Blue Barn Photography | Happy May!

Happy May!

May 01, 2014

Happy May y'all! My goodness, can you believe it? Spring is here and we're embracing this beautiful weather with the windows flung open and grilling out on our back porch each evening. These last four weeks completely flew by for Seth and I, but they have been wonderful! Since we've been so busy, the blog has been a little lacking for April so I wanted to share some of our favorite images from this month (and the last few days of March). 

Amy & Ryan's wedding was held at the beautiful Prestonwood Country Club in Cary, NC. The day was filled with mixes of mint and gold and Amy was a breathtaking bride. 

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Jeff & Jan celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary this spring with a portrait session. I can't wait to share their sweet stories with you in another post soon! What they've learned through the years will surely bless your heart as it has mine. 

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Sara & James tied the knot at All Saints Chapel and it was a total joy to capture their day! Not to mention I'm swooning over the cornflower blue bridesmaid dresses and the sweetest little flower girl. 

bluebarn-april-blog2191bluebarn-april-blog2191 bluebarn-april-blog2189bluebarn-april-blog2189 bluebarn-april-blog2190bluebarn-april-blog2190 bluebarn-april-blog2193bluebarn-april-blog2193 bluebarn-april-blog2192bluebarn-april-blog2192

Seth, my brother Dan, and I ventured to Southern California to spend time with family and explore! 

One of our favorite parts of the whole trip was hiking up Runyon Canyon. The view was amazing from all perspectives (checkout the Hollywood sign!). You'll see my brother Dan, sister Sara, and me :). And below that, one of my favorite images of Seth, Dan, and my niece, Lilly, playing. 

bluebarn-april-blog2195bluebarn-april-blog2195 bluebarn-april-blog2196bluebarn-april-blog2196 bluebarn-april-blog2197bluebarn-april-blog2197
My Aunt Mollie is an amazing gardener, and I was so inspired by her beautiful succulent plants! 

Our last day, we visited La Jolla. We loved exploring the beautiful cliffs with my cousin, Russell, his girlfriend, Lizzie, and my aunt Mollie. 

bluebarn-april-blog2199bluebarn-april-blog2199 bluebarn-april-blog2200bluebarn-april-blog2200

Back on the East Coast, my mom, Aunt Karen, and cousin Taylor took a quick to Charleston, SC. It is the most charming place and we loved exploring the beautiful streets. 

bluebarn-april-blog2201bluebarn-april-blog2201 bluebarn-april-blog2203bluebarn-april-blog2203 bluebarn-april-blog2202bluebarn-april-blog2202

Lina & James traveled all the way from Mississippi for this session and their wedding which took place the day after. Their story is one of courage, hope, and endurance (more later, of course). They are the sweetest and I am so happy they have found each other!  

bluebarn-april-blog2205bluebarn-april-blog2205 bluebarn-april-blog2204bluebarn-april-blog2204 bluebarn-april-blog2206bluebarn-april-blog2206

Lina & James had a sweet intimate ceremony at The Pullen House in Raleigh, NC and then partied the day away with their closest family and friends! 

bluebarn-april-blog2213bluebarn-april-blog2213 bluebarn-april-blog2207bluebarn-april-blog2207 bluebarn-april-blog2208bluebarn-april-blog2208 bluebarn-april-blog2211bluebarn-april-blog2211 bluebarn-april-blog2210bluebarn-april-blog2210 bluebarn-april-blog2209bluebarn-april-blog2209

If you were wondering if Seth has another job besides second shooting with me, the answer is yes! During the week he stays busy running a maintenance crew for the business he owns with his dad, Rick. I may be a little biased, but Capstone Landscapes works so diligently to serve their customers well, and anyways, I can't help but get distracted by my sweet husband's smile. I can't decide who's cuter, Seth or Capstone's mascot, Cobar? Just kidding, Seth wins! 

bluebarn-april-blog2216bluebarn-april-blog2216 bluebarn-april-blog2217bluebarn-april-blog2217 bluebarn-april-blog2218bluebarn-april-blog2218

Last but not least is Breanna - an amazing 2014 senior who's heart is even bigger than her infectious smile! 

bluebarn-april-blog2215bluebarn-april-blog2215 bluebarn-april-blog2214bluebarn-april-blog2214

That's all folks!