Ben & Jennifer's Intimate Lake Side Wedding

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What a sweet reminder of love being intimate & a choice we make daily.

Jennifer and Ben got married lake side, where the waves made a beautiful melody throughout their wedding. It was filled with their best friends and closest loved ones to enjoy the soon to be Mr & Mrs. The couple was able to be fully present with every quest and celebrate their love with everyone who matters to them.  The close knit group that made up their wedding allowed Jennifer and Ben to soak in every memory. Jennifer and Ben's wedding was simply all about their love for one another. Love can be something we think is easy, but being married I know that I have to choose my husband daily and choose love. Love takes sacrifice, and is something that has to be worked on every moment. Love and the commitment it holds is a choice we have to decide on everyday. I am so honored that I got to witness Ben and Jennifer choose to enter into a covenant of marriage together. To fight for one another forever. Being married is one of the sweetest gift that the Lord allows us to have, it teaches us and strengthens us. It pushes us, and at the end of each day we understand what it means to fully love someone in the deepest way. 

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Rush!

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