Blue Barn Photography | A Blue Barn Team Announcement!

A Blue Barn Team Announcement!

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It’s been an honor to have Taylor work alongside me this last year. I truly cherish her friendship more than anything and it really is a dream working with my dearest friend! Along this journey, we’ve been blessed to have husbands that share a bond just as strong and the Lovettes have truly become a part of our family. 

Most of you know that Seth has been my second shooter and teammate since 2013; the best part about being a husband and wife photographer team is connecting with our couples on a deeper level. This spring, the opportunity arose for Andrew, Taylor’s husband, to second shooter with her. We wholeheartedly encouraged the endeavor and quickly began fostering Andrew’s natural talent to join our team as a photographer. 

So without further ado, Blue Barn officially offers TWO husband and wife photographer teams! The Linders & The Lovettes.  

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As husband and wife photographer teams, we love to photograph the beautiful beginnings of meaningful marriages. We work together to tell your story with their own unique perspectives and each time we pick up our cameras, we look for real moments, beautiful light, and happy hearts. It’s our joy to document the best days of our clients’ lives in a way that’s cherished for years and generations to come. 

In celebration of our growing team, we traveled to Greenville, SC to document this exciting new season for Blue Barn! Melissa DeLeon, our favorite stylist, dressed us head to toe for the weekend, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Our amazing and talented friends, Ally & Bobby captured our time and we’ll forever cherish these visual reminders of the launch of our two teams and the memories we made here. A&B, we’re so grateful for y’all and love you guys so much! 

We’ve updated our About page to reflect this exciting announcement, and we’d love for you to take a look at Blue Barn’s mission, vision, and teams! 

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