Blue Barn Photography | Anna & Jonny: Year 1

Anna & Jonny: Year 1

July 31, 2014


We always love it when couples take time out of their busy schedules to have their love documented, so when Anna and Jonny contacted me about photographing them for their anniversary, I was thrilled! I loved hearing about their first year of marriage and am excited to share some of that story with you, from Anna's perspective. 


Years married:  1

Where you live:  Raleigh, NC

Tell us your love story in one sentence:  Anna is from Florida, Jonny is from CA, we met in PA, dated in TN, and now live in NC.

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What is your favorite part of being married?  Going on adventures together. We both like to travel and we bond well on road trips, so we like to find new places to go and figure them out together! We also have loved decorating and turning our apartment in to a little home!

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Who cooks dinner?  Both - we are not picky and we both like to experiment. I'll make pasta and Jonny will grill out.

What is your go-to weeknight meal? Weekend meal? We like to grill steaks and veggies on the weekends with a good glass of wine. Usually during the week, things are pretty quick, our favorite is probably splitting a Chipotle burrito bowl.

Where's your favorite place to find recipes?  Food Network or Pinterest

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What's your best tip for balancing your relationship and other life priorities?  Making time for each other, Jonny travels a lot for work and we both like to hang out with friends, but we have tried to learn when to say no.

Do you have a favorite date night idea to share?  We love to get hot dogs from Sheetz and go to Hurricanes and Durham Bulls games.


What is one small way you love or serve your spouse?  Jonny loves to bring me flowers, he walks me to my car every morning when he is in town. He allows me to be lazy sometimes. I am not naturally super romantic, so I try to send Jonny sweet cards or texts because I know he likes them. We both try to do house chores as they come up, which is a huge blessing to both of us!

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What has helped your marriage thrive in all seasons of your life?  Our relationship with the Lord; we are learning how to seek him together and to share with one another what God is teaching us. We have also been so blessed by our church as we have gone from being engaged to married in the last couple years.

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Do you have a favorite tradition that you have started or want to start?  We want to take family pictures every year around our anniversary to watch ourselves and our family grow over the years. We go see the cheesiest chick flick that comes out on Valentine's Day. Christmas dinner will be baked ziti because that was the first meal I ever made Jonny. Saturday mornings are usually really slow and involve a Starbucks coffee!

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Is there anything else about your home or family life that you think our readers would be interested in?  We are still in learning mode! One year out and we know we have a lot of stuff to figure out, but we praise God for our time together and His continued guidance and blessing in our marriage. We also have awesome families and parents with godly relationships that have set a wonderful example for us!