Blue Barn Photography | Matthew & Rebecca's Romantic Fall Engagement Session

Matthew & Rebecca's Romantic Fall Engagement Session

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Before capturing Rebecca & Matt's engagement session, I was informed they were a bit anxious to be photographed, which left me shocked when they blew me away behind the camera. The best way I can describe our time together is as if I wasn't even there. It felt like they had planned a day to venture into a gorgeous park to spend the afternoon dancing in the fields & I just happened to be there with a camera to capture them frolicking about. Their love is so beautiful & natural. Each time I'd attempt to prompt them for a sweet touch or soft kiss they were already falling into each other's arms. I couldn't be more thrilled to have a part in their celebration & look forward to many more giggles & goo-goo eyes as they join their lives together. Stay tuned for their modern downtown wedding next spring, but for now take a peek into the beginning of a magical love story. Enjoy!

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