Blue Barn Photography | Blackberry Bliss Styled Shoot with Taylor Lovette

Blackberry Bliss Styled Shoot with Taylor Lovette

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This beautiful collection of images is from my first styled shoot with Blue Barn. I remember walking into the venue & being awestruck with fresh smells from countless berries & florals. However, it wasn't so much the beauty in the products than it was the creativity that made this day so memorable. Working alongside these vendors was truly amazing & I feel so incredibly blessed to have been given the ability to create with people who cherish beauty in depth as much as I. Enjoy!

Styling & Design | Stephanie Scholl Events
Venue | The Stockroom at 230 
Florals | Serendipity Designs Raleigh  
Dress | Kate McDonald Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses | Donna Morgan via Bella Bridesmaid 
Hair | Teighla Norris 
Makeup | Mena Garcia  
Cake | Sugar Euphoria
Ribbon | Adorn Company 
Ring box | The Mrs Box 
Jewelry | Moon and Lola 
Lettering | Milk & Honeycomb

bluebarn-blackberry-10-2bluebarn-blackberry-10-2 BBS_3449-2BBS_3449-2 bluebarn-blackberry-2-2bluebarn-blackberry-2-2 BBS_3326BBS_3326 BBS_3378BBS_3378 BBS_3482BBS_3482

This shoot was inspired by nostalgic childhood memories of the pure & of the simple. Growing up, I spent my days chasing wind through old vast fields. Local fruits, a hand-dyed cheese cloth, and wild florals, with roots as deep as our traditions, were used in this shoot as a reminder of times past. Things looked a lot different while exploring life through ingenuous eyes & my intent for these treasured memories was to share them with others in hopes to inspire someone new to continue a legacy, any legacy worthy, & pass it down for generations to come.

bluebarn-blackberry-22-2bluebarn-blackberry-22-2 BBS_3520-2BBS_3520-2 bluebarn-blackberry-36-2bluebarn-blackberry-36-2    bluebarn-blackberry-38-2bluebarn-blackberry-38-2 bluebarn-blackberry-70-2bluebarn-blackberry-70-2 bluebarn-blackberry-26-2bluebarn-blackberry-26-2 bluebarn-blackberry-71-2bluebarn-blackberry-71-2 bluebarn-blackberry-39-2bluebarn-blackberry-39-2    bluebarn-blackberry-65-2bluebarn-blackberry-65-2    bluebarn-blackberry-58-2bluebarn-blackberry-58-2    bluebarn-blackberry-59-2bluebarn-blackberry-59-2         bluebarn-blackberry-102-2bluebarn-blackberry-102-2 bluebarn-blackberry-48-2bluebarn-blackberry-48-2 BBS_3734-2BBS_3734-2 BBS_3854-2BBS_3854-2 bluebarn-blackberry-87-2bluebarn-blackberry-87-2 BBS_3858-2BBS_3858-2   BBS_3909-2BBS_3909-2 BBS_3913-2BBS_3913-2 bluebarn-blackberry-98-2bluebarn-blackberry-98-2 bluebarn-blackberry-143-2bluebarn-blackberry-143-2 BBS_4156-2BBS_4156-2 BBS_4092-2BBS_4092-2 BBS_4095-2BBS_4095-2    bluebarn-blackberry-135-2bluebarn-blackberry-135-2   bluebarn-blackberry-134-2bluebarn-blackberry-134-2   bluebarn-blackberry-139-2bluebarn-blackberry-139-2        bluebarn-blackberry-114-2bluebarn-blackberry-114-2 bluebarn-blackberry-116-2bluebarn-blackberry-116-2 bluebarn-blackberry-130-2bluebarn-blackberry-130-2 bluebarn-blackberry-129-2bluebarn-blackberry-129-2     BBS_4197-2BBS_4197-2 bluebarn-blackberry-144-2bluebarn-blackberry-144-2 bluebarn-blackberry-145-2bluebarn-blackberry-145-2

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