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All She Wrote Notes: Office Tour

July 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Meet Maghon, the beauty behind All She Wrote Notes! Maghon has always loved calligraphy and started her company back in 2005 when she was in college - she sold personalized stationery from her dorm room & today you can read more of her story on Inspired by This! Her beautiful, joyful spirit can be seen everywhere in her office, from confetti prints to her fun collection of piñatas! We're so glad we could spend time getting to know another amazing creative and can't wait to see all the great things Maghon does in the years to come! Enjoy!


BBT-maghon-36BBT-maghon-36 BBT-maghon-4BBT-maghon-4

BBT-maghon-12BBT-maghon-12 BBT-maghon-13BBT-maghon-13

BBT-maghon-29BBT-maghon-29 BBT-maghon-19BBT-maghon-19 BBT-maghon-16BBT-maghon-16 BBT-maghon-24BBT-maghon-24 BBT-maghon-21BBT-maghon-21 BBT-maghon-23BBT-maghon-23 BBT-maghon-26BBT-maghon-26 BBT-maghon-41BBT-maghon-41 BBT-maghon-43BBT-maghon-43 BBT-maghon-44BBT-maghon-44 BBT-maghon-50BBT-maghon-50 BBT-maghon-55BBT-maghon-55 BBT-maghon-64BBT-maghon-64 BBT-maghon-66BBT-maghon-66 BBT-maghon-67BBT-maghon-67

BBT-maghon-48BBT-maghon-48 BBT-maghon-49BBT-maghon-49 BBT-maghon-68BBT-maghon-68 BBT-maghon-59BBT-maghon-59 BBT-maghon-54BBT-maghon-54 BBT-maghon-57BBT-maghon-57 BBT-maghon-37BBT-maghon-37 BBT-maghon-40BBT-maghon-40 BBT-maghon-32BBT-maghon-32

BBT-maghon-30BBT-maghon-30 BBT-maghon-33BBT-maghon-33

Styled by Stephanie Scholl

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