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Meet Taylor

October 28, 2015  •  3 Comments

Cue the confetti!

The Blue Barn Team is growing, and I'm so excited to introduce you to my dear friend and our New Associate Photographer, Taylor Lovette!


I knew Taylor and I would be great friends from the first time we chatted over coffee. We bonded over our love for creating music and eating Mexican food, but more than that, I came away from our conversation inspired to love God more, love people more, and cultivate creativity in my daily life. I'm so grateful for Taylor's refreshing presence and joyful spirit and I'm grateful to have found not only a friend who is as passionate about love, and creativity and people as I am, but also to have found someone to share a part of Blue Barn with!

What's so ironic, is that I wasn't planning to hire an Associate Photographer. I always told Seth that I never saw or wanted that happening for my business - which stemmed from my desire to want to control everything and do it all on my own. But God has a funny (and wonderful) way of orchestrating things and changing my strong-willed notions. With plans for baby Ezra and seeing new possibilities for business growth, combined with Taylor's talents and passion-fueled desire to join our team, the idea of incorporating her into the business happened so seamlessly and organically, that I knew it was the right move! Taylor has filled the gaps with enthusiasm and grace and we're so excited to showcase her gifts with each and every one of you! 

In addition to being able to book Taylor as your photographer, she has joined me behind in the scenes as our Content Editor. Taylor has a wonderful way with words, and I'm thrilled to have her share here in future posts. I've asked her a few fun questions for now, so keep reading to get a taste for her heart and her voice! 


Where are you from? Tell us about your hometown!

As a young girl I spent my days painting faces on oranges between the groves behind our family's home in small town Leesburg, Florida. I grew up with an uncanny love for all things winsome & did my best to pass the time in an adventure. With hard working parents and unborn siblings, fun was a thing to be made, and so I made it. I often dreamt of noisy streets and found them during my college years in the swamp of Gainesville. Yet, they weren't quite bright enough. After marrying my husband and moving together to Raleigh, I knew we'd floated into something not just great, but greater than ourselves. The city of Raleigh immediately began stretching my creative eye in uncountable, uncomfortable ways and has since set a fire within me. I first found love in the simple & now burn to ignite it in chaos. 


What inspires you creatively? 

I've recently discovered that written words fuel much of my creative artistry. I find inspiration through the process of transforming a jumbled muddle of madness into a thing to be read on paper with precision and elegance. I'm also fascinated by relationships whether they are joyful, sorrowful or the kind with frequent yells. People are so incredibly interesting and I enjoy the contrast of each one living life so differently than the other. 

What's one fear you would like to conquer?

I fear the snow. I shiver at the thought of it. Beautiful! But, dreadful.

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What is your favorite pastime? 

Reading. I'm embittered toward my lacking ability to read every book there is to read. But there is solely one that matters. Studying God's word is my favorite past time. I like to spend my mornings curled up in a warm streak of light with fresh brewed coffee in one hand and my Bible in the other. If in any thing my day becomes submerged, I strive to drown most heavily in the intangible blooms of my savior's rich glory.

What are you currently snacking on? 

Guacamole, always.

What's something you're looking forward to right now?

Christmas! My favorite time of year!


What do you love about photography?

There's a significant difference between looking at a thing & truly seeing it. Photography is my portal in uncoupling the two. I love to see something deeper than I know it to be & having the ability to capture it with just a flick of a finger.

What are you favorite things to photograph on a wedding day?

My favorite moment to capture on a wedding day, and due to emotion most difficult, is the sweet kiss of a father upon his little girl's cheek right before he gives her away. I'll never forget the panic of mixing wet tears with our equipment during the first wedding I photographed with Blue Barn. I couldn't see a thing I was shooting! At first, the details were my favorite, her shoes and his tie, but I quickly learned behind the lens that it is not about the "pretty" ...but instead about the precious. 

What have you enjoyed about working with Blue Barn so far?

I absolutely love working alongside Rachel. She takes the cake. Technically, she is my "boss" but I don't solely view her in that way. In fact, I view her least as that (but don't tell her I said so). During our first meet-up, we shared strong coffee and exchanged stories of our greatest victories, most daring dreams and deepest inner struggles. I knew immediately that I had been given a gift. Photography aside, she has taught me much about creativity, beauty and the special art of friendship. Her mission within Blue Barn is curiously both soft and bold, and her heart for her work kindles my desire to create for a bigger purpose. 


What is the most memorable part of your own wedding?

It still feels like yesterday... my hands locked with Andrew's at the altar. It was then that I first noticed his wrinkles. Yes, wrinkles! Subtle as they were on his young and handsome face, I beamed at each indention beside his eyes and nose and mouth. I saw him changing before me, literally aging by the second! I stood still, just staring at them lengthen and imagined what it'd be like to hold him in the frail. Amidst the anxious crowd and every detail I had for labored, all went dim alongside that stricken moment. 

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Tell us about you and Andrew: Share whatever you want from your story!

Andrew and I first met during our college years in Florida. He stole my heart at first glance and I've been swooned ever since. Our first date, we drove for hours circling the city just talking and laughing about who we were & wanted to be. He feared the Lord, and at that time, I feared nothing. But then God shook me. His love and grace toward Andrew showed me I needed a Savior. Soon after, we exchange vows in a hidden villa beneath the woods this past January. As we approach our one year anniversary, I truly can't imagine our marriage without Christ as our centerpiece. Day by day we stumble to fix our eyes on a love we don't deserve for the glory of Him who first gave it. I wrote this poem in our first month of marriage, titled Marriage in a Nutshell:

"We don’t live between walls that never hear our discontent, nor is the lone door inside them always shut in a gentle manner. The space in which we rest and share sacred affinity for one another is the same as where we throw fits, tantrums and the occasional pillow for extra emphasis.

I don’t necessarily enjoy seeing beard hair on my antique soap dish and unlike my husband, I grew up believing that it was illegal to sleep with the television on. Our pile of issues most definitely trumps the laundry heap and If we each had to check all the baggage we wheeled around on a daily basis, we’d have no money rather than our current collection of fickle pennies.

But it’s ok.

It’s more than ok, because what marriage is designed to be is superior to my flowerpot of preferences; It is a picture worth painting at the cost of our lives to hang not above the panels in our own abode but in the gallery of our Savior’s great glory."


If you already love Taylor as much as we do, be sure to sound off in the comments or connect with her on Instagram




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A gem!
D'Lynn Nettles(non-registered)
My beautiful, sweet sister so excited for you on your new journey with Blue Barn Photography! I know you will be amazing and can't wait to see your work! I will be sure to tell everyone I know where to find the best and cutest photographer around!
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So excited for this perfect addition to the Blue Barn team!

Taylor, I absolutely love your poem, "Marriage in a Nutshell".
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