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What is Going on in The Thomases life?

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This season of life for us has been a whirlwind. We celebrated one year of marriage, bought our first home, we found out that we are having a baby, and Will passed all of his exams to become a financial advisor! Our summer was busy with photography and all the new job changes that came with Will's new position. The both of us worked together with Young Life a year ago, meaning we saw each other 24/7 and it was the best time for us. Will and I grew as a couple in that time, getting to know what makes each other tick and how to love one another in the deepest way, even in our flaws. We learned how to fight well. That may sound strange, but we learned that we had to lay ourself aside and not fight with emotions. We learned to first look at our self, instead of automatic pointing at the other person. It is hard laying down our pride and self, but when we do you can love the other person way better.

We have leaned on my parents in-law for support in all areas during our marriage. They are tucked away in Pinehurst, where Will and I have spent a lot of time. This is the place where we can bring our furry friends and ourself to just relax, to enjoy family time. We are so thankful for them. It has been tough not to have family in the same city though. Little did we know that the Lord was doing something grand in our lives with the people in it. They started as church members that we saw on Sundays, but quickly turned into our family. They love us without condition and serve us as if we were their own blood. What a true gift this family is to us.  They have supported us, and led us to the word when we are fixed on the things of this world. They are equipping us with the word, so we are reminded of truth and "agape", or unconditional love, from the father. 

Grateful. That is what we want to remember when life is starting to get busy and filled with unknowns. We want to remember the Lord in all of it, no matter what life looks like, we want to remember the Lord is good, faithful, and never failing. We want to sit in gratefulness. 

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In this season we have found time to sneak away from the hectic everyday, to enjoy fall and everything that starts in it. Will and I love a good fire outside on chilly nights. We love fires because everyone has to stay close to the flame to stay warm, which allows us all to be intentional with one another. A fire is also good to roast s'mores. Who doesn't love a good s'more? If you know us, you know we want to be outside any chance we get and a warm fire is calling our names as temperatures drop.

Where I am from, everyone gets excited for fall because that means football time. Football season means I get to hear one of my favorite songs, "Rocky top, you'll always be home sweet home to me, good ol' rocky top, whoo." I grew up on Saturdays either going to Neyland stadium to cheer on the Vols or screaming at them from a TV. This love for Tennessee football obviously followed me into marriage, and has converted this Kentucky fan to cheer on Big Orange. With that being said, Will is more of a Kentucky basketball fan and so we compromised. So now we are Tennessee football fans, and Kentucky basketball fans. It works well for us. All that being said, we could go to any football game and have the best time cheering any team on. We are a family that loves sports.

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If you really knew us, you would know we love animals of all kinds. As soon as Will and I got back from our honeymoon we adopted two kittens. Drew (black & white kitten) and Jonathan (grew & white kitten) are brothers from a litter that was found in a trash can. Before you laugh at their names, we did not give them those names their foster mom did. We obviously kept them, but you will never hear us call them by those names. We have come up with multiple nicknames for the babies like, drew buddy or handsome. Jonathan is known as finna or fin. If you are ever around us and our cats, we tend to talk in a strange baby voices to each other, and our animals. That is one of many strange things we do. We love it though.

Our biggest addition to our family came when we moved to Raleigh a few months ago. We adopted Copper, a very hyper and loyal Australian shepherd. Yes, the cats and Copper get along great. Copper tends to herd them around the yard, but they will let her know when she is to close to them. Most people think we are crazy for having so many animals. Our life would be dull without them because they bring surprises and laughter all the time. These furry friends of ours tend to cuddle in the bed with us and are first to greet us when we wake up. It gets a little tight in our king bed, but we look forward to it every night. As our family will grow with a little boy soon, we cannot wait to see how all of our babies interact.

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The love of my life. My advocate. My best friend. My groom. I love you more than words could every say, and I strive daily to serve you, to respect you, to submit to you in all things. I am beyond grateful for your commitment to me, ultimately to our Lord. Will you are truly that best gift in my life and I cannot wait to see you become a father. You are the king of making me laugh, NO matter the situation or how I am feeling. You make me feel safe and protected when you are around. I feel so fully known and loved by you, which is so humbling. Will you are going to be the best father to Liam, not because you are perfect or the wisest man. You will be a great father because you see your great need daily for a Savior. You know God our Father is the one who can give you wisdom and strength to lead our family. Liam we cannot wait to meet you and we are praying for you. We love you more than you will ever know.

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