizzie and Russell’s beautiful home in San Diego to the Mission of San Juan Capistrano. The landscape and history at the Mission is truly remarkable and provided a rich well of inspiration throughout the morning.  

I asked Lizzie to share a little bit of their story and have sprinkled her words to provide a complete picture of the two of these two beautiful souls. So without further ado, it is with much joy that I share this engagement session with you! 

bluebarn-kellogg-1014bluebarn-kellogg-1014 bluebarn-kellogg-1010bluebarn-kellogg-1010 bluebarn-kellogg-1001bluebarn-kellogg-1001 bluebarn-kellogg-1005bluebarn-kellogg-1005 bluebarn-kellogg-1002bluebarn-kellogg-1002

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O, no! it is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.
Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle’s compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.


-William Shakespeare, Sonnet 116

Although our love story began when we were oh so young, we believe that when something is truly meant to be, neither time nor circumstance can diminish the simple truth that love can overcome all of life’s obstacles. In youth we often find ourselves following the crowd, and giving into the opinions of those that surround us. However, Russell and I found a way to stay focused on what made us happy, and that was and still is each other. High school relationships are normally seen as a stepping stone or a rite of passage, however it seems as though we are among the rare few that found true love where it was least expected. I often feel as though somewhere deep down we knew we would end up together. there was a simple trust between the two of us that I had never felt with anyone before. I felt safe, in mind, body, and spirit when I was around him, and to me that was a clear sign that this was truly something unique. 

bluebarn-kellogg-1017bluebarn-kellogg-1017 bluebarn-kellogg-1019bluebarn-kellogg-1019 bluebarn-kellogg-1022bluebarn-kellogg-1022 bluebarn-kellogg-1024bluebarn-kellogg-1024 bluebarn-kellogg-1027bluebarn-kellogg-1027 bluebarn-kellogg-1028bluebarn-kellogg-1028 bluebarn-kellogg-1032bluebarn-kellogg-1032 bluebarn-kellogg-1033bluebarn-kellogg-1033 bluebarn-kellogg-1034bluebarn-kellogg-1034

Our relationship started out very slowly, we were friends for just over a year before we officially became a couple. However, a good six of those months that we spent as friends was a slow build up to us finally realizing that we were simply much more than what we were admitting to. Back then I was very anxious to make things official, but looking back I am grateful that Russell took his time in putting a label on our relationship. We didn’t jump in feet first; we really never have at any stage of our relationship. We have always tried to take the calm and calculated route. And in the end there isn’t a thing that we would change. The time and thought that we took truly showed that we were sure about each other. Nonetheless, when Russell finally asked me to “officially” be his girlfriend on January 11, 2008 it was the best feeling in the world. We weren’t nervous, we simply were sure about one another; and that feeling of a calm confidence has never left our relationship. In the years that followed we both saw that life wasn’t easy, we both lost people that meant the world to us, we both went through deep personal struggles, but by the grace of God our relationship endured. Our love for each other served as a reminder that there was still good in the world. Maybe this is the biggest sign of all that we will be okay, we have seen one another through dark and stormy times, through near death experiences, through the loss of loved ones, and so much more. and through everything our love for one another has always pulled us through. 

bluebarn-kellogg-1036bluebarn-kellogg-1036 bluebarn-kellogg-1037bluebarn-kellogg-1037 bluebarn-kellogg-1038bluebarn-kellogg-1038 bluebarn-kellogg-1039bluebarn-kellogg-1039 bluebarn-kellogg-1041bluebarn-kellogg-1041 bluebarn-kellogg-1042bluebarn-kellogg-1042 bluebarn-kellogg-1046bluebarn-kellogg-1046 bluebarn-kellogg-1049bluebarn-kellogg-1049 bluebarn-kellogg-1050bluebarn-kellogg-1050

So now, almost ten years after we met, and almost nine years after we started dating we are engaged. The way Russell Proposal felt so much like when he asked me to be his girlfriend. It was calm and simple. He didn’t feel the need for a grand proclamation, the past eight and a half years all spoke for themselves. He simply told me he loved me, and asked me to marry him, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. When he got down on one knee I knew that our lives were going to change in a wonderful way, and although I had been hoping and praying for this to happen for years, I was still shocked and surprised. 

