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The name "Blue Barn" is reminiscent of Rachel's most cherished childhood memories: roaming through wild fields of golden grass, playing with the neighbor's cows, and chasing the setting sun. Blue Barn represents the idea of slowing down, exploring with the ones you love, and simply enjoying the present.  

Our mission as husband and wife photographer teams is to preserve authentic moments between our brides and grooms as they intend, declare and the display their marriage. Behind the lens and behind the scenes, we devotedly create and curate original and timeless artistry.

Our vision, in pursuits of refining our artistry, is to create a movement where deep, pure and raw emotions triumph over fleeting aims of perfection; where the uniqueness of each relationship and moment is displayed and celebrated so that in years to come, the beholder is transported back to an honest experience forever treasured in time. 


Meet Our Teams


If you're interested in having us capture this time in your lives, please inquire with us for more detailed information. 




Huge thanks to our friends Melissa DeLeon for styling our team & to Ally & Bobby for photographing us in Greenville, SC.