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Will & Taylor's Backyard Wedding

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Normally this is a platform for the Linders + Lovettes to tell a story of others through special moments they capture, but they’ve given me the privilege to take over for a bit. I’m Taylor Thomas, the Fall Intern with Blue Barn, and today I get to write about my wedding! Coming from a small town I learned the importance of having family and having friends. So, we made sure that our wedding night was overflowing with just that! Will (my new husband) and I got married in his parents backyard in Pinehurst, North Carolina where we shared laughter, surprises & some of the most intimate moments this past June. 

That morning we woke up early to share a cup of coffee and our vows in a secret garden nook. Hours after embracing the words we had written for one another alone, we announced them aloud before our crowd of witnesses. During the ceremony we took communion and spoke truth to one another through the love of God’s Word and soon after, the weather began to change. The skies shifted from sunny to gray and the second we pressed our lips together during our first married kiss, it started pouring rain! As the guests ran for cover, I delighted in Will’s unshaken smile and knew from that moment no storm could break the bond we had made.

After he swept me off my feet (quite literally) and leading us to shelter, we exchanged countless kisses and giggles before we met our guests to celebrate. One of our favorites moments of our wedding was getting to have a dance with our siblings. My brother (who is also my best friend) taught me how to listen more than I talk and the bond we have was the strongest as we twirled around the dance floor that night. We cheered and sang and danced the night away (much too quickly) to a melody I know I could never forget. As our loved ones sent us off with sparklers and shouts of last minute wisdom, we hopped into what has now become the most precious season of life. We hope you enjoy the unforgettable memories The Lovette's captured of our day and our sweet wedding video made by our dear friends at Young Life. Cheers to new beginnings! 

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Don't miss their wedding day filmed by Joe Drennan! 
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