Blue Barn Photography | Mike & View's Chapel Hill Wedding

Mike & View's Chapel Hill Wedding

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You might recognize these two from an earlier blog we shared of them during their engagement session in Chapel Hill, North Carolina! My husband and I got the privilege to get to know them in the beginning of their engagement all the way until they said " I do!" 

Mike and View have shared many years together learning to love one another, growing together as one, and never ceasing to get to know one another. Their wedding day was finally here and they both could not stop smiling. As View was getting ready, Mike was anxiously waiting for his bride to come outside so he could see his soon to be bride. The time finally came for Mike to see View for the first time dressed in white, and as soon as she tapped him on the shoulder he turned around with eyes full of tears. We could see the way Mike looked at View, that his love for her grew every passing moment we stood there. He couldn't take his eyes off of her, and it was as if time had stopped for them to soak up this moment. Mike and View's first look was one of my favorites moments on their wedding day. 

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Venue: The Great Room at Top of The Hill

Rentals:Themeworks-Event Rentals



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