Blue Barn Photography | Share the Love with a Spring Mini Session!

Share the Love with a Spring Mini Session!

February 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


As wedding photographers it's so natural to think of our incredible couples this time of year as we celebrate the sweetness of Valentine's Day. And as fair as it is to commemerate each new devotion they've made to one another, we wanted to make sure we acknowledge other very special kinds of love this year as well! Through the past several months we've had the privilege of preserving moments for the simplest of love between faithful friends, the great & binding love of extended family & the unexplainably deep-rooted love between a mother & her beautiful children, all to which touched our hearts in such incredibly unique ways. In honor of every kind of love imaginable, we're hosting mini sessions early this year! We want to capture you with the ones (few or many) you share your heart with & offer you memories of this fleeting season that will last an entire lifetime. So, spread the word, gather your tribe & join us on March 3rd at The White Space

We reserved The White Space because it is beautifully bright! With a 12-foot windowed garage door, the space is flooding with natural light - our all time favorite! This adorable collection of images of Shannon & her cute twins (Rooney & Navy) are from a session captured here last year. Take a browse to get a feel & book your slot today! But hurry, there's just a few left... see you soon! :)

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