Olivia's Chicago Home Tour

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Originally from Raleigh, Olivia knew she didn't want to stay put forever & decided to move to Chicago after she graduated. While the journey was not nearly as easy as she expected it to be, four years and eight addresses later, she finally feels like she has a space she can call home. We are so excited to be sharing a tour of her beautiful place in the city! Keep scrolling to view images of all 900 square feet of this cozy abode's unique character & to hear more from Olivia on why she adores every inch. We're kicking it off with her living room featuring two of our favorite Blue Barn Prints. We love how "Water's Edge" (on the right) welcomes a bit of home from afar. Enjoy!
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Olivia: "While I wasn’t looking for an apartment with a dining room, I was lucky to find one within my budget since I was apartment hunting during winter when it’s harder to find renters. I was excited about the extra unexpected space, but since I’m not throwing frequent dinner parties at this stage of life, I decided to make the dining room into more of a hands-on studio and library to better suit my lifestyle. It easily converts into an entertaining space when I’m having friends over and I love the multi-functionality of what it’s become (the table doubles as a desk and the reading nook doubles as a guest bed). I actually end up spending most of my down time in that room whether reading in the nook, attempting to keep new plants alive and pursuing creative endeavors -- currently photography, calligraphy and learning Italian. The spot by the window is probably my favorite spot in the whole apartment. I love putting on a record in the summer and opening the windows for a cool breeze and in the winter it’s the coziest spot to drink tea and read." bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-9bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-9 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-10bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-10 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-11bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-11 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-12bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-12 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-14bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-14 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-15bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-15 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-16bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-16 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-19bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-19 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-20bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-20 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-21bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-21 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-23bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-23 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-24bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-24 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-25bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-25 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-26bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-26 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-27bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-27 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-28bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-28 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-29bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-29 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-30bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-30 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-31bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-31 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-32bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-32 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-34bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-34 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-18bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-18 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-35bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-35 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-39bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-39 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-38bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-38 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-44bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-44 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-45bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-45 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-49bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-49 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-50bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-50 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-51bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-51 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-52bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-52 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-53bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-53 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-54bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-54 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-55bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-55 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-57bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-57 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-59bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-59 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-60bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-60
"Most of the bigger pieces like the couches and the large bookcase are newer, but my favorite parts of my apartment are the re-purposed items. The dresser in my bedroom was actually my mother’s when she was in her 20s. It’s shocking how well it’s kept up for 40+ years and it still blends well with my taste. Being so far from home and family, having those little reminders are much more meaningful than I ever anticipated they would be. The little turtle by the front door was in the yard of my childhood home, the records were my father’s, the photographs above the couch were taken by my hometown photographer friend Rachel Linder, and many of the other details are souvenirs from my travels. Home decor is the one of the few types of souvenir I can bring myself to buy when I’m traveling." bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-67bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-67 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-68bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-68 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-69bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-69 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-70bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-70 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-63bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-63 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-72bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-72 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-73bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-73 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-75bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-75 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-76bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-76 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-79bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-79 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-78bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-78 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-80bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-80 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-82bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-82 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-83bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-83
"When I decided to move to Chicago after graduation it was mostly just because I could. I knew I wasn’t ready to move back home yet like most of my friends were doing because I was afraid if I did, I’d never leave. I really wanted to work in a creative field within the travel industry and there just weren’t opportunities like that where I was in N.C. Plus, the idea of living in a big city sounded like an adventure. So two weeks after graduation with two suitcases and an internship, I moved to Chicago. Now I am so glad I did."
bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-84bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-84 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-85bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-85 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-86bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-86 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-87bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-87 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-90bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-90 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-91bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-91 bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-93bluebarn-olivia-chicago-tour-93 xo Rachelxo Rachel


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