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Stephanie's Stunning Bridals

January 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Anyone who's seen Stephanie knows how absolutely beautiful she is, but all who've had the opportunity to get to know her, as I did photographing her bridal session, have seen that beauty protrude even more from within. As I documented this sweet bride-to-be wearing her white lace for the first time, we had so much fun chatting about her upcoming wedding. We spent the afternoon frolicking between the nooks & crannies of the wedding venue as I captured little blushes & giggles amidst our conversation. We discussed timeline details, tablescapes & tying together the loose ends of all she had planned, but nothing made her light up more than the mention of Blake's name. She was gushing with anticipation to marry her beau & these images are the proof.

We hope you enjoy & stay tuned for their romantic nuptials coming soon!

BBT-stephanie-2001BBT-stephanie-2001 BBT-stephanie-2003BBT-stephanie-2003 BBT-stephanie-2006BBT-stephanie-2006 BBT-stephanie-2007BBT-stephanie-2007 BBT-stephanie-2008BBT-stephanie-2008 BBT-stephanie-2009BBT-stephanie-2009 BBT-stephanie-2012BBT-stephanie-2012

BBT-stephanie-2014BBT-stephanie-2014 BBT-stephanie-2015BBT-stephanie-2015 BBT-stephanie-2018BBT-stephanie-2018 BBT-stephanie-2022BBT-stephanie-2022 BBT-stephanie-2023BBT-stephanie-2023 BBT-stephanie-2024BBT-stephanie-2024 BBT-stephanie-2026BBT-stephanie-2026 BBT-stephanie-2027BBT-stephanie-2027 BBT-stephanie-2030BBT-stephanie-2030 BBT-stephanie-2031BBT-stephanie-2031 BBT-stephanie-2037BBT-stephanie-2037 BBT-stephanie-2038BBT-stephanie-2038 BBT-stephanie-2040BBT-stephanie-2040 BBT-stephanie-2044BBT-stephanie-2044 BBT-stephanie-2045BBT-stephanie-2045 BBT-stephanie-2046BBT-stephanie-2046 BBT-stephanie-2048BBT-stephanie-2048 BBT-stephanie-2049BBT-stephanie-2049 BBT-stephanie-2051BBT-stephanie-2051 BBT-stephanie-2053BBT-stephanie-2053 xo Taylorxo Taylor
Florals: Meristem Floral
Hair/Make-up: Lula Hair + Make-up
Venue: The Brandford



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