Blue Barn Photography | Lindsay & Stephen's Duke Mansion Engagement Session

Lindsay & Stephen's Duke Mansion Engagement Session

October 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Earlier this year Lindsay & Stephen invited us down to Charlotte to capture their engagement session. We arrived a little before Lindsay & Stephen to walk around the Duke Mansion to scope out the best spots to photograph them. Anytime we are headed to a session we try to get familiar with the space before the clients arrive. We do this in hopes that we can spend less time worrying about the next best spot, but more time getting to focus on the couple and getting to know them. Our time with Lindsay & Stephen adventuring around Charlotte was just what we needed to get to know them. Lindsay and Stephen are two people who make you laugh in an instant, feel welcomed as soon as you meet them, and their kindness is contagious. In every soft kiss, they shared we could see the deep love these two shared. As their wedding day is a little over a week away, we are getting so giddy to see these two vow their love to one another! We cannot wait to celebrate with them as they start their forever!

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