The scene was set beautifully as well. The day prior we drove around the north shore of Kauai until we found our perfect sunrise beach. When we walked onto the shores of Moloa’a Bay it was breathtaking, we walked along to the northern side of the beach and there was an amazing look out, with these large black lava rocks. We talked and splashed in the water, and it was pretty easy decision that this was where we would be watching the sunrise the next morning. However, little did I know that Russell would be proposing in 12 hours. On the morning of June 29, 2016 Russell, myself and my niece left the house around 5am and started our drive to the beach. Little did I know that the both of them knew that this sunrise was more than just a sunrise, it was a proposal. I am so grateful that Russell incorporated my niece into this special moment in our lives. My sister passed away just over 4 years ago, and having her daughter there with us made it feel as though a piece of her was there with us on that beach. I never thought that I would have my sister be part of this experience, and Russell found an incredibly special way to honor her and make me feel her presence. 

bluebarn-kellogg-1051bluebarn-kellogg-1051 bluebarn-kellogg-1052bluebarn-kellogg-1052 bluebarn-kellogg-1085bluebarn-kellogg-1085 bluebarn-kellogg-1056bluebarn-kellogg-1056 bluebarn-kellogg-1059bluebarn-kellogg-1059 bluebarn-kellogg-1060bluebarn-kellogg-1060 bluebarn-kellogg-1063bluebarn-kellogg-1063 bluebarn-kellogg-1064bluebarn-kellogg-1064 bluebarn-kellogg-1065bluebarn-kellogg-1065 bluebarn-kellogg-1066bluebarn-kellogg-1066 bluebarn-kellogg-1067bluebarn-kellogg-1067 bluebarn-kellogg-1068bluebarn-kellogg-1068 bluebarn-kellogg-1070bluebarn-kellogg-1070 bluebarn-kellogg-1073bluebarn-kellogg-1073 bluebarn-kellogg-1075bluebarn-kellogg-1075 bluebarn-kellogg-1077bluebarn-kellogg-1077 bluebarn-kellogg-1078bluebarn-kellogg-1078 bluebarn-kellogg-1081bluebarn-kellogg-1081 bluebarn-kellogg-1082bluebarn-kellogg-1082 bluebarn-kellogg-1083bluebarn-kellogg-1083

Just like every little girl, marriage has been something that I have dreamt about since childhood. Probably more accurately I dreamt about a wedding, because I didn’t fully understand the full meaning of marriage. As I grew up I saw the amazing things that my parents had in their marriage, and when I started dating Russell it seemed as though I found those qualities in our relationship. So with that being said marriage had been a hope pretty early one. We had the hope that our love was true and would endure the formative years of our lives. It seems as though marriage has been something that was on our horizon; with the both of us truly knowing that we would reach it eventually. And it is with great joy that we have finally reached this point in our journey. It is hard to imagine how we will feel on our wedding day, and it is even harder to imagine how we will feel as we exchange vows. In all honesty I hope that we are able to take it all in and feel the emotion and the love that will be present in this, once in a life time moment. Our vows will truly shape our future. We are promising to love one another unconditionally for the rest of our lives. We are promising to bear witness to each other’s lives, and to make sure that the other’s life does not go unnoticed. Most importantly, we are promising to care about all of the beautiful small moments that will build our lives, and I hope our wedding truly reflects this bright hope that we have for our future.

xo Rachelxo Rachel

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Hello Little One bluebarn-lovette-maternity-47bluebarn-lovette-maternity-47

Growth has to be the most executed word of the year & we’re swimming with excitement to share the latest news… Andrew & I are expecting our first baby this June! We didn’t know we had room for much more love in our hearts, but we fiercely feel them stretching to new widths. We've been challenged through this season of unknowns to focus on each day as it unfolds & to treasure the surpassing peace of surrendering control. Though we're still anxiously waiting to find out who he or she is, we know with great confidence that God's design will be perfect in bringing Him the utmost glory.

Rachel & Seth have been beautiful examples of humble parents with pure hearts & we can't thank them enough for capturing our joy so timelessly on film. Merry Christmas from the growing Blue Barn Team! We can't wait to see what more the new year brings to us all.

bluebarn-lovette-maternity-2bluebarn-lovette-maternity-2 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-8bluebarn-lovette-maternity-8 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-3bluebarn-lovette-maternity-3 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-4bluebarn-lovette-maternity-4 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-5bluebarn-lovette-maternity-5 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-20bluebarn-lovette-maternity-20 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-21-2bluebarn-lovette-maternity-21-2
bluebarn-lovette-maternity-1bluebarn-lovette-maternity-1 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-22bluebarn-lovette-maternity-22 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-24bluebarn-lovette-maternity-24 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-25bluebarn-lovette-maternity-25 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-26bluebarn-lovette-maternity-26 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-27bluebarn-lovette-maternity-27 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-47bluebarn-lovette-maternity-47 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-42bluebarn-lovette-maternity-42 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-67bluebarn-lovette-maternity-67 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-65bluebarn-lovette-maternity-65 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-59bluebarn-lovette-maternity-59 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-60bluebarn-lovette-maternity-60 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-61bluebarn-lovette-maternity-61 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-63bluebarn-lovette-maternity-63 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-48bluebarn-lovette-maternity-48 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-70bluebarn-lovette-maternity-70 bluebarn-lovette-maternity-71bluebarn-lovette-maternity-71

