Blue Barn Photography | The Lovettes Go to Rodanthe: Closing Out the Summer

The Lovettes Go to Rodanthe: Closing Out the Summer

October 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Fall has finally made its presence known through changing leaves & brisk air… so, we thought it was time to bid summer farewell by sharing our family road trip to Rodanthe! 

Sometimes it’s great to learn that you're horrible at certain things to keep you humble & we can undoubtedly say that camping is high on our list. In celebration of Andrew’s last birthday in his 20’s (cue the old man jokes) I wanted to gift him with an experience. We’ve always been those weird “pusher” people that give gifts to one another that force us outside our comfort zones. This year it was camping - in a mini teardrop travel trailer - & having just had a baby we knew it wouldn’t be easy. But, after trying our absolute hardest to tackle all things wilderness, we had a blast making memories that will last for years to come. One thing we are good at is being at the beach! So, naturally our favorite part was introducing Jack to the ocean & we just so happened to have a camera nearby. ;) Enjoy! 
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Travel Trailer: ROVE RENTALS


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