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Lisa Kirk at Home

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Earlier this week we introduced you to our dear friend Lisa Kirk of Lisa Kirk Writing and the Something Pretty blog and gave you a tour of her beautiful office space! Today we're switching from work to home, where Lisa shares about family and motherhood.

Tell us about you and your family!

My name is Lisa Kirk and I’m a wife, mama, writer, and blogger in Raleigh, North Carolina...just about six miles down the road from the Blue Barn office! I moved to North Carolina a month after I graduated from college for my dream job as an editor at a wedding magazine. During the four years that I worked there, a lot happened outside of my 9-5 too--my husband, Dave, and I got engaged and then married, bought our first house, and had our sweet baby boy, Charles Kolbe, who is now 17 months old. Motherhood, in a nutshell, turned my world upside down. Entering into this new vocation with my whole heart in the way I felt God was specifically calling me away from my role as an editor and into a new season, both as a wife and mother, and as a writer. I am now grateful to spend my days with my sweet little boy, and to continue to love on brides and wedding creatives through my copywriting business, Lisa Kirk Writing, which I launched in October 2017. I also love keeping up my life and style blog, Something Pretty, which I’ve been writing for over seven years.

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What is one thing you have learned about balancing work and motherhood in the last few months that you can share?

Especially as a mama, I’ve realized that “balance” looks completely different to everyone. I truly believe that there is no one right way to balance motherhood and work—what works for me right now may be a terrible fit for someone else, and it may even change dramatically for me as our family grows and changes. If you and your family members feel loved, cared for, and fulfilled, at least the majority of the time, you’re doing it right.

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Want to keep up with Lisa's day to day life? Check out her Instagram!

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