Dress: H&M (Similar), (Similar)
Hair & Makeup: Mena Garcia
Wreath: Wholesale Garland 
Calligraphy & Crown: Milk & Honeycomb 

xo Taylorxo Taylor

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Matthew & Rebecca's Romantic Fall Engagement Session BBT-rebeccamatt-1026BBT-rebeccamatt-1026

Before capturing Rebecca & Matt's engagement session, I was informed they were a bit anxious to be photographed, which left me shocked when they blew me away behind the camera. The best way I can describe our time together is as if I wasn't even there. It felt like they had planned a day to venture into a gorgeous park to spend the afternoon dancing in the fields & I just happened to be there with a camera to capture them frolicking about. Their love is so beautiful & natural. Each time I'd attempt to prompt them for a sweet touch or soft kiss they were already falling into each other's arms. I couldn't be more thrilled to have a part in their celebration & look forward to many more giggles & goo-goo eyes as they join their lives together. Stay tuned for their modern downtown wedding next spring, but for now take a peek into the beginning of a magical love story. Enjoy!

BBT-rebeccamatt-1001BBT-rebeccamatt-1001 BBT-rebeccamatt-1002BBT-rebeccamatt-1002 BBT-rebeccamatt-1006BBT-rebeccamatt-1006 BBT-rebeccamatt-1009BBT-rebeccamatt-1009 BBT-rebeccamatt-1012BBT-rebeccamatt-1012 BBT-rebeccamatt-1017BBT-rebeccamatt-1017 BBT-rebeccamatt-1018BBT-rebeccamatt-1018 BBT-rebeccamatt-1020BBT-rebeccamatt-1020 BBT-rebeccamatt-1021BBT-rebeccamatt-1021 BBT-rebeccamatt-1022BBT-rebeccamatt-1022 BBT-rebeccamatt-1028BBT-rebeccamatt-1028 BBT-rebeccamatt-1033BBT-rebeccamatt-1033 BBT-rebeccamatt-1034BBT-rebeccamatt-1034 BBT-rebeccamatt-1043BBT-rebeccamatt-1043 BBT-rebeccamatt-1045BBT-rebeccamatt-1045 BBT-rebeccamatt-1046BBT-rebeccamatt-1046 BBT-rebeccamatt-1048BBT-rebeccamatt-1048 BBT-rebeccamatt-1051BBT-rebeccamatt-1051 BBT-rebeccamatt-1054BBT-rebeccamatt-1054 BBT-rebeccamatt-1063BBT-rebeccamatt-1063 BBT-rebeccamatt-1065BBT-rebeccamatt-1065 BBT-rebeccamatt-1067BBT-rebeccamatt-1067 BBT-rebeccamatt-1070BBT-rebeccamatt-1070 BBT-rebeccamatt-1071BBT-rebeccamatt-1071 BBT-rebeccamatt-1073BBT-rebeccamatt-1073 BBT-rebeccamatt-1074BBT-rebeccamatt-1074 BBT-rebeccamatt-1080BBT-rebeccamatt-1080 BBT-rebeccamatt-1081BBT-rebeccamatt-1081 BBT-rebeccamatt-1087BBT-rebeccamatt-1087 BBT-rebeccamatt-1088BBT-rebeccamatt-1088 BBT-rebeccamatt-1090BBT-rebeccamatt-1090 BBT-rebeccamatt-1094BBT-rebeccamatt-1094

xo Taylorxo Taylor

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A Blue Barn Team Announcement! A&BBlueBarnTeam190A&BBlueBarnTeam190



A&BBlueBarnTeam111A&BBlueBarnTeam111 A&BBlueBarnTeam113A&BBlueBarnTeam113 A&BBlueBarnTeam170A&BBlueBarnTeam170 A&BBlueBarnTeam174A&BBlueBarnTeam174 A&BBlueBarnTeam171A&BBlueBarnTeam171

It’s been an honor to have Taylor work alongside me this last year. I truly cherish her friendship more than anything and it really is a dream working with my dearest friend! Along this journey, we’ve been blessed to have husbands that share a bond just as strong and the Lovettes have truly become a part of our family. 

Most of you know that Seth has been my second shooter and teammate since 2013; the best part about being a husband and wife photographer team is connecting with our couples on a deeper level. This spring, the opportunity arose for Andrew, Taylor’s husband, to second shooter with her. We wholeheartedly encouraged the endeavor and quickly began fostering Andrew’s natural talent to join our team as a photographer. 

So without further ado, Blue Barn officially offers TWO husband and wife photographer teams! The Linders & The Lovettes.  

