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Rachel & Seth Linder

Married Since May 21, 2011 

Lead Photographer Team

Rachel first discovered her love for photography through her father's vintage film cameras and was immediately enamored. Shortly after graduating highschool she decided to pursue the art more seriously. With a leap of faith, and an entrepreneurial spirit, she founded Blue Barn in 2009.

The next hot summer, Rachel captured Blue Barn's first wedding and shortly after she accepted an over due proposal from Seth, the love of her life. While in the season of wedding planning herself, Rachel's passion for capturing love stories grew and after saying "I do," Rachel decided that working with couples and telling their stories with her lens is what made her heart sing. Seth joined Rachel as a second shooter in 2013 and they haven't looked back since. 

We believe photography is a bridge that allows fleeting memories to be remembered for all of time. It's our true joy to capture these cherished moments and draw out rich emotion that will resonate in your hearts and others' for years and generations to come. 

We love dreaming big over cups of coffee, spending time in God's word, cooking dinner together, dancing in the kitchen, playing with our son Ezra, & endless adventures! 

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Huge thanks to our friends Melissa DeLeon for styling our team & to Ally & Bobby for photographing us in Greenville, SC