Blue Barn Photography | Aimee's Coastal Bridal Portraits

Aimee's Coastal Bridal Portraits

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I loved traveling to the gorgeous North Carolina coast to capture Aimee's bridal portraits. Aimee has a heart of gold and smile that brings light to every one around her. In the middle of her session, it started pouring down rain and while most brides would freak out, Aimee calmly said, "Oh girl, I love it!" Rain or shine, Aimee's joy radiates through these photos and we can't wait to share her and Michael's wedding day with you soon!

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bluebarn-aimee-2037bluebarn-aimee-2037 bluebarn-aimee-2054bluebarn-aimee-2054

bluebarn-aimee-2050bluebarn-aimee-2050 bluebarn-aimee-2057bluebarn-aimee-2057 bluebarn-aimee-2072bluebarn-aimee-2072 bluebarn-aimee-2080bluebarn-aimee-2080 bluebarn-aimee-2081bluebarn-aimee-2081 bluebarn-aimee-2084bluebarn-aimee-2084

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