A&BBlueBarnTeam104A&BBlueBarnTeam104 A&BBlueBarnTeam138A&BBlueBarnTeam138




A&BBlueBarnTeam103A&BBlueBarnTeam103 A&BBlueBarnTeam136A&BBlueBarnTeam136 A&BBlueBarnTeam189A&BBlueBarnTeam189

As husband and wife photographer teams, we love to photograph the beautiful beginnings of meaningful marriages. We work together to tell your story with their own unique perspectives and each time we pick up our cameras, we look for real moments, beautiful light, and happy hearts. It’s our joy to document the best days of our clients’ lives in a way that’s cherished for years and generations to come. 

In celebration of our growing team, we traveled to Greenville, SC to document this exciting new season for Blue Barn! Melissa DeLeon, our favorite stylist, dressed us head to toe for the weekend, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Our amazing and talented friends, Ally & Bobby captured our time and we’ll forever cherish these visual reminders of the launch of our two teams and the memories we made here. A&B, we’re so grateful for y’all and love you guys so much! 

We’ve updated our About page to reflect this exciting announcement, and we’d love for you to take a look at Blue Barn’s mission, vision, and teams! 

A&BBlueBarnTeam115A&BBlueBarnTeam115 A&BBlueBarnTeam117A&BBlueBarnTeam117 A&BBlueBarnTeam118A&BBlueBarnTeam118 A&BBlueBarnTeam119A&BBlueBarnTeam119 A&BBlueBarnTeam122A&BBlueBarnTeam122 A&BBlueBarnTeam126A&BBlueBarnTeam126 A&BBlueBarnTeam132A&BBlueBarnTeam132


xo Rachelxo Rachel


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The Norris Family in Burlington, NC bluebarn-norris-10bluebarn-norris-10

I first met Teighla in Charleston, SC at The School of Styling back when I was 10 weeks pregnant with little Ezra Grey. Teighla's son Cohen (don't you love that name?!) was just 5 weeks old when she did my hair and makeup for TSOS and I was so impressed at how she balanced motherhood and entrepreneurship. Since meeting last summer, I've had the pleasure of working with her several times from our Blackberry Bliss Styled Shoot as published on The Carolinas Magazine to personal haircuts to photographing her sweet family last fall and this summer! Needless to say, I adore this sweet family and I'm honored to share some of their memories with you here. 



bluebarn-norris-36bluebarn-norris-36 bluebarn-norris-4bluebarn-norris-4 bluebarn-norris-59bluebarn-norris-59 bluebarn-norris-42bluebarn-norris-42 bluebarn-norris-45bluebarn-norris-45 bluebarn-norris-32bluebarn-norris-32 bluebarn-norris-21bluebarn-norris-21 bluebarn-norris-49bluebarn-norris-49 bluebarn-norris-77bluebarn-norris-77 bluebarn-norris-60bluebarn-norris-60 bluebarn-norris-61bluebarn-norris-61 bluebarn-norris-63bluebarn-norris-63 bluebarn-norris-64bluebarn-norris-64 bluebarn-norris-75bluebarn-norris-75 bluebarn-norris-74bluebarn-norris-74 bluebarn-norris-73bluebarn-norris-73 bluebarn-norris-85bluebarn-norris-85 bluebarn-norris-93bluebarn-norris-93


xo Rachelxo Rachel

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Sarah Kate's Hand Crafted Christmas Cards bluebarn-sarahkate-1bluebarn-sarahkate-1

We have a confession: we’ve been listening to Christmas music since the beginning of the month and there’s nothing quite like snuggling up with your loved ones, baking cookies and lighting that balsam + fur candle to get you in a holiday spirit! We really don’t mind that we’ve been celebrating Christmas extra early around here not only because we love this season, but also because we’ve also had the pleasure of partnering with Sarah Kate Illustrates, a local Raleigh watercolor artist, to create exclusive Christmas card designs just for our wonderful Blue Barn Clients! 

Sarah Kate has designed three beautiful options to fit your fancy exclusively for our beloved Blue Barn clients. We hope you’ll love this opportunity to shop small and support local artists in your community all while spreading the joy of this season to your dearest friends and family members! 

A few details: 

Upon placing your order, please email your chosen photo, family name, and holiday greeting to:

You will receive a digital proof for approval upon completion of your order, and we ask that you approve it promptly. 

You can place orders until December, 5th at midnight, so be nice yourself, and check this off your list! 

bluebarn-sarahkate-5bluebarn-sarahkate-5 bluebarn-sarahkate-9bluebarn-sarahkate-9 bluebarn-sarahkate-10bluebarn-sarahkate-10

Love & Joy, 

The Jingle [Blue Barn] Belles ;) 

]]> (Blue Barn Photography) Behind The Scenes Engagements Lifestyle Press Rachel Taylor Weddings Wed, 16 Nov 2016 20:22:41 GMT
Hannah and Brad's Seamless Summer Wedding BBT-hannahbrad-3487BBT-hannahbrad-3487

Hannah has one of those personalities that makes you wanna giggle just because she's giggling. Her smile is contagious much like her lively spirit. Minutes after meeting her & Brad I felt as if I had known them forever. I watched them from across the table beaming over newly developed wedding plans & saw their love as something so simple & kind. Months later, this sweet couple promised a lifelong love to one another on a toasty June afternoon on a farm of dreamy woodlands in Chapel Hill. Their refreshing bouts of laughter served well in beating the heat & every detail left us feeble from her white lace gown to their porcelain table settings. It's such an honor witnessing weddings like this one where no matter how amazing the day that brings them into union may be, their faith in each other proves a marriage endlessly better. Enjoy!  

