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A Warm Lovette Welcome

September 26, 2017  •  1 Comment


He's here! He's here!
Jack Harrison Lovette born the 14th of June has officially made us a family of three! The past several months have been indescribable learning to raise our sweet son & now that we're shoulders deep into September I'm finally ready to share a bit of the journey. Between knock-out naps & lots of daddy duty, I finally found the time to collect a few jumbled thoughts on motherhood. I hope somehow/someway they can be encouraging to you through whatever season in life God is growing you in. A huge thank you to Tatum for documenting these first moments at home with our little one to look back on as Jack grows too big for his mama's arms.

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(cue Jaws theme song)
Like every first time mom, I wanted to know exactly what a real contraction felt like... until the first wave of them came over me & then I wish I'd never knew. I decided early on in pregnancy not to paint a portrait of expectations, but deep inside my desire for childbirth was to do everything as natural as possible. God had a different plan. 27 long hours full of blood, sweat & tears, my bed grew wheels & off I went for a cesarean.

I remember one of the most raw moments Andrew & I shared as the doctors broke the news of an inevitable C-section when my mind, body & spirit completely fell apart. The thought had never crossed my mind with a healthy full term pregnancy... yet there we were signing the consent forms. After 24 hrs of contractions & 3hrs of pushing, i threw my head back without an ounce of hope in my heart yet, there stood Andrew with his hand in mine & prayers on his lips expressing how grateful he was that we had a medical team who knew the right decision to be made for the moment at hand... grateful. While I laid focused on my fears, asking myself "Was Jack going to be ok?" "What if something goes wrong?" "How will my body look when all is done & through?" God still faithfully made all things happen without a flaw in His design. My heart was stripped that day as I heard Jack let out his first breath of air & the moment my wet eyes met his, I knew each detail of Jack's life both in the now & forever had been assembled by God's perfect hand.

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I was telling a friend just yesterday how marriage has been the best preparation for motherhood. Before Andrew & I tied the knot, I had always imagined there being this euphoric heart-bursting shift in perspective that would immediately take place after i said "i do"... like a big fairytale POOF to change me from a single woman to a wife. But, it didn't happen. Though the day we said our vows was undoubtedly the most wonderful in my life, it held no magic "click" for my heart. We smiled real big, gave each other a long smooch & celebrated our love as the same people we were. It didn't hit until we arrived home from our honeymoon that I wasn't a wife at all. I was married, yes... but I wasn't a wife. That was something I had to work at. Becoming a mother has been much the same. Although I technically brought Jack into this world, it took me weeks to be a mother to him. Honestly, the first few days I felt more like a machine than anything... with default settings to feed him every 2hrs & change his diaper when things got funky. But as time continues to go by I feel myself holding him a bit differently. My stiff & stable arms have softened to a snuggle. My prayers have switched from anxious to praise. And although there's unknowns to come that will both rise & fall, this love is more than enough to press on toward the call.

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This smiley babe has produced in me all sorts of fresh perspective & the best by far is joy! The way his lips curl when he wakes up in the morning & the way his fingers trail my arm when I rock him to sleep -gosh I could just melt. But, it's in the difficult times that joy shines most bright because no matter how strong my frustrations grow in the midst of a loud cry, ruined outfit, or whatever failure I've gone through that day, it's in these moments I must throw my own will out the window. Joy is an emotion, but it's not fleeting... for me it's deeply rooted in loosing control of how I think my life should go, or Andrew's life & now Jack's little life too & instead allowing Christ lead us together through the chaos. 

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Oh how I love this sweet family my brother, sister and sweet nephew! Xoxo
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