Blue Barn Photography | Published: One Year Later in Dear Gray Magazine Issue II

Published: One Year Later in Dear Gray Magazine Issue II

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You guys... my first Styled Shoot is in PRINT & I could not be more honored! 

Before I describe any detail behind the feature of this beautiful anniversary session, first I must gloat over each creative that made it happen. I remember e-mailing back & forth with Stephanie Scholl about the vision I had brewing inside my mind on a winter wonderland session & without hesitation, she excitedly hopped on board to style the entire thing & did a wonderful job curating each piece to tell a love story. We twirled around Bella Bridesmaids with their staff who so graciously helped us find a gown & Mena Garcia Dooley worked her magic with hair & make-up to make our model look like an absolute fairytale wearing it. During the planning process, we asked Rachel Linder with Milk & Honeycomb to script the vows of our couple with gold calligraphy & though her work is always stunning, this specific piece immediately stood out to us with soul & intentionality. I spent the morning curled up taking a gander of my own through Dear Gray Magazine Issue II & was so overwhelmed. As I sat their sipping my coffee, I quickly realized I didn't need it because of how energizing it was to see a group of inspiring friends come together on tangible pages to create one single vision. I am so inspired by them all. We hope you enjoy sharing in all our excitement by viewing the full session below & don't forget to pick up your copy online or in stores at Barnes & Noble today! 

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My inspiration for this lifestyle shoot is both personal & intimate, as my husband & I just celebrated our wedding anniversary. I asked our dear friends to model for a winter shoot honoring their anniversary as well. Back when we captured this session we were both celebrating our first year of marriage & my desire behind this shoot was to capture a year's summary of authentic depth and beauty of a sacrificial love. This intimate anniversary session took place on a snowy morning in the couple's town as they enjoyed breakfast together and spent time reflecting on their first year of marriage while dreaming of their future. During the shoot, our models (Ally & Bobby) read their marriage vows for the second time aloud & beamed at each word. They shared vulnerably about their recent triumphs & defeat. Every embrace was like the first & each gaze like the last. The brilliance of marriage couldn't be rightfully expressed in a collection of words or images, but our hope was to represent at most a ration by capturing an incredible couple who I see genuinely living out their vows. 
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Marriage has taught me many things, but the biggest is sacrifice. Before marriage, I never had to share everything with someone else. That kind of intimacy brings a serious self-awareness. There have been so many times where I shocked myself with my selfish thoughts and actions. Instead of wanting to, I have had to choose to put my husbands needs and wants before my own. But, it's this type of love that has brought us into a deeper closeness & I wouldn't have it any other way. Reading our wedding vows to eachother again immediately brought me back to that warm October day when we first spoke them aloud. These are now my favorites lines as they ring a new sound in my heart after this year:   

"I vow to love you sacrificially and put your needs and desires above my own. I promise to choose you everyday, no matter what the circumstances. I will choose to love and accept who heartedly the love you give to me."

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xo Taylorxo Taylor

Design, and styling - Stephanie Scholl Events
Hair + makeup - Mena Garcia Dooley
Dress - Bella Bridesmaids
Vows - Milk & Honeycomb
Ring box - The Mrs. Box
Jewelry - Moon & Lola 
Models - Ally & Bobby Willix


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