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Aubrey & Cameron's Getaway to New Bern, NC

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Cameron and Aubrey are the people that instantly make you feel welcomed and like you all have been friends for a while. This is something I love about them, that they didn't know us at all and just welcomed us into their love story like we had been old buddies. We met up with Cameron & Aubrey at Whiskey Kitchen where we all started dreaming about where the perfect spot would be for their engagement session. We thought about going to Asheville, NC or the mountains. We soon realized that we all love adventure and the outdoors, but knew our busy schedules could not fit a road trip in. Then the light bulb went off for Aubrey; she mentioned traveling to New Bern, North Carolina where her parents have a house on the water and we all knew that was going to be perfect. 

As we arrived in New Bern, my husband and I slowly fell in love with this small town on the water. We arrived to this sweet house on the water and the first person to greet us was their sweet pup Fozzie! The air was filled with the smell of fresh flowers and salt water, the sky was dusted over by clouds and the winds were moving the water all different directions which made for such a sweet noise to our ears!

Cameron and Aubrey made it EASY to capture their love; they are naturally drawn to each other, wanting to be close and snuggly. Cameron also had a few good jokes up his sleeve that made the most genuine and warming smile radiate off of Aubrey's face. We stayed on Aubrey's parent's dock for a while because it was just too good to leave, but for the second half of the day we headed downtown.

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Downtown New Bern had so much history and Cameron was filling us all in about how deep the history actually was! For you all who love history, it was settled in 1710 by Swiss and Palatine German immigrants and they named the area after Bern, the capital of Switzerland and hometown of their leader Christoph von Graffenried. As we walked throughout the town, we got to see the history in the churches and the buildings that were old and rusty, but just looking at it you can almost imagine yourself there when it was first settled. This part of our day was full of sweet conversations getting to know the couple and just enjoying the day with some new friends of ours.

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Their Love Story:

Cameron and Aubrey met while he was finishing up school at NC State and she was at Meredith College, where they were friends and would make small talk when they saw each other. Then, after college, Aubrey had the amazing opportunity to move to New York for work (Cameron was still in North Carolina)! After about 5 years her job offered her a position in Durham, North Carolina and for Aubrey it seemed like things were aligning for her and Cameron to be together again to see what could happen between them. When Aubrey moved back to North Carolina, Cameron and her were together everyday after that. They dated for a few years and then, about a year ago, Cameron took Aubrey on a hike to Umstead that was not like any other hike... this was going to be the start to their forever. He asked Aubrey to marry him and she said yes! They finished their hike celebrating this new chapter of their life. The surprise wasn't over yet, there was a house full of their best friends and family that all surprised Aubrey as they welcomed the couple with loud cheers and warm smiles.

About a month out from their wedding day, Aubrey told me , "we thought we knew each other before we were engaged (after 10 years you think you know it all), but we have learned so much more about how to love and support each other. It's been an amazing experience and I can't imagine doing it with anyone else. We are growing and learning together everyday, ultimately cherishing how to have even more patience and compassion for each other than ever!"

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To the soon to be Mr. & Mrs!




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