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Lucas & Allie's Sweet Carolina Engagement

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Though it was winter & the air was quite crisp, these two still managed to completely melt my heart during their beautiful engagement session in Raleigh last November. Not only is Lucas & Allie's love filled with passion for one another, but also for The Lord in which they've committed to center their relationship upon & it surely shines bright through each of their smiles. We hope you enjoy images from this sweet North Carolina engagement, as well as some personal words from Allie herself as she shares the beginning of their beautiful love story!

"From the day Lucas started pursuing me, he was always very intentional in his thoughts and actions. As soon as Lucas dropped me off after our first date, I knew I was in trouble because I could already see myself falling hard & soon after I became certain this was the man God intended me to spend the rest of my life with. Lucas is the most hard working, loyal, trustworthy, caring, and funniest man I know. He loves me and shows me grace when I least deserve it; just like Jesus does."

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"I had no intentions of getting a dog until I saw this adorable black puppy, I now call Monkee. She's been my shadow since my sophomore year of undergrad so when Lucas started coming around, my little girl was very protective over me and unsure about him; however, before I knew it, the two of them became inseparable. After Lucas and I had been dating a few months, Lucas thought it was a good idea to get Monkee a brother. We found Beau in Goldsboro as the chunkiest and laziest puppy of his litter and we knew he would be the perfect addition to our little family. Admittedly ever since, we have fully embraced the title of "crazy dog people" & share an unbreakable bond between the four of us."

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"Lucas and I have been through many life changes together: graduating from East Carolina in both our undergrad and graduate programs, moving to Raleigh, beginning our careers, raising our pups, planning our future lives together and I can truthfully say that each day with Lucas is a blessing. Whether we are in the valleys or on the mountaintops, our love for each other has remained constant. It has been amazing to reflect on how far we have grown as individuals and as a couple and we couldn't be more excited to see what the Lord has in store for our future!"

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Aren't they the cutest?! We can't wait to see Lucas & Allie become one this coming summer. Stay tuned to view their wedding images at the gorgeous Jones Chapel! 

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