BBT-hannahbrad-3003BBT-hannahbrad-3003 BBT-hannahbrad-3004BBT-hannahbrad-3004 BBT-hannahbrad-3007BBT-hannahbrad-3007 BBT-hannahbrad-3011BBT-hannahbrad-3011 BBT-hannahbrad-3009BBT-hannahbrad-3009 BBT-hannahbrad-3010BBT-hannahbrad-3010 BBT-hannahbrad-3048BBT-hannahbrad-3048 BBT-hannahbrad-3035BBT-hannahbrad-3035 BBT-hannahbrad-3055BBT-hannahbrad-3055 BBT-hannahbrad-3058BBT-hannahbrad-3058 BBT-hannahbrad-3060BBT-hannahbrad-3060 BBT-hannahbrad-3071BBT-hannahbrad-3071 BBT-hannahbrad-3074BBT-hannahbrad-3074 BBT-hannahbrad-3075BBT-hannahbrad-3075 BBT-hannahbrad-3089BBT-hannahbrad-3089 BBT-hannahbrad-3092BBT-hannahbrad-3092 BBT-hannahbrad-3093BBT-hannahbrad-3093 BBT-hannahbrad-3096BBT-hannahbrad-3096 BBT-hannahbrad-3098BBT-hannahbrad-3098 BBT-hannahbrad-3107BBT-hannahbrad-3107 BBT-hannahbrad-3109BBT-hannahbrad-3109 BBT-hannahbrad-3116BBT-hannahbrad-3116 BBT-hannahbrad-3118BBT-hannahbrad-3118 BBT-hannahbrad-3160BBT-hannahbrad-3160 BBT-hannahbrad-3163BBT-hannahbrad-3163 BBT-hannahbrad-3169BBT-hannahbrad-3169 BBT-hannahbrad-3173BBT-hannahbrad-3173 BBT-hannahbrad-3201BBT-hannahbrad-3201 BBT-hannahbrad-3203BBT-hannahbrad-3203 BBT-hannahbrad-3205BBT-hannahbrad-3205 BBT-hannahbrad-3339BBT-hannahbrad-3339 BBT-hannahbrad-3341BBT-hannahbrad-3341

BBT-hannahbrad-3343BBT-hannahbrad-3343 BBT-hannahbrad-3248BBT-hannahbrad-3248 BBT-hannahbrad-3281BBT-hannahbrad-3281 BBT-hannahbrad-3250BBT-hannahbrad-3250 BBT-hannahbrad-3284BBT-hannahbrad-3284 BBT-hannahbrad-3287BBT-hannahbrad-3287 BBT-hannahbrad-3086BBT-hannahbrad-3086 BBT-hannahbrad-3308BBT-hannahbrad-3308 BBT-hannahbrad-3316BBT-hannahbrad-3316 BBT-hannahbrad-3320BBT-hannahbrad-3320 BBT-hannahbrad-3326BBT-hannahbrad-3326 BBT-hannahbrad-3350BBT-hannahbrad-3350 BBT-hannahbrad-3353BBT-hannahbrad-3353 BBT-hannahbrad-3354BBT-hannahbrad-3354 BBT-hannahbrad-3357BBT-hannahbrad-3357

