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If The Dress Fits... The Why Behind Bridal Portraits

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There seems to be a common strand of curiosity behind the benefits of bridal portraits. Originally labeled a "southern tradition" along with sweet tea & everything monogrammed, bridal portraits have transformed into much more than a beautiful art piece to be displayed beside the guestbook table. 

Capturing a bride in her lace before the big day allows for a true trial of all things bridal, including moving around in her wedding dress, finalizing hair and make-up choices & carrying a big bouquet of beautiful flowers. It also allows the bride and photographer valuable time together prior to the wedding day. Fact: you will spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day then just about anyone else. Between the getting ready shots, wedding party portraits, ceremony & reception... you and your photographer are sure to be BFFs by the end of the night (at least that's my goal). :) Bridal sessions give photographers a chance to really get to know the bride & her personality without the craziness of a wedding day. In just one-two hours, I can learn what her natural smile looks like & how to get it to come out all while capturing classic, timeless images without the hustle and bustle of wedding day activities.

Also, how often do you get to wear a stunning (and probably expensive) white gown? Unless you are a dress model, the answer is probably “just once”. Why save all the fun for your wedding day? Bridal sessions are a really fun way to get some use out of that amazing dress you have been dreaming about for months/years. Not to mention the gift of stunning photos that one day future generations will be sure to cherish. 

We hope these little nuggets of knowledge were helpful for you & that you enjoy this sweet bridal session of Anna just weeks before her wedding day! Isn't she lovely? 

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Venue - Market Hall
Hair & Makeup - Salon Saia
Shoes - J.Crew
Florals - Bushel & Peck Designs
Dress: Traditions by Anna


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