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Morgan Elizabeth Art: Studio Tour

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Morgan & I met on the streets of New York City during one of the most transitional times in her life. I had just started dating Andrew (her uncle) when we booked a trip to watch her dance on stage for the last time at The Lincoln Center Peter J Sharp Theater. Before her performance, I remember walking together asking her about her life & getting a very unexpected answer. She told me her life was really hard & having just met hours before, I was shocked by her boldness. That part of Morgan hasn't changed at all. She has always been blunt, bold & completely real. Of course then I didn't believe her because she was a drop-dead gorgeous ballerina living in NYC. But, after both moving to Raleigh & becoming super close through the years... I got a front row seat to the struggle of a dancer's transition into the "real world". 

Flash forward 4 years... I have never seen Morgan as happy as she is when she's talking about her art. She says, she woke up one day & decided to try to paint just to see what would come out. After people swarmed her inbox trying to buy the goods from her new found hobby, she decided to start Morgan Elizabeth Art & has been painting ever since. From the beginning Morgan has poured her heart out into everything from that last dance in Manhattan to the surface of these blank canvases & I feel so honored to be a witness of it all. Start scrolling to see her studio tour & hear more of who she is in her own words below. We hope you get the opportunity in meeting Morgan through your ordering process, because you're gonna want everything you see that this girl has put her hands on. ;) Enjoy!
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M: "I'm not exactly sure where I see Morgan Elizabeth Art in five years, let alone the rest of this year. I'm still in the brainstorming start-up phase. Someday I would love to be in art shows, up in coffee shops & maybe have a few local shops stock my prints. I'd want to slowly transition out of my day job into making a living off of what I love to do most. Being an artist is too wonderfully tempting not to be brave & try!"
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M: "I guess I've always loved the arts & music especially! I can throw on any genre depending on my mood, but I'd say it's usually 90's psychedelic post punk stuff. The dark & dreamy stuff really gets me moving."
morganelizabethart-87morganelizabethart-87 morganelizabethart-92morganelizabethart-92 morganelizabethart-95morganelizabethart-95 morganelizabethart-99morganelizabethart-99 morganelizabethart-101morganelizabethart-101 morganelizabethart-107morganelizabethart-107 morganelizabethart-112morganelizabethart-112 morganelizabethart-109morganelizabethart-109
M: "Although I don't have much time for the miscellaneous, I LOVE to read. I'm currently finishing up "Sharp Objects" by Gillian Flynn. I want to get more into cooking & learning to make cocktails. I also have two little doggos that don't seem like a hobby but take up most of my time. They are basically two little toddlers running around."
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Oh & for the record, Morgan was just married this past Sunday to her very best friend, Jordan Wells & their wedding was a dream. Stay tuned for more images of her & her dreamboat coming soon!

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