BBT-hannahbrad-3366BBT-hannahbrad-3366 BBT-hannahbrad-3368BBT-hannahbrad-3368 BBT-hannahbrad-3363BBT-hannahbrad-3363 BBT-hannahbrad-3393BBT-hannahbrad-3393 BBT-hannahbrad-3395BBT-hannahbrad-3395 BBT-hannahbrad-3399BBT-hannahbrad-3399 BBT-hannahbrad-3405BBT-hannahbrad-3405 BBT-hannahbrad-3408BBT-hannahbrad-3408 BBT-hannahbrad-3438BBT-hannahbrad-3438 BBT-hannahbrad-3440BBT-hannahbrad-3440 BBT-hannahbrad-3487BBT-hannahbrad-3487 BBT-hannahbrad-3463BBT-hannahbrad-3463 BBT-hannahbrad-3476BBT-hannahbrad-3476 BBT-hannahbrad-3472BBT-hannahbrad-3472 ,
BBT-hannahbrad-3482BBT-hannahbrad-3482 BBT-hannahbrad-3491BBT-hannahbrad-3491 BBT-hannahbrad-3494BBT-hannahbrad-3494 BBT-hannahbrad-3516BBT-hannahbrad-3516 BBT-hannahbrad-3522BBT-hannahbrad-3522 BBT-hannahbrad-3509BBT-hannahbrad-3509 BBT-hannahbrad-3507BBT-hannahbrad-3507 BBT-hannahbrad-3538BBT-hannahbrad-3538 BBT-hannahbrad-3541BBT-hannahbrad-3541 BBT-hannahbrad-3544BBT-hannahbrad-3544 BBT-hannahbrad-3552BBT-hannahbrad-3552 BBT-hannahbrad-3560BBT-hannahbrad-3560 BBT-hannahbrad-3561BBT-hannahbrad-3561 BBT-hannahbrad-3567BBT-hannahbrad-3567 BBT-hannahbrad-3573BBT-hannahbrad-3573 BBT-hannahbrad-3579BBT-hannahbrad-3579 BBT-hannahbrad-3580BBT-hannahbrad-3580

Vendors: Dress: Lily Rose Bridal // Suits: Combatant Gentlemen // Bridesmaids dresses: BHLDN // Venue: Chapel Hill Carriage House // Cake: Karina Todd // Hair & Make-up: Elaine Harrison // Catering: Catering by Design // Day of Planner: LuAnn Moore // Flowers: Valerie Van Pelt of Fancy Bloomers Flowers

xo Taylorxo Taylor

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Ten Acre Paper Co Brand Shoot bluebarn-tapc-25bluebarn-tapc-25

We love connecting with fellow girl bosses, and we had the pleasure of making a new friend with Chelsea Vaughn and photograph her gorgeous new wedding suite for Ten Acre Paper Company. We partnered with one of our favorite planners and stylists, Stephanie Scholl of Stephanie Scholl Events (#BBxSSE), who styled all the amazing flat lays you see below. We are excited to share TAPC's beautiful, hand-crafted work as featured on Haute Cotton Weddings. TAPC is full of Chelsea's love for simple elegance and is easy on the eyes with so many gorgeous blue hues. She has put together some lovely weddings suites, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

bluebarn-tapc-88bluebarn-tapc-88 bluebarn-tapc-89bluebarn-tapc-89 bluebarn-tapc-91bluebarn-tapc-91

bluebarn-tapc-109bluebarn-tapc-109 bluebarn-tapc-100bluebarn-tapc-100 bluebarn-tapc-101bluebarn-tapc-101 bluebarn-tapc-115bluebarn-tapc-115 bluebarn-tapc-120bluebarn-tapc-120 bluebarn-tapc-118bluebarn-tapc-118 bluebarn-tapc-126bluebarn-tapc-126 bluebarn-tapc-125bluebarn-tapc-125

xo Rachelxo Rachel
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What's In My Camera Bag bluebarn-camera-bag-7bluebarn-camera-bag-7 bluebarn-camera-bag-8bluebarn-camera-bag-8

One question I'm frequently asked is, "What equipment do you shoot with?" So today I'm going to discuss just what I like to pack in my reversible tote - I've used this as my camera bag for two years, and when I'm not using it on wedding or lifestyle shoots with this padded insert, I often pack my 15" laptop or baby gear to get around town or travel with. Not only is this tote extremely versatile and sturdy, it's under $50! Score.


When it comes to digital photography, I'm a Canon girl through and through. I shot on both Nikon and Canon when I first started taking photography seriously in 2009, and Canon just clicked with me. Speaking of that, if anyone is wondering, I shot on a Canon 50D with a 50mm 1.8 prime and a kit lens when Blue Barn had it's beginning. Since then, I've upgraded to the Mark III and I LOVE it for shooting weddings primarily because of the silent shooting mode, high ISO range, and all the glorious focus points. It was definitely a game changer. 

Although I do have some other gear that I incorporate depending on what I'm shooting, these are my tried and true tools that can get me through just about anything. 


As I mentioned above, when I shoot digital photography, I use a Canon 5D Mark III, and so does our whole team. My 50mm 1.2 lens is almost always attached to my body because it's my favorite

My second favorite lens is currently the 35mm 1.4 (pictured on the right). Not pictured is our newest digital addition and second place contender, the 24mm 2.8. I love how the wide lenses bring a different vibe to what I'm shooting and give more flexibility when space is tight. 


I use both the Tamron 90mm 2.8 and Canon 70-200mm 2.8 to get zoom shots during ceremonies and the macro is another one of those game changers for small detail shots like rings. 


On wedding days, I'm always packin' heat (yeah, I said it) with my Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT. This baby works the best with Eneloop batteries. Trust me on this, those batteries are magic.


