Christina & Quentin's Charming Southern Wedding

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This lovely couple's story began at a local Raleigh restaurant where Christina, a sweet & gorgeous Virginia native, first became smitten with Quentin's strong accent & shy demeanor. It was her very first weekend after moving to North Carolina & soon after she knew he was the man she would marry. We hope you find inspiration through the beautiful images of their wedding day as Christina shares a few words about how she fell head over heels! Enjoy!

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"After the night Quentin & I met, we spent every minute together. Everything just felt so easy and real & always had such a great time together with constant laughter and impromptu trips. We couldn't stand to be apart. Our love was the easiest and most wonderful thing to happen to me & I knew I had to have him in my life forever."

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"Our whole entire wedding day was so wonderful. It's difficult to pick out a specific moment to call my "favorite" but the most magical part was during our ceremony, when I couldn't stop smiling & giggling because I was so incredibly happy to be marrying the man of my dreams."

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"Not much has changed since we got married, aside from the fact that my heart is completely & utterly full. We have had a great time watching our wedding video and looking through pictures taken of our day over & over again. It is so great to be able to re-live our day as much as we want to especially knowing that we wouldn't change a single thing."

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Venue: Magnolia Manor Plantation
Hair + Make-up: LULA hair + make-up


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