Nick & Jenny's Country Club Wedding

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Rain is something we look forward to during the middle of the summer, or when we want to lay around to just take it easy. When it comes to our wedding day, rain is the one thing we do not want to happen. For Jenny and Nick they had planned on being outside around sunset, but the weather had another plan for them. Dark grey & blue clouds rolled in hours before their "I do's." To my surprise, the sweet couple accepted that the rain was coming with smiles on their face and moved their ceremony indoors. They were sad, but there was nothing that could stop them from becoming one. Jenny & Nick stayed focused on how much they loved each other which helped them almost forget the rain. The friends that made up their wedding party kept up the positive energy, and encouraged the couple all day long through the hiccups. To have people surrounding you that will lift you up and encourage you no matter what, is not something that comes around all the time. 

The newlywed couple committed their life together, and shortly after, the rain was swept away. The rest of the night Jenny & Nick shared laughs and some of the best dance moves I have seen :)! We are so joyful for the both of you, and cannot wait to see where the lord takes you as a couple.

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Vendors// Venue: Brier Creek Country Club// Florist: FLORA// Cake: Ashley cakes// DJ: all events Dj// Bridesmaids dresses: Jenny Yoo// Wedding dress: Watters from Blush Bridal//





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