Speaking of other smaller items, I always have extra camera batteries, memory cards, a lens pen, snacks, water, and my Daniel Wellington to stay on track with the timeline. I also always cary business cards, which I get from Moo (you can use this link for $15 off your first order)! 


That's it! Did you find this helpful? Do you have other questions you'd like me to answer on the blog in the future? I'd love to hear from you! 

xo Rachelxo Rachel


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Aimee & Michael's Summer Wedding at The Oaks at Salem bluebarn-aimeemichael-3492bluebarn-aimeemichael-3492

Aimee & Michael are two of the most joyful people I have ever met. We had so much fun at their engagement session and Aimee's bridal session, and I knew their wedding day would exude the same sense of joy and fullness of life that their relationship does. The Oaks at Salem in Apex, NC was the perfect backdrop as they exchanged vows (and extra hugs) at the altar and we couldn't be more excited for them as they embark on this newlywed adventure together! 

bluebarn-aimeemichael-3001bluebarn-aimeemichael-3001 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3002bluebarn-aimeemichael-3002 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3006bluebarn-aimeemichael-3006 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3008bluebarn-aimeemichael-3008 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3010bluebarn-aimeemichael-3010 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3080bluebarn-aimeemichael-3080 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3107bluebarn-aimeemichael-3107 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3104bluebarn-aimeemichael-3104 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3108bluebarn-aimeemichael-3108 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3120bluebarn-aimeemichael-3120 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3130bluebarn-aimeemichael-3130 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3141bluebarn-aimeemichael-3141 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3142bluebarn-aimeemichael-3142 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3151bluebarn-aimeemichael-3151 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3156bluebarn-aimeemichael-3156 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3159bluebarn-aimeemichael-3159

bluebarn-aimeemichael-3161bluebarn-aimeemichael-3161 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3162bluebarn-aimeemichael-3162 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3163bluebarn-aimeemichael-3163 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3165bluebarn-aimeemichael-3165 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3166bluebarn-aimeemichael-3166 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3167bluebarn-aimeemichael-3167 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3168bluebarn-aimeemichael-3168 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3179bluebarn-aimeemichael-3179 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3186bluebarn-aimeemichael-3186 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3188bluebarn-aimeemichael-3188 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3192bluebarn-aimeemichael-3192 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3201bluebarn-aimeemichael-3201 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3206bluebarn-aimeemichael-3206 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3207bluebarn-aimeemichael-3207 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3233bluebarn-aimeemichael-3233

bluebarn-aimeemichael-3220bluebarn-aimeemichael-3220 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3248bluebarn-aimeemichael-3248 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3259bluebarn-aimeemichael-3259 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3262bluebarn-aimeemichael-3262 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3263bluebarn-aimeemichael-3263 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3276bluebarn-aimeemichael-3276 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3281bluebarn-aimeemichael-3281 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3291bluebarn-aimeemichael-3291 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3297bluebarn-aimeemichael-3297 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3298bluebarn-aimeemichael-3298 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3303bluebarn-aimeemichael-3303 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3304bluebarn-aimeemichael-3304 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3309bluebarn-aimeemichael-3309 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3316bluebarn-aimeemichael-3316 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3312bluebarn-aimeemichael-3312 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3333bluebarn-aimeemichael-3333 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3338bluebarn-aimeemichael-3338 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3343bluebarn-aimeemichael-3343 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3354bluebarn-aimeemichael-3354 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3359bluebarn-aimeemichael-3359 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3362bluebarn-aimeemichael-3362 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3366bluebarn-aimeemichael-3366 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3419bluebarn-aimeemichael-3419 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3444bluebarn-aimeemichael-3444 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3447bluebarn-aimeemichael-3447 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3454bluebarn-aimeemichael-3454 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3461bluebarn-aimeemichael-3461
bluebarn-aimeemichael-3460bluebarn-aimeemichael-3460 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3485bluebarn-aimeemichael-3485 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3478bluebarn-aimeemichael-3478 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3470bluebarn-aimeemichael-3470

bluebarn-aimeemichael-3492bluebarn-aimeemichael-3492 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3479bluebarn-aimeemichael-3479 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3484bluebarn-aimeemichael-3484 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3481bluebarn-aimeemichael-3481 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3496bluebarn-aimeemichael-3496 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3510bluebarn-aimeemichael-3510 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3566bluebarn-aimeemichael-3566 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3558bluebarn-aimeemichael-3558

bluebarn-aimeemichael-3563bluebarn-aimeemichael-3563 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3573bluebarn-aimeemichael-3573 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3598bluebarn-aimeemichael-3598 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3515bluebarn-aimeemichael-3515 bluebarn-aimeemichael-3607bluebarn-aimeemichael-3607

