Southern California Engagement: Part 2 in Fine Art Film

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This month has been a time to repurpose my priorities and boldly approach my dreams of the future. But like every January, I've loved reviewing the year past and its failures, triumphs, heartaches and joys. In 2016, I set a goal to learn the medium of fine art film. Apart from learning what it is to be a mother, learning the ins and outs of film photography has brought me so much joy over the last several months. I am so grateful for the sweet friends who have been open books and encouraged me in this endeavor and now, it is with great excitement to announce that I will be incorporating film into all of my future photographic work.

Fine art film possesses a unique and unmatchable quality compared to other mediums. It truly is an art form that has stood the test of decades and fading trends and invites me, as the storyteller, to slow down, capture moments with more intentionality and with a greater finesse. Because of this, the work that I’ve captured in fine art film has become not only my favorite work, but what I believe to be my best and most artistic and authentic work yet. 

This shoot that I’m sharing with you today is the second part of the first session I photographed in film last year (you don't want to miss the beautiful story in Part 1). This is my favorite engagement session of the year in part because of the medium I used, but also because I had the privilege of traveling to Southern California to capture this exciting season for my cousin Russell, and his beloved fiancé, Lizzie. 

Although neither one of us ever had the opportunity to meet our grandfather, Russell and I know of his legacy through photographs and the stories past down with them. As I was capturing a frame of Russell by himself on the beautiful coast of Del Mar, I caught the resemblance of our grandfather in his appearance and was struck with the realization that our shared heritage is what brought us together on the beach that day. To celebrate the beginnings of Russell & Lizzie's new legacy that their children and our children and grandchildren will look at one day to understand their own heritage was truly an honor and a reminder of why I love photographing engagements and weddings so much. 

If Russell and Liz weren’t family, I would choose them as friends in a heartbeat. They’ve got a zest for life, and a love for each other that is so full of fun and joy. Our visit with them was nothing short of amazing, and Seth and I can't wait to head back to California this summer for their wedding!

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Scans: Photovision | Lizzie's Dress: BHLDN

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