Blue Barn Photography | Shannon & Drew: Casual Backyard Engagement Session

Shannon & Drew: Casual Backyard Engagement Session

August 07, 2014

Meet Shannon & Drew! These two are so fun and laid back and have the cutest little home so it made perfect sense to spend their engagement session chatting on their back porcha and playing with their two dogs! Shannon gave us a peek into their lives below and the story is one for the books! 


How did you and Drew meet? Drew and I originally met in middle school through neighborhood friends. Drew had a buddy, David, that lived down the street from me and David and Drew would continuously come by my house and invite me to play in the street. We both had quite the crush on one another. We then went separate ways when we went to different high schools.

We met again at the same neighborhood friend, David's, house, my senior year of high school and Drew's freshman year playing soccer at UNC Chapel Hill. We immediately had sparks again, and this time we went of a few dates together. But Drew was busy playing college soccer and I was getting ready to head off to college at NC State, so we went our separate ways again.

After college, we were both living in Raleigh and ran into each other at the Busy Bee Cafe (where we're having our rehearsal dinner!). I was with a group of  girls - Drew was with a group of guys. Drew has always been shy, so I made my way over to his table, said hello and gave my number to one of his friends to pass along to Drew. That summer we chased each other around and finally, come fall of 2012, the timing was right and we became a couple - we never looked back! We both feel that we were destined to be together and that somehow the universe would continue to bring us to one another until timing and our lives lined up! :)


Tell us about your adorable pups: Our sweet pups bring us so much joy. We had only been dating a short 3 months, and despite everyone's warnings, Drew and I decided to get our labradoodle, Leonard, on a whim one afternoon - it was the best decision we made! After 6 months and many more warnings we decided to bring home our sweet, little nugget, Richard. Richard is a mini dachshund and she gets her name because she's a wiener dog (Richard...Wiener... it was Drew's idea!). These pups are the best of friends and play all day long. We love long walks and lots of fetching and cuddling with these two!

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What do you two love to do together in your free time? We most enjoy the simple things in our lives. We love an early morning spent outside on our porch drinking coffee and enjoying our crazy pups. We also love to explore Raleigh together and our new neighborhood on our bikes. We love dreaming and looking ahead at our future together!

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Tell us about the outfit you chose to wear for the shoot: Drew and I are both very casual. He always tells me he loves me most when I'm just finishing a run or lounging around the house, so I wanted to incorporate our laid back style into our shoot! We love our Birkenstocks, too! Drew's mom calls us the "birks couple" because we're always in them. 

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Tell us about your beautiful sapphire ring: I've never wanted a traditional ring - the saying "every girl loves diamonds" never really registered with me! I told Drew all the time that all I wanted in a ring was a beautiful sapphire stone and probably sent him a zillion emails and texts of sapphire rings because he didn't believe me! Drew and I never looked at rings together, so when he surprised me with this sapphire beauty I was in awe. It's a timeless ring that reminds me everyday of our unconditional love for one another.

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Is there a story behind the Mr. & Mrs. glasses? These glasses came from my sweet friend Laura Saye. She picked these up for us from Furbish Studio. I'm not very big on monograms, but I just love the glasses! 

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What's the recipe for the yummy looking cocktail you made? The cocktail is such a fun summer drink! 

I use 1/2 a glass of sweet white wine

A splash of a fruity seltzer (I use the Mandarin Orange Seltzer from Trader Joe's - they also have the best wine selection!)

A handful of frozen fruit - mango and berries work great!

Plenty of ice!

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What about those cute rocking chairs? Drew will tell you that these rocking chairs are his favorite piece of furniture. My Aunt and Uncle were getting rid of a lot of furniture so we snagged these chairs immediately! They were hand-crafted from an artist in California and we both appreciate their detail and the love that went into making them. We spend hours on our porch, rocking and dreaming together. 

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