Blue Barn Photography | Laura & Nissan's Engagement Session

Laura & Nissan's Engagement Session

November 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

 While planning for this sweet engagement session, Laura (our beautiful bride to be) strongly suggested that I meet her & her fiance at a location unique & special to them. So, after discussing their love for sweet treats in the city, she decided Boulted Bread was the place. As I pulled up that day, I snuck up on them sitting outside on the patio with their coffees in hand turned completely into one another at the table. They were smiling so big before I even touched the camera & I knew their love was genuine & pure. 

We cannot wait to capture these two promise their lives to one another (not once, but TWICE) at their multicultural celebrations next spring. Stay tuned for images of their wedding(s) to come as we share in double the fun! Enjoy!
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