Blue Barn Photography | Carrie & Tony's Engagement Session in Pinehurst, NC

Carrie & Tony's Engagement Session in Pinehurst, NC

November 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Carrie & Tony told us that they were a little nervous about having their photos taken. I still do not understand why they were nervous, because they made it easy to capture their love for one another. These two had no problem cuddling each other and just being as close as possible. They were naturals. The more they kissed and hugged, we saw any nerves wash away. As time went on we got to know Carrie & Tony more and more, which was so sweet. Their easy going spirits made us feel like we had known them for a long time. To know this couple is an honor, and just a gift to us because of the way they love people. As their wedding day is approaching us fast, we are getting giddy to see them vow to one another. December 23, 2017 cannot come soon enough for them and us!

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