Deep Roots with Kara & Taylor

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These two urbanites traveled from their home in New York City to celebrate their recent engagement within the confines of their family's rich heritage. Capturing Kara & Taylor's sweet love nearly blew me away alongside the old rustic warehouse in the heart of Fuquay-Varina. Built in 1933, this building was constructed ground-up by the tough hands & full heart of the groom's great grandfather, GW Adcock. Just as his did, we're sure their roots will continue to grow deeper as they become one in marriage. We can't wait to capture more of their beaming love for one another as they approach their nuptials this fall.

Until then, enjoy!

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Kara: "We met online (which is very common here in NYC) & we connected instantly. We met for the first time in person over margaritas and nachos. Most surprising, we realized we had lived 5 minutes from each other in North Carolina for three years & had never met. Taylor proposed to me in our favorite neighborhood park, overlooking the Manhattan skyline. The whole proposal was planned for a week later, but Taylor was too excited to wait. After a great dinner with his parents, who were in town to celebrate his mother's birthday, Taylor suggested a long walk with Jeffrey, our dog. It was the clearest night we had ever seen by the East River. With the park to ourselves, Taylor got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him."

"I was completely surprised and overwhelmed with joy and happiness."

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The Claddagh Ring that Kara is wearing on her right ring finger was originated in the small fishing village of the same name in Galway, Ireland. The ring features a heart held by two hands with a crown on top & is worn to display your relationship status depending on it's position on your hand.

...she surely looks taken to me!

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Kara: "There was no specific moment where I all of a sudden knew he'd be the one I'd marry - it was just this feeling. He's such a caring, thoughtful, kind and loving man. From day one, the way I felt and the security I had when I was with him was completely different than anyone I had ever dated. My love and admiration for him continues to grow to this day."

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