Sarah & Stephen's Summer Wedding

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I have to thank The Lovette’s for allowing my husband and I to be able to capture Sarah and Stephen’s wedding, because if it wasn’t for them and baby jack being born we might not have gotten the chance to cross paths with this wonderful couple. As Taylor had to step away from work for a little bit, I had the opportunity to work with a few of her clients and they were troopers at understanding the switch in photographers. I am thankful for their trust and willingness to let me photograph their beautiful day. Sarah & Stephen are a couple who love each other deeply as well as people around them which was the first thing I noticed about them.

I met Sarah & Stephen for the first time just a little bit before their wedding date, and in that short time I got to see the love this couple had for one another as well as their love for NC State (Go Pack)! They both went to school at NC State, and after graduation they both moved to Georgia for their next chapter of life together. When they got engaged, I think they both knew they wanted to go back where it all started to take their vows in their favorite city (Raleigh) in front of their favorite people. To know this couple is to know what it looks like to be bold, energetic, and how to love people. Sarah & Stephen, thank you for letting us be a part of your big day, and letting us witness your vows to each other. 

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After traveling to the Rose Garden for some intimate couple photos and (big) wedding party photos, Sarah & Stephen invited all their loved ones to Lonnie Poole Golf Course for their reception. Lonnie Poole Golf Course is located on NC State's campus which the couple's alma mater and when you meet them you will soon find out that they belong to the Wolf Pack! NC State was where the couple grew to love each other and where their best friends were made; it only made since to to back to where so many great relationships started! 

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Sarah & Stephen captured the hearts of their family and friends during their first dance, not because of their smooth moves (which they had), but the way their love was radiant and so apparent to everyone in the room. As they danced for the first time to celebrate their new covenant of marriage, it was as if time had stopped for them and it was just them in the room soaking up the moment together. 


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I am a sucker for love stories & I am glad I got to witness it begin it's forever!





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