Venue: The Oaks at Salem// Florist: Patty Davis// Caterer: Cook Shack// Dress: Nitsas Boutique// Veil: David's Bridal// Her Ring: Diamonds Direct Company// Necklace: Bijou Southern// Earrings: Coastal Knot Bridal// Suit: Bernard's Formal Wear// HIs Ring: Reeds//

xo Rachelxo Rachel
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The Lovettes Go to Utah BBT-utah-1BBT-utah-1

This summer, my husband Andrew & I took a trip out west to Utah & ever since I've been trying to conjure up the words to describe all the richness we encountered. Let’s get the obvious out of the way… Utah is astoundingly beautiful! Every corner we turned displayed a new jaw-dropping landscape more unique than the last but even so, these images hold no weight to the growth we experienced in our hearts beneath those monstrous mountains. Barely casting a shadow upon landmarks that have lived longer years than we've ever known, we learned humility on a whole different level. All our conflict & quarrels slipped away with the dry dessert wind as we gazed at the vastness of our God's creation. During our drive to Zion National Park, we stopped to see some of the most amazing scenic views in the world along HWY 12 with typography changing with each mile we drove. Bryce Cannon was one of our favorites with it's mysterious stackable hoodoos popping amongst the pine trees skyline. But, after reaching our red rock destination, I found a fear I never knew I had by assisting Andrew's climb up the infamous "Angel's Landing" (a forewarned hike looked down upon by my family with several recorded fatalities). Naturally, that was our first stop. We got half way up when I realized I couldn't trust my own feet & had to sit on the edge of a mile-high mountain as I anxiously watched my husband turn from human-size to ant-size as he continued to the tippy-top! We sacrificed two pairs of shoes as we stomped through the freezing wet trails of "The Narrows" & spent our nights beneath the clear brisk sky juggling our brand new dreams. Though we were able to capture a few of our favorite spots, we highly recommend you visit for yourselves as nothing tangible could compare.  Enjoy these images while you're booking your flight. ;) Oh, & definitely take a peek at shots we snagged on our iphones on our instagram: @tayleighlovette @andrewlovette

BBT-utah-6BBT-utah-6 BBT-utah-8BBT-utah-8 BBT-utah-12BBT-utah-12 BBT-utah-13BBT-utah-13 BBT-utah-14BBT-utah-14 BBT-utah-15BBT-utah-15 BBT-utah-16BBT-utah-16 BBT-utah-17BBT-utah-17 BBT-utah-22BBT-utah-22 BBT-utah-18BBT-utah-18 BBT-utah-19BBT-utah-19 BBT-utah-20BBT-utah-20 BBT-utah-23BBT-utah-23 BBT-utah-24BBT-utah-24 BBT-utah-25BBT-utah-25 BBT-utah-26BBT-utah-26 BBT-utah-27BBT-utah-27 BBT-utah-28BBT-utah-28 BBT-utah-29BBT-utah-29 BBT-utah-30BBT-utah-30 BBT-utah-31BBT-utah-31 BBT-utah-33BBT-utah-33 BBT-utah-34BBT-utah-34 BBT-utah-35BBT-utah-35 BBT-utah-36BBT-utah-36 BBT-utah-37BBT-utah-37 BBT-utah-38BBT-utah-38 BBT-utah-21BBT-utah-21 xo Taylorxo Taylor

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Aimee's Coastal Bridal Portraits bluebarn-aimee-2027bluebarn-aimee-2027

I loved traveling to the gorgeous North Carolina coast to capture Aimee's bridal portraits. Aimee has a heart of gold and smile that brings light to every one around her. In the middle of her session, it started pouring down rain and while most brides would freak out, Aimee calmly said, "Oh girl, I love it!" Rain or shine, Aimee's joy radiates through these photos and we can't wait to share her and Michael's wedding day with you soon!

bluebarn-aimee-2001bluebarn-aimee-2001 bluebarn-aimee-2003bluebarn-aimee-2003 bluebarn-aimee-2015bluebarn-aimee-2015 bluebarn-aimee-2021bluebarn-aimee-2021 bluebarn-aimee-2020bluebarn-aimee-2020 bluebarn-aimee-2043bluebarn-aimee-2043


bluebarn-aimee-2037bluebarn-aimee-2037 bluebarn-aimee-2054bluebarn-aimee-2054

bluebarn-aimee-2050bluebarn-aimee-2050 bluebarn-aimee-2057bluebarn-aimee-2057 bluebarn-aimee-2072bluebarn-aimee-2072 bluebarn-aimee-2080bluebarn-aimee-2080 bluebarn-aimee-2081bluebarn-aimee-2081 bluebarn-aimee-2084bluebarn-aimee-2084
Hair: Sunny Lee via Beyond Basics// Makeup: Kristin Mcloughlin via Beyond Basics// Dress: Nitsas Boutique// Florist: Lous Flower World//

xo Rachelxo Rachel
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