Blue Barn Photography | The Whitlock Wedding at The Carolina Inn

The Whitlock Wedding at The Carolina Inn

February 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


During her time in residency (literally while on call at the hospital) Anna called me to discuss her desire for photography in capturing the day she'd always dreamed of. I knew from that call it was inevitable that we would become friends through the process. She was laid-back, absolutely sweet & filled with love for others. We had to pause conversation more than once as she was called to assist patients that needed her & I knew her faithful dedication would flourish in her marriage to come. 

Due to their busy schedules & a lot of travel plans throughout the year, we planned to meet up at the beach to capture their engagement session. They welcomed us with open arms to their beach house in NC & the four of us (with their sweet pups) spent two days exploring the beautiful land around the ocean. Though we had a blast documenting their love through the weekend, there's no comparison to the fun we had at their wedding the following summer! 

This couple had one of the most lively celebrations with the largest bridal party we've ever seen, a full Church as they exchanged their vows, a bluegrass band to begin the reception & a party we'll never forget at The Carolina Inn! Each element was so unique to who they were & it made the day shine with every detail. We're so excited to finally be sharing their images today & hope you enjoy every one. Congratulations to the Whitlocks & may it always be this merry! 

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Planning, design, styling Stephanie Shaul Events
Venue + catering Carolina Inn
Videographer Dogwood Media
Florist Stephanie Shaul Events
Band 10 Spot Band
Bluegrass band Counterclockwise String Band
Rentals CE Rental
Hair + makeup Teighla Norris
Cake Simply Cakes
Invitations, signage, calligraphy Haylily
Bridal gown La Belle Mariee Brida


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