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Taylor "Tatum" & Will Thomas

Married Since June 3, 2016 

Associate Photographer Team

Tatum grew up in a small town nuzzled in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, where she first fell in love with adventure. Tatum traveled west to Chattanooga for college until one summer that desire to experience new depths led her on a journey to North Carolina (the home to her soon to be husband). It was "love at first sight" as Will and Tatum were only dating for 5 months when he got down on one knee. The following June, a summer rain helped them seal the covenant of marriage and sent them off to begin their new life as one. 

After a few months of being married, Tatum decided to say yes to another adventure in making her dream of becoming a photographer a reality. The Thomases love getting to know new people and building lasting relationships, so it was only right to have her husband and best friend be her second shooter on every wedding day.

We believe there is meaning in every moment that we experience, that in every second there is something to be felt and remembered. Photography turns the forgotten into the forever and the lost into something lasting. We love that we get to capture and share in some of the most intimate moments of people's lives and have an overwhelming amount of joy knowing we are making lasting friendships through this journey. 

We love being eye witnesses to God's creation, reading His word, hand crafting pour overs on slow mornings, long conversations and bike rides through our city, cuddling with our two cats, Drew & Jonathan, & evening walks with our dog, Copper.

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