Blue Barn Photography | Megan & Avery's Downtown Engagement Session

Megan & Avery's Downtown Engagement Session

October 10, 2017  •  1 Comment


Megan & Avery met in high school back in 2009. They paired up for an assignment in Spanish class to realize they wanted to break down more than just a language barrier & started dating shortly after. Young & in love, it took just a few months of Megan getting to know Avery to know he was the one she'd marry. "He is a Christian man with a kind heart who truly cares for others. He is one of the sweetest, most self-less people I have ever met," she says. After spending much time with the two of them, I can say she's much the same to him. The way they look at one another melts my heart & we couldn't be more thrilled to capture their wedding this weekend! They're sealing the deal at Highgrove Estate with their friends & family as their witnesses. We can't wait to stand alongside them as they make these promises with one another, but for now we're sharing their romantic engagement session to pump you up for their wedding story to come!

Oh & we can't forget to mention their little fur baby, Oakley (who may or may not have stolen the show on their downtown stroll through the city). Enjoy!

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What are you most looking forward to in marrying Avery?

Megan: I am most looking forward to experiencing all of life's challenges and blessings with Avery. He is truly my best friend and I look forward to the life we build together... I will be so fortunate to call him my husband.  BBT-meganavery-1045BBT-meganavery-1045 BBT-meganavery-1034BBT-meganavery-1034 BBT-meganavery-1036BBT-meganavery-1036 BBT-meganavery-1038BBT-meganavery-1038 BBT-meganavery-1039BBT-meganavery-1039 BBT-meganavery-1042BBT-meganavery-1042
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Absolutely Beautiful! What an awesome job you did in captioning this day for the happy couple.
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