Rebecca & Matthew's Wedding at The Mahler

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Rebecca & Matthew are one of the most down to earth couples we've had the pleasure of working alongside of. When we first met with Rebecca to discuss her hopes & dreams for their wedding day, she began by telling us how Matthew proposed. In between her sweet giggles she exclaimed that he used flowers to cover every inch of her apartment. He didn't need a big crowd or an extravagant location - just the two of them in a familiar place to commit their love! We captured their romantic engagement session months before their big day & I just knew they were made for each other. Their wedding was even more precious & absolutely beautiful at The Mahler Fine Art Gallery downtown, but the beauty couldn't distract either of them from the love they were there to promise. I'm totally guilty of crying at this ceremony as the minister intimately described the use of both of their hands throughout their marriage- yes, hands! He read aloud how their hands would reach for the others in times of comfort, wipe away tears in times of grief & one day hold their children. It was the sweetest thing! We're seriously so blessed to be able to capture such incredible moments like these. Enjoy! 

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