The Lovettes Go to Utah

October 13, 2016  •  1 Comment


This summer, my husband Andrew & I took a trip out west to Utah & ever since I've been trying to conjure up the words to describe all the richness we encountered. Let’s get the obvious out of the way… Utah is astoundingly beautiful! Every corner we turned displayed a new jaw-dropping landscape more unique than the last but even so, these images hold no weight to the growth we experienced in our hearts beneath those monstrous mountains. Barely casting a shadow upon landmarks that have lived longer years than we've ever known, we learned humility on a whole different level. All our conflict & quarrels slipped away with the dry dessert wind as we gazed at the vastness of our God's creation. During our drive to Zion National Park, we stopped to see some of the most amazing scenic views in the world along HWY 12 with typography changing with each mile we drove. Bryce Cannon was one of our favorites with it's mysterious stackable hoodoos popping amongst the pine trees skyline. But, after reaching our red rock destination, I found a fear I never knew I had by assisting Andrew's climb up the infamous "Angel's Landing" (a forewarned hike looked down upon by my family with several recorded fatalities). Naturally, that was our first stop. We got half way up when I realized I couldn't trust my own feet & had to sit on the edge of a mile-high mountain as I anxiously watched my husband turn from human-size to ant-size as he continued to the tippy-top! We sacrificed two pairs of shoes as we stomped through the freezing wet trails of "The Narrows" & spent our nights beneath the clear brisk sky juggling our brand new dreams. Though we were able to capture a few of our favorite spots, we highly recommend you visit for yourselves as nothing tangible could compare.  Enjoy these images while you're booking your flight. ;) Oh, & definitely take a peek at shots we snagged on our iphones on our instagram: @tayleighlovette @andrewlovette

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You are so talented! You are gifted with words and your photography has reached a new level. You are beautiful inside and out and I thank God daily for sharing you with me.
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